'm making it happen.

Sometimes, you've just got to put it on the calendar, step away, and do it.

I have 2 agents already expecting sample chapters of my book for review.

I know that I know that I KNOW that writing this book and serving my clients are the 2 things I'm supposed to be doing right now in my work.

So last month, when my husband realized he had vacation left for the year, I excitedly suggested we go away for a week for me to knock out a bunch of the book at once, with him taking care of Fiora (we jokingly say he's going to be the "manny"). He agreed, and I found an adorable cabin on a mountain in the Smokies, where I love to go and where he, Fi and the dogs can hike and explore while I write.

I booked the place (thanks, Airbnb!) and had grand visions of going away clear, focused and ready to pour the whole book out on paper.

And then...chaos inside and outside ensued. My mind kicked up alllll these reason I shouldn't go. We had consuming company through yesterday. Family drama threw me for more than a couple of loops. Unexpected things happened in my business.

And yesterday afternoon, I found myself asking the question despairingly, "Should I just cancel?"

I called my dad and asked for some advice. He's worked with and for entrepreneurs for a long time, and I knew he'd shoot me straight.

And thank God he called me out, big time.

"Christine, THOUSANDS of women need to learn from you, learn how to go for their dreams! You've GOTTA go. You need to stomp around the house and access the younger you who used to talk to anyone and be fearless. Get excited about this message you have for the world and GO WRITE!!!! This is just fear trying to stop you from your calling, from being in your sweet spot. Don't let it!!!!"

He was yelling.

I laughed so hard because he was SO right, and also because I realized, "This sounds so much like what I'd tell my clients." Now I know where I get it :) (my mom is much more level-headed).

So, this morning, with a "mountain" of baby things, stuff for 2 adults and 2 dogs for the week, some make-ahead meals, and my journal and computer, I'm off to write my book.

People told me it would be hard, "grueling," and take forever, that Mother's Day was rushing it and an overly ambitious goal. I said, "Challenge accepted, I'm going to prove you wrong."

This book is a calling, just like you have. If we let ourselves get caught up in what we see around us, in what IS, we miss creating what's next.

I know you have a goal like this too, something big you want to do in the next 6 months. Do you have someone or someones you can call to pick you up when you're feeling unsure?


Lots of love,