Happy Monday! How are you feeling, settling back into the swing of things after the holidays, 11 days into 2016?

Are you inspired by the possibilities of this year, or doubting that your dreams of finally escaping that 9-5 could ACTUALLY come true this year?

Wherever you are at this moment, here are 5 things you must know before quitting your 9-5. These are things I WISH I’d known and that will make a HUGE difference for you. Even better, they’re things you can start working on right this minute, today, without having to wait to quit your job first!


5 things to know before quitting your job:


1. Get over the fear of failure.

Most people let this fear and its partner-in-crime, the fear of what people will think, control their ENTIRE lives. The most common regret at the end of peoples' lives, according to a lifelong hospice nurse Bronnie Ware?

"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me."

Don't let that be you, dear one!!!

How do we conquer this super-common fear? It's simple, but not easy: by TRYING THINGS. Choose something small, like a new workout program, creating a new habit that you do every day for a week, reaching out to someone and asking for their advice or insight on how they succeeded in building the life they wanted, or checking one thing off your to-do list that you’ve been putting off.

Try it, and experience the energy that comes from completing it. Build that trust in yourself that you CAN accomplish things, and when the big stuff comes, you’ll be more confident and ready to give them a go.


2. Support & accountability are KEY--Get them now.

Why do we stop investing in ourselves after school?

It’s perfectly acceptable to borrow huge sums of money to get a formal education, but the minute we graduate, most of us start telling ourselves we don’t need to invest in ourselves anymore. This is backwards!

The most successful entrepreneurs are always learning, always investing in themselves to continually improve.

Find an expert you connect with and reach out to them for support and accountability. After a decade of running my own businesses, I can tell you, you’ll need it, and in terms of returns, it will be the best money you ever spent on yourself AND your business.

3. Invest in business development continually.

After investing in yourself with someone who can support you along your journey toward freedom and building your business, you must next invest back into your business to continually generate new business.

Even before you quit your job, getting to know people who could become future clients is KEY! In the beginning, this may be an investment of time; it doesn’t have to be money. But always be bringing new potential business in, so that the money keeps flowing!

P.S.--If you’re an introvert like me, this is totally possible and doesn’t have to be torture!


4. There is plenty of business for everyone!

A lot of times, I hear “Well, I want to do ______, but I look around, and the market is already saturated.” I call BS, and here’s why.

There are 2 billion people online,
and they’re more targetable and reachable than ever. You only need the TINIEST fraction of those people to become your clients in order for you to make more money than you’ve ever dreamed of.

And YOU ARE UNIQUE. The way you approach life is unique.

Your story, your experiences, your personality, all of these things combine to mean that the way you run your business and who will want to buy your services or products is not the same as “all the other people out there already doing it.” Thank them for going before you and proving that there ARE people in the world willing to pay money for what you dream of doing, and get after it!!

5. Hire out your weaknesses ASAP.

That stuff you’re not good at? Those things you HATE and keep putting off? Find someone else to do them AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!

I spent way too long doing everything by myself in the name of frugality. What that meant is that the things I’m best at, that I could make money doing most easily, were muddled by all the other business things (accounting, legal, taxes, technical work) that needed to be done, but took me 5 times as long as it would have taken an expert to do.

It cost me time I could have been spending on what I’m AMAZING at doing, and it cost me money because I had to stop doing what I was good at to do these other things. Don’t fall into that trap!

It will save you so much time, frustration, energy, and money in the end if you start the practice of treating yourself as an expert in your field and using other experts in theirs.


I'd love to know, which one of these things speaks to you most?

Which one are you going to start working on today?

Make this an amazingly awesome week, friend! You’re capable of it!


Go get it,