As promised, today I'm sharing with you exactly how I was gifted my very first horse, Graley.

Even though I grew up hearing horses were a "king's sport" and too expensive for us, my mom also gifted me with this bit of inspiration:

"One day, Christine, when you're an adult, you can have as many horses as you want."

Little did she know, I grabbed onto that idea and stored it in my mind for that "one day."

As dreams, faith, and God would have it, my first horse was given to me as soon as I was, by our society's standards, an "adult"--as soon as I graduated and got my first job.

Here's how: 

When I finally started paying attention to my horsey dreams again, after years of stuffing them down, I used a requirement to create a Master's thesis project as an opportunity to re-connect to horses.

For my thesis, I decided to make a documentary for the PBS station where I was a work-study student, and the subject I chose was a local horse farm--mainly because I wanted a reason to see what all of the fuss was about! 

Six months later, I'd created an international-award-winning documentary called...(drumroll, please)..."Life With Passion." Yes, that's right. This short documentary that started my adult life, later came back to inspire the name of my dream business.

It was received by the farm with such gratitude that they gave me "Graley," the son of a Supreme Champion stallion and grandson of a Unanimous Scottsdale Champion & US National Reserve Champion. 

In a nutshell, this dream come true can be summarized in this way:

It happened because I followed my passion.

Graley, who's turned out to be the PERFECT horse for me, happened because I finally started paying attention to my dreams again, even though they seemed totally unlikely at the time. When I started the documentary, I was a grad school student, living on loans, with no idea of what was next for me... except that I wouldn't be making much right out of school (that turned out to be totally true!).

And yet...when Graley arrived, I had moved to Kentucky, the perfect place to own a horse. Quickly, I found the perfect, completely affordable place to board him and raise him on Bluegrass, and the dream became reality.

Eleven years later, we're still living the dream together, and owning him also started me on my entrepreneurial journey, helping me start my first business.

So ask yourself today--where can you follow your passion today? What dream have you been stuffing because it seemed unrealistic? Where can you allow yourself to "go there" today?

If it's possible for me, it's possible for you. Believe it.
Lots of horsey love,