During a session this week with one of my amazing clients, I asked her if she’d be up for a major challenge that would involve her being visible and vulnerable. Her response?

“Doesn’t hurt to try!”

I both LOVED and was surprised by her quick response, because she’s choosing to approach this opportunity with a mix of eagerness and confidence that most of us could use more of.

As I was thinking about why it surprised me so much, I realized that while most of us have used and heard this phrase countless times, deep down,

we believe that it actually DOES hurt to try.

And so we don’t. We wait. And wait and wait. And find reasons why it won’t work, why this isn’t the right time, why it’s not practical, and why they can do it, but we can’t.

Is this how we want to live?

The truth is, it CAN hurt to try. To try is to open ourselves up to failing, and for many people, failing is one of their biggest fears. As my late mentor, the self-made millionaire & inspirational speaker Jim Sirbasku said,

“The one thing I don’t want you to be afraid of is failing.”

Read: Don’t be afraid to try, even though you might fail! Failing will not actually kill you! Looking back and pondering all of your missed opportunities, though, might one day fill you with regrets.

Which is scarier, trying it, or knowing that one day you might look back and regret NOT?


This is SO key.

I work with women who are feeling stuck, unhappy, and not sure what the next step is, but praying there is one, because the life they’re living is just NOT inspiring them like they want.

I’ve been there.

It’s one of the worst, most chronic feelings I’ve ever experienced! Getting up day after day, knowing I was going to be spending it in a way where I felt worse at the end of it than at the beginning...it drained my energy, challenged my faith, and stole from who I was.

This was NOT how life was supposed to be.

And if this WAS how life was supposed to be, I didn’t want it, and I was angry because I’d been lied to.

The struggle continued for years. Thank God He led me to people who believed that anything was possible and knew I could achieve my dreams of being a successful entrepreneur, because they were already doing it!

They lent their belief to me until I believed it for myself.

My mentor listened, asked insightful questions, and helped me set goals that led me down the path to success.

And now, I do the same.

I’m SO passionate about helping women achieve their dreams because I KNOW it’s possible! Believing it is is the first step to success, but for most of us, we need some guidance along the way. 


That’s where I come in!

I created my one-on-one program, Design Your Dream Life, for the woman who is feeling:

  • overwhelmed
  • stuck
  • hopeless
  • frustrated
  • unsure

As one of my VIP clients, you receive customized, laser-focused support from me on a weekly basis toward your specific goals.

I KNOW that you are capable of realizing and living those big dreams you have, but are afraid, or even convinced, you won’t get because of the way your life is going.

Whether you do it is truly up to you.


Much love,