This week, my husband and I were discussing his next career move. He actually really enjoys his 9-5 (opposites attract!) and is ready to contribute more to his company in a different role. It reminded me of one of the most shocking statistics in The Confidence Code: men apply for a job when they consider themselves only 60% qualified, but women need to feel 100% qualified to apply!


WHAT?!?!?! How can this be?

Take 10 seconds and really think about that. Let's say you look at a job description, or think about a business you’re considering starting, and you only hit 6 of the 10 bullet points. Well, if you’re male, chances are you’re going to believe you’re qualified, and you’re going to go for it.

Doesn’t that kind of tick you off?

I know it does me. Is the world missing out on what YOU have to offer because you’re waiting to be 100% qualified? I've said before that action relieves anxiety, and you learn by DOING much more than by researching forever.

No more waiting on the sidelines!


Like I always say, life is just too short to NOT try. You’ve got the opportunity in front of you, and it’s yours for the taking. Why not you? Why should someone else get success, and not you?


This is not a criticism. Believe me, I’ve been there, and MY list is a mile long. Just a few instances I can easily recall:


-The first time I announced on Facebook that I was starting my business. I told my coach, I was either going to throw up or work out--I had to do something with all of this nervous energy! (I picked B, thankfully).

-Moving across the country without knowing a soul or visiting the town first.

-Quitting my job without guaranteed freelance work lined up.

-Getting my first horse. Graley was 5 months old, and I didn’t know the first thing about owning a horse, much less a baby!

-Learning how to cook a chicken (Seriously. I used to have a major, discussed-in-therapy phobia of raw meat. But alas my body needs it to function, so there you go.)


Being on the other side of each of those fears is indescribably freeing and encouraging and confidence-boosting. I would’ve missed out on all of that if I didn’t get help to make it happen.  


Did you catch that? Having enough confidence isn’t what caused me to do it.  I got help to get me to the point where I could take the step, THEN the confidence came from having done it.


So, what are you considering that you're "only" 60% sure about? Or, what things were you so scared to do, but you did them anyway? Hit reply and let me know--I’d love to hear from you!


PS--In my next blog I’m going to share with you a trick for gaining instant confidence. Unfortunately, it's NOT wrapped up in a magic pill. :) Stay tuned!