Motivation Monday

You may have heard stories about people who had these major breakthroughs when the really hit the fan... But you don’t have to wait until you hit rock bottom to start crawling out of your hole. All you have to do is make the decision. And you can make it right now.
— Jen Sincero, You Are A Badass

Maybe you heard my story about losing Maeve and thought, well I haven't had any tragedy in my life or a big turning point.

Maybe you have survived your own tragedy but your story is that because of that tragedy, you can't have what you want--replacing your income, quitting your 9-5, living a life of freedom on your own terms.

What I love about this quote is its simplicity and clarity--you know I love me those things :).

You can make a decision right now and THEN you can figure out the hows as you go along!

How does it feel to know that? Have you already made the decision, or are you making it now?



New Level, SAME Devil!


Have you ever heard the saying, "New level, new devil?"

While that might be true, I think there's a ton of truth to the saying "new level, same devil!"

❣️Whether thinking about starting a side business, quitting a job, replacing your income, or scaling beyond it, we tend to have the same patterns show up at each new level--fear, procrastination, overwhelm, avoidance, control issues...

➡️For me, money beliefs are SO key, and the same negative ones keep cropping up at each new level (sometimes cleverly disguised for me to THINK I'm dealing with something new, but really, it's the same old ).

Our choice is that we can either make ourselves wrong for not having "fixed" our mindset yet, or welcome the work that's popping up for us to clear so that we can take our business to that next level, that next goal!

How about for you? What beliefs have you noticed stubbornly showing up and resisting being cleared, and how do you move through them?



Teach Others, Keep Teaching Yourself


"We always teach what we need to learn."

Recently I've been having a lot of conversations with clients who are giving themselves a hard time for not perfectly doing the thing they help others to do.

So, for instance, someone might:

☑️find themselves stressing when they help others to release anxiety
☑️check Facebook or their email a million times during the day when they help their clients to be more productive
☑️be working a TON of hours when their brand is that they work part-time

Whatever the thing is, it's important to remember that we ALWAYS teach what we need to learn.

It's just that, if you're doing it right, you're at a higher level of learning than the clients you support, so you're re-learning that lesson as you advance.

As I recently made my final edits to my book, it was really interesting for me to re-read all of the strategies and ways I help clients move through procrastination, fear and overwhelm to replace their incomes and quit their jobs.

Because, confession: I dealt with A LOT of these same things while writing the book.

Did it mean I wasn't qualified to help my clients or that they didn't get great results? No.

➡️What it meant was, I was going to a whole new level in my life and business, and as a result, my old default patterns of managing stress popped back up.

What did I do about it? I made sure my own support was rock-solid so that I wouldn't self-sabotage, and I moved through it!

Now, I'll be able to help my clients write & launch their own books, if they desire, because it's something I've actually done.

Make sense?

✔️We're ALLOWED to be teaching what we need to learn, but the important distinction is to only teach what you've already done, as well.

What questions do you have about this? Or is this something you can take a deep breath, take off the pressure, and give yourself more permission around?



Tax Anxiety


Tax season is upon is, and I often hear that confusion about doing taxes for your own business causes major overwhelm/fear/anxiety for new entrepreneurs.

The thing is, we want to solve or eliminate as many of these fears as possible, because that makes it infinitely easier to replace your income!

Have you ever avoided doing your taxes out of overwhelm or fear of doing it wrong, or of what you would find?

Or are you one of those people who always does them (or gets them to her CPA) as early as she can to get them out of the way?



Excuses, Excuses...

If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.
— Jim Rohn

Do you agree?

When it comes to quitting your job, finding a way to make money doing what you love, replacing your income, and really, any big goals you have for your life, it comes down to this quote.

If you find your head filled with reasons why not, those are excuses.

If you find your head filled with reasons why, you're on the path to finding your way.

With EVERY big thing I've done in my life that people said couldn't be done, whether:
✅ Building a 6-figure horse business in my 20s on a teacher's salary
✅ Quitting my job and replacing my income in the first month
✅ Working at the Olympics 3 times
✅ Quickly building Life With Passion from scratch to 6-figures
✅ Writing a book while working part-time and raising a baby

When you make a no-nonsense decision to move past your excuses and just get about doing it already, miracles happens.

I see this all the time with my clients, too. They show up with courage and conviction that they're meant for their dreams, and our work together puts the clarity and strategy in place for them to book their own high-level clients, live in their dream locations, and make leaps they only dreamed of.

Do you agree with this quote? Where have you seen it to be true in your own life? Or what tips do you have to share with us about this belief?



"Who Am I To Do This?"


🤔Have you ever thought about the word "worthy?"

I think a lot of times, we high-achievers also suffer from an underlying belief that we're not worthy of making the kind of money we want, of replacing our incomes, of quitting our jobs, like, "Who am I to do this?"

Can you relate?

The word worthy, when you break it down, is WORTH-y. And of course, "worth" can have a lot of different meanings, like self-worth and net worth, both of which are usually things that are important to increase as we build successful business, right?

Often, increasing our self-worth and believing that we are WORTH-y of receiving money helps us to increase our net worth, wherever we are on the journey.

What do you think about this? Have you found this to be true, or is it something you feel like you want to explore?



How Content Re-Purposing Can Connect You to Your Ideal Client


📚Content re-purposing idea to make the most of limited time:
Go back to your old journals and use what you wrote!

👏This is GENIUS because it does 2 things:

1. Connects you to who you used to be, who is probably a lot more similar to your ideal client than who you currently are 💪

2. Uses content you've already created when you were feeling inspired or in flow--you'll surprise yourself with how good that content is! 😎

Is this a strategy you've used, or is it something you're going to incorporate?

Let us know below!



Upgrade Your Thoughts

Remember happiness doesn’t depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely on what you think.
— Dale Carnegie️


Even if you're still struggling to build your business to replace your income, you're in a 9-5 you hate, or both, you can choose to think better thoughts RIGHT NOW.

Those thoughts will support your progress, move you more quickly toward your goals, AND help you enjoy the process!

What thoughts could you choose to improve that would make you happier, or what ones have you already upgraded to support your dreams?

Share with us below!



Attitude of Gratitude


If you're still in a 9-5 job and aren't living your dream, my encouragement to you today is to look for ways to be grateful for the opportunities you have there.

Network with colleagues and start making a list of those who might be ideal clients for you!

Take advantage of lunch breaks to work on your side hustle :)

Find things to be grateful for, like:

✅You're in a job and you can make a plan and build that side hustle while you're still getting that paycheck.

✅Every day, you're learning more and more about how to be a successful business owner, and about what you don't want to do and what you do!

✅You can start developing the mindset of an entrepreneur before you dive in full-time, so there will be less of a stressful transition when you do!

What else can you find to be grateful for about your 9-5, or how did you view it before you quit?




Guilt Is A Habit You Cannot Afford

Guilt, shame and self-criticism are some of the most destructive forces in your life, which is why forgiving yourself is one of the most powerful.
— Jen Sincero

Living out of a place of beating yourself up, being hard on yourself and telling yourself it's never enough is NOT the way to replace your income & quit the 9-5 grind for good.

Releasing the pressure, connecting to your dreams and your passions, and taking aligned action from that excited place IS.

Have you found this to be true on your journey? Or what questions do you have about this approach?



Why Are You Here?

a girl and her horse 2 crop.jpg
There are 2 great days in a person’s life—the day we are born and the day we discover why!
— William Barclay

I love this. Certainly all of us have many reasons why we were born, but the more we identify and connect to them, the more likely we are to spend more time in service of them!

What's one reason you believe you're here on this amazing planet, breathing and alive, in this time?

I believe a HUGE part of my why is to empower women to go from surviving to thriving, from feeling like victims to KNOWING we are volunteers with the ability to create our destinies!



What Lies Inside YOU?


"What lies behind you & what lies in front of you pales in comparison to what lies INSIDE of you." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I've loved this quote since my last semester of college, when my sister pasted it at the bottom of a photo frame with a picture she'd taken of me like this one, when I was studying abroad at Oxford.

It was a lifelong dream come true to study there, but I'd also just broken up with my first love, the guy I spent years believing I would marry, because he didn't want to marry me. I was getting ready to graduate, without a plan, without a partner, so different than what I'd expected or dreamed of.

This quote applies to SO MANY other areas of life, too, including business-building.

NO MATTER WHAT you've been through and NO MATTER WHAT you're facing, YOU have the ability to create exactly what you desire in your business:

<3 A booked-out practice full of clients you love
<3 A 6-figure business
<3 Working part-time and having tons of time for your family, fur and human
<3 Making a difference in THOUSANDS of lives
<3 Giving away real, life-changing money to causes you care about

NO MATTER WHAT. If I can do it, so can you.

Do you believe it? Why?



Capture Your Good Ideas!


How to remember more of your good ideas:

Use Voice Memos on your phone so that you can record while driving, walking or doing chores--whenever inspiration strikes!

Put AquaNotes in the shower (part of my book title came to me this way after being elusive for over a year!)

Keep a central Google Doc for content where you record questions that you've been asked, suggestions for content topics, and any brainstorming you've done.

Between these 3 things, you're never without a place to capture those ideas, and you'll always have something to write, talk or livestream about!

Do you use any of these strategies or have some of your own to share? Which one(s) will you implement now?



Are your marketing efforts wrong or right?

BlueShirt Phone.jpg

How do you know where to focus your marketing efforts online?

Answer this question first: "Where are you spending YOUR time?"

Before you declare that space "wrong" (for instance, if you aren't seeing the engagement in your Facebook group or on your page that you want), consider that maybe NOTHING is wrong!

If you like Facebook, if you spend a lot of time on Facebook (or insert your favorite platform here), then maybe just get some help to tweak your strategy so that it works better, because here's the truth:

No matter WHAT the algorithms do, there are always going to be people successfully marketing and making money on EVERY platform--it's just a matter of designing a strategy that works for you and for the platform!

Do you believe this? Or have questions about this approach?



Tip 3: How To Be More Efficient & Productive


Set clear boundaries on your time sucks.

Do you ever feel like you look up after a full session at the computer and ask yourself, "What did I actually do to move my business forward?"🤔

It happens to all of us. Our apps are designed to keep us engaged in THEM rather than on our income-producing activities.

Here are some proven strategies I use that can help you make the most of your time & energy:

💥Do your mindset & creative work (writing content, etc.) BEFORE checking your email or social media in the morning--so that you complete YOUR money-making tasks before responding to everyone else's priorities.
💥Check your email 2x a day, at a time you've scheduled in your calendar (and delete the app from your phone).
💥Check Facebook 2x a day at a time you've scheduled in your calendar (and delete the app from your phone).

Now share with us, what are YOUR favorite strategies for productivity?

Or, which of these are you going to try out?



Tip 2: How To Be More Efficient & Productive

Screenshot selfie 4.jpg


Repurpose EVERYTHING!!!! 😃

It's likely that if you're creating any content, you're creating too much.📝

That's right.

Every piece of content you create can be turned into several other pieces.🤯

For instance, a livestream can become a newsletter, an article, a blog post, and several text FB posts.

Several FB posts can become an article, a livestream, a newsletter, and a blog post.

See what I mean?

Don't worry about your audience hearing the same thing more than once. If they love you, they don't mind at all (think about your own influencers and if you care when you see the same thing from them in 2 different places. See what I mean?)

Repurpose, and you will create more time and energy for other things in your business, while remaining consistent in front of your audience! 👍

Now tell us, do you do this, and if so, how?

Or is repurposing something you're going to dive into?



Tip: How To Be More Efficient & Productive


Batch-create your content!

Start out by creating all of your FB group content (or whatever platform you're using consistently) once a week, then pre-scheduling it if possible (if not possible on your platform, keep it all in a Google Doc for easy copying & pasting each day).

This strategy eliminates the daily pressure and stress of "What am I going to say today?!?" and allows you to be consistently present for your tribe while you're off doing other things, no matter what happens in your life during the week!

Then all you have to do is go in once a day and respond to any comments or questions that have come in since you were last present. EASY-PEASY!

This creates SO much more space in your mind and on your calendar for creativity, inspiration and enjoyment of your business!

If you think "I don't have time," try flipping that around and telling yourself "I actually don't have time to do it daily," because it's going to SAVE you so much time and energy to do this once a week!

Now tell us, is this a strategy you use (and if so, how do you like it?), or is it one you're going to try out?



When to Reschedule No-shows


I've had pleeeeenty of no-shows while building my business (truth--everyone has. It's not you, it's them ).

And, while it's a huge value of mine that I keep my appointments and expect others to do the same, there are times when I've rescheduled.

When there's some kind of extenuating exception or circumstance, like:

✅Time change mix-ups (working with women on 5 continents, you run into this at LEAST 2x a year! 🤣)
✅Some kind of unforeseen circumstance, like sickness, a last-minute work trip popping up
✅When there's a genuine apology for the missed call (this happened once with someone who became an immediate pay-in-full client when we did reschedule!)
✅Other reasons at my discretion, using my intuition

If someone just forgot, and didn’t prioritize, that’s ok for them, but it tells me something about how they work, and that they're not going to be my person, because it's usually typical of a pattern that will likely continue if they were to become my client, and that means we're not a good fit.

That said, it's MY business and I get to decide if and when I reschedule.

The important part is coming from a place of power and choice, not desperation that we have to be available for someone who might not be a good fit just because they booked a call with us once and that means they're a warm lead, even if they flaked. If that's the case, time to do some mindset work around your ability to create what you desire.

Does this sound like your policy? How is yours similar or different?

Or, will you take this to guide your own decisions in the future?



No Shows Frustrating You?

Frustrated Laptop.jpg

How to deal with no-shows in a positive way!!!

Don’t be sad, be glad!


When this happens, say a thank you that you’ve ruled out someone who is not an ideal client for you.

As long as it's in my ability, I would NEVER no-show on someone (Seriously. I had an appointment the night I found out Maeve died and I had my husband let them know I wouldn’t be able to make it while I was being admitted to the hospital.) It's a HUGE value of mine.

So, what do I, and what can you, do instead of getting bummed, slamming your computer in frustration, and heading into desperation mode?

Say a prayer of thanks and gratitude that you now have that half-hour or hour totally dedicated to work on your business and on creating more clients who WILL value your time and your expertise!️

Get to work--send those emails, create those posts or newsletters, send some follow-ups, and you'll be back to feeling hopeful, anticipatory, motivated and inspired about all of the new clients coming your way in no time!

What do you think? Is this a strategy you've tried before, or one you want to implement?



Fast Action & Support


Tip: Talk to anyone who’s achieved ANYTHING big:

Starting a business
Booking out
Hitting 6-figures
Making passive income
Publishing a book

...and you’ll find they have 2 things in common:

1. They didn’t wait for the “perfect timing” -- they took action fast.
2. They got help on their way to the top.

Do you agree?

What help have you gotten, and what has it helped you to accomplish?

Or, what help do you want to get, and to achieve what goal?