I believe that 90% of life is what you DO with what life brings your way. Only 10% is what happens TO you. 


I believed just the opposite for a long time. 


I think most of us do. But now that I’ve experienced the switch, it’s given me an incredible sense of power and purpose that I want for you too, dear one.


Let your dreams be more powerful than your fears.


I’m traveling for business & fun in England and Italy. It’s my first trip to Italy, a place I’ve always dreamed of going. But it’s not the first time I tried to get here. 


Just before college graduation, I had big plans to backpack around Europe with my best friend at the end of my semester at Oxford. But I’d just broken up with my serious, long-term boyfriend, and I spent a lot of my time there feeling sorry for myself. I was confused and scared about what the future would hold. 


I thought I had everything planned out!


I thought I was following God’s plan; why wasn’t it working out like I always pictured it would? I was heartbroken and overwhelmed, and I backed out of my backpacking trip. I came home and hid in my room at my parents’ house instead. Childhood room vs exploring the magical spaces of Europe with my BFF. I messed up. 


I let the end of one dream become the 12-year siesta of another.


But no longer am I letting someone else’s choices decide whether I have my dreams. 


Now, I’m taking control of my 90%. 

Now, I’m traveling to the places I’ve been dreaming of my whole life, and I’m with my husband. He has planned amazing things for us along the way and taken care of all the details, so I could have my “trip of a lifetime.” Of course, this won’t be the last time we visit. But as my first, it’s so special. 


The dream is alive and bigger than ever!


If you’ve listened to my audio series, you know that I’m not one of those women whose life (from the outside at least) has been perfect. Losing Maeve actually made this 90%/10% truth more real to me than it’s ever been, and I’m more determined to live fully, and to help more women do the same. 


It’s why I do what I do every day.


I’m privileged to share in your dreams too, rock star! So go out there and get 'em.