It’s time for me to be really honest with you—

Four months ago, I had no idea this was going to be happening.

Since July:

  • My monthly income has tripled
  • I spent 2 incredible weeks in Europe with my husband
  • We bought & are moving into our dream home that we talked about for YEARS 
  • I've finally conquered my fear of what people think of me
  • My team has grown and I'm not doing it all alone!
  • We've launched a non-profit in our daughter's memory
  • I've gotten in the best shape of my life
  • I'm interviewing trainers to start competing with my horses


It’s happened THAT fast for me.

Why? Because after being in business for myself for a decade, I finally with invested in my business & my dreams in a serious way. I got honest about what I wanted and finally got help to get it. 

Then, everything changed with a speed that looks dizzying from the outside. So many people in my life are saying, “That sounds crazy!,” but you know what? It doesn’t feel that way to me.

I feel more centered and grounded than I have, well, ever...

...and I know everything that needs to will get done.

Today is the start of the next coaching program I'm in. I’m so excited because of what the last one did for my life. What will the next 6 months hold?

The sky is truly the limit!

There’s something so powerful about a woman going for her dreams. Doors start opening, and then you look up just a few months later, and... realize those dreams are coming true. 

If you’re dreaming but not sure how to get to your goals, now is the right time for you. I’d love to help you get the kind of clarity I’ve gotten, and that my clients are getting. 

Listen to what Erin said: 

Christine has rare wisdom in her coaching. She’ll give it to you straight and call you out, but in a way that doesn’t make you feel like an idiot (which I love and need). We connected immediately and she helped me work through a particularly emotional & confusing job situation that I desperately didn’t want! She took me through the pros and cons and how I could still accomplish my goals just by taking a different perspective. My nerves were calmed and my confidence restored. PRICELESS!
— Erin, Success Coach, Tennessee

My intention for Life With Passion is to help women like YOU find the success and happiness I've found, without it taking 10 YEARS and lots of stumbling and confusion. If I did it in 4 months, that means...'s possible for you to do it EVEN FASTER. 

Today is your day, dear one!

I KNOW your dreams are within your reach, and I'd be honored to help you realize them.