This weekend, I head to London to celebrate my graduation from my most recent coaching program! I'll be staying & working with my coach at...The Ritz London!

The. Ritz. London. Whaaaaaaat?

A few years ago, my rich uncle took his kids to high tea there, and I remember thinking, "Must be nice!" I was jealous and while I dreamed of going to tea there, couldn't imagine how to make it happen.

I really had no idea what to expect when I got into my first 90-day coaching program, except that I liked the life my coach was living and what she had to say, so I was willing to take her advice. 

After 90 days, my income had tripled, I had realized my true life's purpose and I began taking huge, inspired action on behalf of my BIG dreams.

I stopped procrastinating (which I'd always done before because I was afraid it wouldn't be perfect). I started putting myself out there for the first time (I'd been terrified what other people would think before). I gained the confidence that the world needed what I had to offer and that I could help people. 

Getting support changed everything for me.

My business, my outlook, my life! 

The same thing is possible for you!

What if... you really no longer cared what people thought?

You were brave enough to try that thing you've been dreaming of?

You FINALLY proved to yourself that you could do it rather than going in expecting it not to work and then finding THAT to be true?

Remember, as Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right."

You spend so much time thinking about and doing things for other people. But I know your dreams are alive, and they're big. Make a choice for YOURSELF today.

I believe in you, dear one.