It's 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is going to be an incredible year, I can feel it. 2016 is brimming with possibility!

But maybe you feel different. Maybe you WANT to believe that this year could be different, but you're not sure how. Maybe you're desperate to leave your job, but you don't know what's next for you, or you can't see how that's possible. Listen.

It. Is. Possible.

But you've GOT to take action to get there.

I was up before dawn this morning and was met with this picture at sunrise. I love the silhouette, but sometimes, it's hard to see something that looks lifeless day after day--we can forget the beauty of last spring.

Maybe, that's like you. When you're not happy at your job, or you dream of more, things can look and feel so stark. Lifeless. Even hopeless. But there is so much going on underneath.

You, like these trees are gathering the strength to burst forth in the spring from every angle, fully alive and showing the world what you're capable of. Like trees need the warmth of spring, water, and sunlight to grow, maybe you need a little nourishment and support to set you up for success this year, too.

No matter where you find yourself RIGHT NOW, as this new year starts, flourishing or feeling stark,

there's growth and hope ahead.

What's would it be worth to you to know that it's possible to be FREE of your dreaded job by the end of THIS YEAR? That you can spend your time how YOU want to, doing what you LOVE and getting paid well for it, spending more time with those you love?

I do what I do to

help people just like you leave your 9-5 jobs

and live the freedom-based lifestyle of YOUR dreams, not someone else's. Punching your OWN clock. Working for YOUR agenda. 

That's exactly why I created my 90-day program, Design Your Dream Life!

AAAAAND....I'm SO excited to announce that I'm offering my best bonus EVER--a FULL-DAY PRIVATE INTENSIVE ($1500 value!) to the next 5 people who sign up!!! 

An intensive is designed to get you 90 days' worth of results in ONE DAY, so this is like getting a 6-month, VIP, 1-on-1 program for the price of a 3-month! 

You can use your intensive at a luxury hotel in Louisville, in Scottsdale in February while spaces last, or over Skype! 

The price of Design Your Dream Life increases January 15, so if you've been thinking about it, this is truly an incredible deal!

How amazing is that?!?

This morning, I met with my incredible team for our first meeting of the year.

We raised mimosa-filled glasses to everything that's ahead for this year--and that includes YOUR hopes & dreams, my friend, and the possibility of them becoming REAL. 

I believe in you.

Much love,