Today, I have a video to inspire you and teach you the most important elements of building a business with limited time, something I hear so much from the women I work with.

Watch Here!

When I was starting my first business, I was still working a 9-5, spending 90 minutes commuting, rushing home to let out my dog, and trying to find time for my horse while there was still daylight, all the while dreaming of more. 

Still, I managed to grow that business so that when I quit my job, I replaced my income in the first month!!!

In this video, I break down the exact daily tasks I did, what I didn't do, the order I set up the systems and structures in my business, plus what I could have done to quit my job--and get more freedom of time--much faster!!!! Plus, I share about the time I wanted to lock myself in my room with cases of wine...

Check it out today. Maybe you listen on your commute. Maybe you put those earbuds in and listen at work. If your desire is to build a business and you feel like you don't have enough time, this video is for you.

Watch or listen to it, then let me know what you thought of it--I love hearing from my readers!

Watch Here!

Lots of Love,