I think I know some things about you.

I know, that's a pretty bold thing to say, right? In fact, I'd be annoyed if someone said that to me. I'm a complicated enigma, after all. 

But stick with me here.

Why do I think I know anything about you? 

Because I set specific intentions for who I want to work with--that's who I believe I can most help. 

I pray that this kind of woman is who will be drawn to me, and I trust that those amazing women will find me as I put myself out there. It's a beautiful thing.

So, who do I believe you are?  

You are a woman who is:

  • In a 9-5 job you don't love
  • Driven 
  • Knows she is meant to do big things
  • A dreamer who also makes stuff happen in reality
  • Independent
  • Committed to a process when you trust it
  • Willing to getting dirty for the right reasons & feeling pampered 
  • Open to new ideas
  • Emotionally available in a wise way
  • Flourishes with support & encouragement
  • Much more capable and incredible than she knows


How'd I do? 

Am I right? Do I have it way wrong? How would YOU describe you?

And, if you're not sure that's you, how does it feel to know that someone already believes these things about you? Who do you WANT to be? You get to choose today, my friend. And I'm here for you. 


Waiting to hear from you,