Do you ever catch yourself thinking, 

“What if ______ happens?” 


“What if ______ DOESN’T happen?”

Maybe you’ve asked “What if…"

  • I never have that horse I want?
  • I don’t have time for my true passion? 
  • I never make enough money to have horses or take that vacation or have my dream house?
  • I don’t get married?
  • I can’t have kids?

Heavy, right? But I know I do it! 

Let me give you a silly example. 


I was in search of the perfect gondola. But they’re like taxis, so you’re never sure one’s going to be where you saw it before.

My forehead was wrinkling up, and my hair was blowing in the wind, which was really going to screw with the pictures I had planned. But I remembered a story from my coach, about a time that she’d forgotten something for her photo shoot, and she made peace with the idea that she’d find it if she needed it. (Speaking of—hairspray is really hard to find in Italy. For future reference.) 

I told myself that asking:

“What if we don’t fiiiiiind ittttttt?!?!” 

wasn't getting me anything except a wrinkled forehead and grumpy face. Or as someone way smarter said, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?” (Luke 12:25)

So, I pictured this gorgeous, perfect gondola in my mind—it had red patterned seats, was decorated with horses (of course!), had no wear and tear in the fabric. And just over the next bridge, 


There. IT. Was.

...with a young, handsome gondolier waiting to sing us funny songs! It really was the prettiest gondola I saw there (there are only 470 in the world—now you have a new brain wrinkle, you’re welcome!), and the ride was magical. It was like being lowered into another world of quiet and peace, away from the crowds. 

So the steps here:

  • I caught myself worrying “What if?”
  • I decided to be at peace and expect the best
  • I took action to find that best

So, how about you? 

What is one “What If?” you could practice these steps on? 


You have the power to choose, my friend. Give it a go!