This week, I'm celebrating my first article on The Today Show's blog!

Read it here!

So Maeve and the company she inspired were just featured on the Today Parents page, with an audience of over 350,000.


If you'd told me 20 months ago today, when I was admitted to the hospital to deliver Maeve, that this would be happening, there's a zero percent chance I would have believed you.

I'm reflecting on some of the biggest wins I've had in my business, and how I accomplished them.

The journey of starting Life With Passion and sharing my heart has been one of going from fearful to confident, from being terrified of what others think and how they'll judge me to getting really centered in myself and the knowledge that my story is one others need to hear.

My first mentor challenged me to really share my story and taught me the lesson that there is no competition, because your story is the one thing that no one else has, and it's also the thing that will make people want to work with you or buy from you.

I go really personal in this article, with the intention of inspiring and challenging its readers.

I was reluctant to share the really personal parts of my story in the beginning. I didn't want to talk about Maeve out of fear that people would judge me for exploiting her. I didn't want to share my struggles because I didn't know if I could handle the judgment I anticipated from others.

You know what I discovered?

I was actually aiming that judgment at myself for not being perfect, and it was holding me back from serving the world. Once I began to accept myself, forgive myself, and embrace my whole journey, I experienced a new level of freedom and joy, and I began working with women who I connected with on a deep level, and who were SO excited to work with me. 

I also discovered that most people didn't judge me, and those who did didn't matter. I got to make my daughter famous, which allowed me to proactively answer my fear that she'd be forgotten. People around the world know her name now, and think of her with love.

This is the dream of every parent who's lost a child.

Here's the lesson: embrace and share your story. That's what makes you memorable. Use what makes you weird. Embrace your unique gifts AND challenges. Use the worst thing that ever happened to you--you survived it, after all!--to create the business and life of your dreams.

Much Love,