Happy Thanksgiving if you are celebrating today! 

And no matter where in the world you are, whether this is a normal day for you or a national holiday, know that I'm thinking of you today and sending you so much love and gratitude. 

I'm grateful you're a part of this incredible worldwide community of women pursuing our passions and big dreams, and that I get to do what I truly love--to help you get unstuck, re-discover who you are and build a business around your unique gifts. 

I'm grateful for each day of this journey, for all that 2016 has brought, and for all that 2017 will (stay tuned!).

Today, I'm celebrating both of my girls--3-month-old Fiora and my angel, Maeve (Fiora is pictured below with Maeve's Molly Bear).

May you dwell in gratitude today, too, for your triumphs as well as your tragedies, and experience the joy that comes with embracing life in its entirety.

Much love,