This morning, I am overflowing with gratitude for the transformation happening in the lives of my incredible clients. Today, I'm bringing you Amanda's story

If you want some inspiration today about what's possible for you and your dreams, you've gotta watch this.

Amanda came to me for direction and support with growing the dream she'd been struggling to find enough time for for many years. She's the powerhouse behind Hooves, an equine non-profit which helps veterans heal and "return to the lives they fought to protect." Isn't that just so beautiful?

Amanda had a big breakthrough on her Clarity Call with me, before we even started working together (watch the 6-minute video to learn more)!

Recently, she's been featured in a Twitter campaign by T.J. Maxx to raise money for Hooves, and in a major feature article in the #1 newspaper in Ohio!

Amazing things are ahead for Amanda as she takes Hooves nationwide!!

I am beyond grateful to be a part of Amanda's journey with Hooves. 

Watch her 6-minute story now!

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