Dear one, today's my birthday.

In the past, I'd have been dropping hints and anticipating this day for weeks. I would have been dreaming of it, thinking about it, and wishing for its arrival. I've always LOVED my birthday.

This year, I haven't been very excited. 

And as I contemplated why, I realized that in the past, my birthday was just about the only time I gave myself permission to ask for and do what I wanted to do.

Since my last birthday, though, everything has changed. 

I've stopped saying "someday" and "one day" and have

I'm no longer waiting for one day a year to do, get, and most importantly, BE what I want. Now, I focus on these things EVERY day. I don't spend the rest of the year feeling obligated to everyone and everything else in my life. 

And, ironically, that's actually IMPROVED my relationships because I'm the authentic, genuine version of me, and that person is much happier and easier to love than the one who lived trying to be what I thought other people wanted or needed from me.

A taste of what that's looked like for me in 2015:

  • Traveling to Europe for 2 weeks
  • Moving into my dream house
  • Tripling my monthly income
  • Getting over my lifelong fear of what others think
  • Kicking the competitive habit and surrounding myself with encouraging people
  • Sharing my story and inspiring others
  • Supporting amazing women around the world in creating their dream lives

I'm celebrating that change today.



I guess you could say I've started living every day like it's my birthday!

What about you? 

Don't wait for your birthday; here's how you can get closer to your dreams TODAY:

1. Be honest with yourself. What are the things you are pretending you don't want in the name of practicality? Write them down. 

2. Do something to make yourself smile today. Snap out of your daily rut. Exercise, meditate, "treat yo' self," pick up a new book and get lost in it. 

3. Just START. So often in my coaching and consulting, I see the theme of OVERTHOUGHT and UNDER ACTION in women who are struggling to make a change. The Confidence Code shared that men will apply for a job when they feel 60% qualified, but women won't apply unless they feel 100% qualified. How does this relate to your life? Where can you take action today?

4. Get support. I always told myself I could do it on my own because I prided myself on being independent and I honestly found women to be catty or competitive. So I wasted years and years struggling in my business. Connecting with a coach and a like-minded, supportive group of women were the two keys that helped me believe I COULD change, showed me what was possible, and catapulted me to the next level I'd so long been dreaming of reaching.

Want help choosing something small or easy to start with? I'm always here for you. A Discovery Session is the perfect place to start.