I'm going to keep you all posted so you can keep me accountable!

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We arrived at this adorable cabin/cozy cottage late Monday afternoon and got settled, unpacking and orienting ourselves. It's at the top of a mountain with a really winding road (3 one-way switchbacks!) up and down it, which is perfect because there's less incentive to leave.

As you can see, the dogs settled right in and made it their own, and I sent Garrett to the store for staples while I took care of Fiora. He came home with salad, an antipasto platter, fruit, wine, dark chocolate & cookies--plus a single-serve bottle of Italian prosecco for me to celebrate (I'm saving it until the end of the week). This is MY kind of staples selection and definitely the right mix for me to be creative and feel inspired!!!! :D :D :D

The cabin feels amazing and clearly the right spot for me to be doing this creation. I found a deck of affirmation cards and my favorite color, red, is everywhere.

It feels really good to be away from everything "normal"--worth the investment of time and money to get here. I was inspired and writing within 2 hours of arriving, and I dove right in--writing Maeve's birth story, which required a lot of me.

I went to bed feeling accomplished and excited!!!!!

Lots of Love,