Happy Saturday! Whatever you're up to this weekend, I wanted to bring you some inspiration for your weekend! I love sharing my story and what's worked for me in the hopes it can help you in your journey.

Check out my newest podcast feature, on the Quitting Corporate podcast! Check it out on a drive, while doing chores, or hiding in the bathroom from family--I won't tell!  


✔️ How & why I struggled in a 9-5 (can you relate?)
✔️ My biggest barrier to success
✔️ How I built my first business without spending $1 on advertising
✔️ My process for "weeding out" to discover your purpose
✔️ The #1 skill that's helped me build my businesses

For some great inspiration and practical tips about how I left my 9-5 & built my first business, check out my episode of Quitting Corporate below!

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