While celebrating Thanksgiving, I heard these two things come out of the same family member's mouth:

"Let's focus on the positives and not the potential problems."

2 hours later:

"Well, for every one success story like that, there are thousands of people who didn't make it."

Now, this person was well-meaning, as most of our family members are. They were just trying to help, and the truth is, if I hadn't been consciously working on my thoughts for the past 20 months, I would have taken in both of these conflicting messages.

But I've been hearing mixed messages like these my whole life, and you probably have too.

Can you see why I've been confused? I know I'm not the only one. Most of us get totally contradictory messages from those we're around. It's not malicious; they're just passing on what they picked up, believing it to be fact.

From the time we're children, we, too, absorb these opposite ideas as truth, even if logically, they can't both be true at the same time. Believing them puts us in no-win situations. Now that I'm trained and skilled at recognizing them, I see just how common--and damaging--they are.

If you suffer from self-doubt, lack of belief in your abilities, or fear of failure, I guarantee you have conflicting, negative beliefs you've heard and picked up as truth along the way, and they're warring with your dreams.

Right now, if you know you're not reaching your full potential, I've got some tough-love-truth for you--those beliefs are winning the war against your dreams. Yikes.

What's a dreamer to do?

1. Breathe a sigh of relief. 
The minute you can recognize this is going on is the minute it can change! How great is that? 

2. Make one conscious step forward. 
Choose to put the good, the true & the beautiful into your head.

Join my Facebook group (or check in there if you haven't been in a while).

Pick a book off my Top 10 list.

Watch the interview I did with my 83-year-old grandmother about setting yourself up for success--and starting over.

3. Repeat

What will you do today to start taking control of your thoughts and living into your potential? Send me an email and let me know!

Lots of Love,