On Saturday, my husband and I held the official kickoff for the non-profit we’ve started in our daughter’s memory, Miles With Maeve.

It was a fun run/walk—on what turned out to be a cold, rainy, stay-in-your-house-and-wear-fat-pants October day.

I woke up with a thousand thoughts yelling at me. In that moment between sleep and awake on any given morning, you get a glimpse into what’s going on in your subconscious mind at that moment. And mine was—annnnxiouuuusssss.

What if, what if, what if? What will we do about this? Did we forget to think about that? What will we do with people afterward if they want to stick around? Should we have planned something?

What if it’s not perfect? 

I used to spend a lot of my life there. I became AMAZING at procrastination. Those thoughts stopped me in my tracks. I could have filled several books. In fact, if you read my journals, I'm pretty sure I did.

But Saturday, rather than staying in bed feeling paralyzed by my thoughts, I practiced something totally life-changing I've learned--

Action relieves anxiety.

I got out of bed, and I calmly started doing things to address the thoughts. And you know what? Whoosh, they quieted down. Ahhhhh........freedom! And I was able to be present and celebrate during the event.

What do you have to lose? Try it! 

Write those thoughts down, get them out of your head. Or act on one of them. Just DO something, anything, to address ONE of those thoughts, and your subconscious will quiet down, because it's been heard. 

I'd love to hear from you!!

What's one thing you're going to do to take action?

Can't wait to hear,