This week when I shared my story on Facebook, a woman responded this way:

“Yeah right and what’s the catch? How stupid do you think we are?”

This isn't the first time someone's lashed out like that.

But as usual, I felt so sad that she was coming from such a negative place, and surprised that she used the word "stupid!" I responded to her and told her that I actually KNOW she’s incredibly smart. 


I believe you already have the answers you need to achieve the dreams inside of you. You just need some support to help you get past the roadblocks & speed bumps life has given you.

We all do. 

And really, that's what success coaching is.

You may not have ever heard of success coaching before you found me. I want to give you the chance to learn what it is, no pressure, no expectation. The discovery calls I offer are for you to learn what coaching is, how it works, and how it might benefit you.

I'm an advocate for your dreams; and it's not just fluff. It's the kind of advocacy that provides you a strategy, too. 

We all have things holding us back from our definition of success. It's not our fault, but when we become aware that we're not where we want to be, it's up to us if we want to change. 


When the student is ready, the teacher appears!

But the truth is, most of us try to do it alone. In the name of independence, we spend our whole lives stomping our foot, crossing our arms over our chest, and saying, as my mom tells me I did when I was little, 

"I DO IT!!!!!"

We say we can do it ourselves, and that we don’t need help. We think people who offer to help are out to trick us, and we can be cynical and suspicious of anything that initially draws us in. We tell ourselves it's "too good to be true." 

Any of these sound familiar? All of them have been me at different times. If you can relate to being determined to do it on your own, I’ll ask you a question:

How’s that working for you?

That question used to drive me CRAZY. I wanted to prove that I could do it on my own. But now I know that I WASN'T reaching those big goals and dreams in the name of trying to prove a point. It left me confused and frustrated.


Not. Worth. It. 


And obviously totally ineffective.

When I fiiiiinally got real and admitted that there were people out there who were more successful than me (duh!!!!!), I realized that they might have something to teach me. I hired someone I admired, and that moment was when everything changed.  

My business, my life, and my sense of what was possible finally shifted into alignment with these big dreams I’d always had, and I saw them start coming true.

So how about you?

Are you ready to make your dreams reality, friend? They're out there waiting for you. And the results? My clients are realizing theirs every day. 

Take a chance, book a call, and see what is possible for you.


I'm ready for you,