Grief + Gratitude: Day 5

It's FRIDAY, and we're talking about GRATITUDE.

Gratitude keeps us appreciating the things that matter to us, so that we can approach our life and our business, and the people we desire to help, from a place of service, rather than stress or striving or "it's never enough."

Here's an example: with the horses, I remind myself how special it is to have them in my life--because anything can become “normal” once you have it long enough. As hard as it might be to imagine right now, if you got that something you really want, after a while it would become your new normal and you’d forget how special it was to have it--unless you consciously remember to practice gratitude for it.

Remember, what you focus on expands, so if you want more of something, practice being grateful for what you already have rather than stressing about how it’s going to happen to get more.

How about you?

Can you relate to this? Is there something you used to really want, then got, and now that has become normal to you?

Lots of Love,




Grief + Gratitude: Day 4

Welcome to day 4 of my conversation about Grief + Gratitude!

The biggest lesson grief has taught me:
Grief gave me the all-powerful lesson that life is largely a CHOICE, that we get to choose how we show up for it, and that the majority of how we experience life (90%!) is up to us. Before Maeve died, I never knew or understood how “your thoughts and words create your reality.” I knew I had a tendency to focus on the negative, yes, I knew I had a tendency to be perfectionistic, and I knew I didn’t have what I wanted.

Grief helped me see that I COULD go after what I wanted, that it was worth the risk, that I could always go back to being less happy or the same level of happiness if trying didn’t work, but that it was up to ME how I wanted to let grief define me. You can learn this lesson in other, easier, ways, but that’s what it took for me.

And guess what? I’m GRATEFUL for that :)

Grief and gratitude--this is all about learning to live with the AND, rather than the black and white of either/or, and learning to use both to your great advantage, because though your story looks different than mine, you’ve experienced both in your life, too.

Now, I'm so grateful that my work time is filled with clients and work I absolutely love. Working one-on-one with them to overcome their own doubts and fears, to own their stories, and to use them to help others AND help themselves, is what I KNOW I’m meant to be doing. And I also get to write and share and speak and honor and remember Maeve as part of my business <3.

How about you?

How did you learn the lesson that we have a choice in how we create our lives? Or where will you make a choice today to move toward your dreams?





Grief + Gratitude: Day 3

Today's Day 3 of our conversation about Grief + Gratitude, and how embracing both can help you build your business.

When we’re building freedom-based businesses online, usually the thing that causes people to hire us or buy from us is that they feel connected to us in some way. Your people value being genuine and authentic, just like you do.

Your grief, however large or small (there is no hierarchy!!!) can be a way to connect people to you--but let me be clear, NOT in an attention-seeking way. If you’re scared of coming across that way, of being one of “those people,” that means that it’s very likely you actually WON’T, simply because you’re conscious of your desire to be different. That’s not you. What sharing does instead is make you relatable, a real person behind the accolades and the quotes and the offers.

At the start of my business, I felt scared to talk about Maeve and her loss. I was afraid people would think I was exploiting her death to build my business. But as I processed with the help of a mentor, I came to own that her loss was the very reason I’d started Life With Passion, so NOT talking about her was actually being inauthentic and disingenuous. I gave myself permission to own this defining moment in my story, and it opened up my business and has allowed me to help so many more people, including many I'll never meet but who have read one of my articles, heard an interview, or have been helped by our non-profit Miles With Maeve.

Now, I work with clients to own all parts of their stories, the things they discount, have forgotten, and the things that maybe they’re scared to share. Doing so opens them up to become more known, liked (even loved!) and trusted, and to build their business quickly, in a genuine way.

How about you?

Have there been parts of your story you’ve been afraid to share because you didn’t want to be attention-seeking? Or have you found that sharing your true self has been accepted well by your online community or clients?

Belief in your story,




Grief + Gratitude: Day 2

I'm back for day 2, talking all about GRATITUDE and how it can help you grow your business.

Gratitude is a word we hear a LOT in the personal development world, Oprah made the gratitude journal famous, but there’s a really good reason.

Gratitude is TRANSFORMATIONAL for your life and business. If you haven’t yet experienced or come to believe that, then stick with me, because this has the power to be life-changing for you. If you already agree, stick with me too, and anchor it in more deeply.

Gratitude has the power to totally turn your day around. It’s one of the “highest” emotions on the scale, like joy.

I used to think it couldn’t be that easy and needed to be more complicated, but once I tried it, it was like how I felt when I quit my 9-5--what took me so long?

Now gratitude is a non-negotiable part of my daily morning ritual, and I can tell a tangible difference in my mindset if I skip it. Writing down 10 things I’m thankful for moves me up from “blah” or anxious or confused or frustrated or overwhelmed to a state of being much clearer, calmer, and happier. Often, when I’m working with clients who are in one of these emotional states, implementing this simple ritual yields nearly instant positive results in their life and business. There is no magic pill to make you an overnight business success (and anyone who says there is is lying :), but practicing gratitude is one of the closest things to a “happy pill” I’ve ever found.

Gratitude puts you in a state of mind to make wiser decisions for your business and to more clearly see what’s working. It helps you identify those all-important money-making tasks that savvy entrepreneurs focus on almost exclusively (especially in the beginning of their business) so that you can follow through and make money!!!

Gratitude actually gives you a “better brain,” because it takes your brain out of stress “how will it work, what if it doesn’t work, I’m scared that it won’t work, I’m so stressed,” and moves it into POSSIBILITY. It puts that powerful brain of yours to work in a much more productive way.

When I approach my day full of gratitude, I come into it focused on what IS working and I EXPECT more good things to come, and then guess what? They do! I know that might sound crazy, but it works! And, what do you have to lose by trying it?

How about you?
Have you come to understand the power of gratitude? How has it transformed your life and business? Or is this a practice you’d like to take up?





Grief + Gratitude: Day 1

Starting today and for the rest of this week, I'd like to talk about Grief + Gratitude.

Why? Because both of these powerful emotions are what helped me build my business, and I’m going to teach you how you can use them, too.

Recently we observed my angel Maeve’s 2nd birthday in Earth time. I celebrated, remembered, and honored her on her special day, grieving her loss and all the things we missed out on with her all while holding the gift for which I’m so grateful, her little sister, my "rainbow baby," Fiora.

The grief & the gratitude all in one picture (Fiora with Maeve Bear). They’re inextricably linked. The depth to which you can experience emotions like grief is also the height to which you can feel emotions like joy. It’s likely I wouldn’t have Fi if not for Maeve and her loss.

In business, grief is what CAUSED me to start Life With Passion, this business that I wake up every day so grateful for now. Grief is what caused me to wake up and question everything in my life and determine that no longer was I going to let self-doubt, the fear of failure, the fear of outshining others (the sun came out just as I wrote that!!!!) or the fear of criticism, or what others would think, matter.

Here’s what I told myself: I’ve just survived what psychiatrists categorize as the WORST loss you can survive. I’m not passed out in a ditch somewhere. Today I’m choosing to show up, and if I’m going to show up, I’m going to show up for REALZ.

For me, grief caused gratitude. Grief gave me a business I’m grateful for, one that supports the life I choose to live.

How about you? Where has grief defined you and spurred you on to greatness--or where would you like it to? Or, where has gratitude defined you?


Lots of Love




Smash Self-Doubt: Day 5

My keys to creating a passion-filled business and growing it quickly were very simple:
1. Dealing with my fears & self-doubt
2. Getting clarity

When you have trouble believing in yourself, like so many of us have, the quickest way to get where you want to be is to get support from someone who’s been there.

Now, it took someone who’d been where I’d been, who’d walked in my shoes, and who could help me shorten the timeline and lead the way to greater results in order for me to face my fears and discover how I could use them to HELP me create the business of my dreams. I didn’t wait for my self-doubt to dissipate before I got support. I realized that getting support was the KEY to building a consistent business where I was no longer holding myself back.

When you’re confused about who you’re serving, your Zone of Genius, and which of the SEA of strategies to use, getting support is the bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

How about you? What have been your keys to banishing self-doubt, dealing with your fears and getting clarity? Have you found that getting support was helpful?

Lots of Love,




Smash Self-Doubt: Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of our discussion about SELF-DOUBT.

Here's a truth: The longer we ruminate on our fears and doubts, the longer we stay stuck.

An example for you: If you are constantly questioning WHETHER this business is going to work, or what is going to happen if it doesn't, or what if you fail, or what if, what if, what're keeping yourself in a "cycle of perpetual sameness."

Meaning, if you look at these negative questions you were asking yourself a week ago, or a month ago, or even a year ago, chances are good that unless you've taken massive action to get support and change your thinking, you're recreating that old story over and over.

As Tony Robbins famously said, "Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

So, how can you start small with asking a better question today? How about instead of "What if this business doesn't work?," you ask yourself, "What if it DOES?"

That opens up your brain to think positively about it and start looking for reasons it WILL, rather than reason it won't.

How about you?

What question have you been asking yourself that you could re-frame today? Or what's a better question that you're already asking yourself that's brought you success?





Smash Self-Doubt: Day 3

I'm talking about self-doubt again!  This one shift I’m about to share changed everything for me, when it came to helping me move through and even PAST my staggering self-doubt.

Here it is: Focus on your WHY. It’s not just about YOU, it’s about your WHY. Think about WHY building your business is important to you!

So I’m intuitive, and sensitive, and an introvert. With those things in mind, for me, it’s about connecting with the deeper meaning of WHY I’m building this business, so that I connect to what's possible, and also what WON'T happen if I keep allowing self-doubt to control me.

What would it MEAN to your dreams to take action in spite of your self-doubt? What does doing these tasks to build your business do FOR YOU? For those you love?

What you focus on expands. So, focus on WHY you’re getting visible, taking a risk and sharing your business, finally reaching out and getting support.

To give you an example, Here are some of my “WHYS” for my business:
❤️️To help as many women as possible believe it’s possible to, and actually experience getting free and creating the lives THEY want, like I have
❤️️To pay medical bills for friends and family who get sick
❤️️To travel to see in person the things I’ve dreamed about and read about
❤️️To bless my parents for their sacrifices
❤️️To become financially free, not worry EVER AGAIN about money
❤️️To make my own schedule
❤️️To not be controlled by someone else’s agenda or clock
❤️️To know that I am FREE to follow my intuition and make my own decisions
❤️️To live my big dreams and know there was a reason for them all along
❤️️To make a big, tangible difference in other peoples’ lives

Let’s face it--these “whys” don't get to keep coming true if I allow my self-doubt & fear to continue to control me. I wouldn’t be here, right now, if I had.

And when I read that list, I get inspired to take action!

How about you? Can you relate? What's one of your "whys?" Or what are you going to use your "why" to help you move through?





Smash Self-Doubt: Day 2

This week, we're talking about self-doubt, a topic that leaves so many of us feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and shame spiraling.

I'm on a mission to change that!!!!

Self-doubt can masquerade under so many names. Some of the common ones I've heard:
"Being realistic"
"Money" (not having enough, being afraid of not making enough or running out)

Self-doubt is also inextricably linked with, sometimes even synonymous with, fear.

Fear is the number one biggest deterrent, detractor, and factor in holding you back from the life of your dreams.

Fear shows up in questions like these:
What if I don't make the money back?
What if it turns out to be a mistake?
What if I fail?
What if people think I'm stupid?
What if no one buys what I'm selling?

I've felt all of these fears, and many more.

The first time I put up a post announcing my new business, I almost threw up. Literally. I had so much nervous energy that it had to come out in some way, and I told my coach, "I'm either going to throw up or work out." I did the latter :).

My very first Clarity Call application triggered a lot of fear, too. What if I can't help her? What if I say something wrong? What if she doesn't want to work with me? What if she DOES want to work with me? :)

I still have fears that come up as I grow, but it HAS gotten easier to deal with them because now, having gotten support to move past them, I recognize fear for what it is and it doesn't control me or stop me.

You have your own versions of these fears. The first step to beat this fear is to acknowledge it. Admit that FEAR is what's going on, so that you can deal with it head-on.

95% of our mind is our subconscious, where our fear resides. That means that fear has the chance to be 9x more powerful than our rational thoughts. We can’t move past them them until we’re ready to face it, and the first step to facing it is getting conscious of what it is.

So let's name it and take away its power!

What’s the biggest fear you have right now? Or do you feel your self-doubt is linked to fear? Or what are you doing to work through a fear you've had?

Lots of Love,




Smash Self-Doubt: Day 1

It's MOOOOOONDAY! And all this week, I'll be talking about SELF-DOUBT.

Now before you skip over this post, this is going to be positive, I promise!

Every single entrepreneur has struggled with self-doubt. EVERY ONE. I’m out to normalize self-doubt. We all struggle with it yet so many of us live in shame about it, allowing it to control us, to keep us stuck, for fear of failure or what others will think of us.

I allowed self-doubt to keep me stuck in a 9-5 that I hated for years, because I doubted I could make money on my own. You'll remember that when I finally did quit, I replaced my income in the first month!

And here's one I've never shared before: While I was growing my side business, I deferred to others who I considered to be more expert than me, even bringing in clients and then giving them to others' businesses, freelancing for them rather than owning that it was MY client, MY project, and MY awesome results! My therapist called this a "distortion"--a belief that others were better or more qualified when in fact, it was just the opposite! Whew!

Why do I share this?

By normalizing self-doubt, we take away some of the shame and secrecy around it, and by "coming out" and sharing, we take away its power over us!

How about you? Can you relate? What are you holding yourself back from? Where are you doubting yourself in this entrepreneurial journey? Or what have you come through and found that works for dealing with your self-doubt?

Lots of love,




Want to Know My Top 2 Power Techniques?

My interview with Dana Wilde on The Mind Aware show is live!  Dana is an AWESOME woman, and I had an amazing time chatting with her. 

I'm so honored she invited me to share my story (OUR story ) with her audience!

What we talk about on the podcast:

  • How to find your passion and how to live with more passion on a day to day basis so you can show up for fully in your life and business.  
  • 2 power techniques for figuring out your passion so that you can monetize it!
  • How you can get started, simply, today and create real results--minus the stress, anxiety and overwhelm.


Listen HERE!

Then email me and let me know, what was your biggest takeaway?

Lots of love,



I Finally Took My Own Advice

I finally took my own advice.

Things have felt a little off for me internally, because I haven't been spending time with my horses. There are plenty of "good" reasons (hello, being pregnant for most of the last 2 years and now raising a tiny baby, a 3+ hour round trip, oh and crazy, unpredictable winter weather), but it doesn't change the reality that they're part of what make me feel alive.

I've struggled with this, wondering if I was going to be a person who gave them up with this new stage, knowing that's common, but not wanting it to be my reality and wondering how to manage all of that.

I've felt incongruent at times, because I was not putting time with them on my calendar and making them a priority as I so often teach.

My non-baby-care time is precious and I devote most of it to Life With Passion because I love it so much.

But...I realized that negotiating time with my horses is a non-negotiable for me.

So recently, I packed up a car full of warm clothes and baby gear and took Fi over to a friend's while I went and spent a bit of time at the barn. I left the to-do list at home and

And, though I didn't get to ride (I was out there alone, and I don't do that anymore), I did get to bring Graley up, groom and tack him up, and re-connect with my buddy, who's been in my life for over 11 years--longer than my husband, my dogs, and most non-blood relationships I have.

It wasn't perfect but...yep, you guessed it, done is better than perfect. And since the hardest part is getting started, now that's done, and I know what's required, and I have another date on the calendar already for next month.

Eric Liddell, the runner on whom the movie Chariots of Fire was based, said, "When I run, I feel God's pleasure." Well, when I ride, I feel God's pleasure.

However it looks going forward, I'm grateful for the opportunity to be moving back toward it.

What's one thing you've been missing in your life that you're ready to get back?

Email me and let me know!

Lots of Love,




I Just Did This For the First Time This Year....

Confession time: This weekend is the first time I've worked on the book in 2017. Yep, there it is. Keeping it real!


My personal life has been pretty crazy over the last 3 weeks--my sister & her family (including my adorable nephew) moved to Australia & we went to Nashville to help with final preparations, Garrett was sick & quarantined in the basement for a full week, and he just got home from a full week of work in California, and now Fi has a cold.


Business has been beautiful and awesome with coaching calls, half-day Skype intensives, launching my 6-month mentorship, and some awesome publicity appearances + opportunities (some you know about and some coming soon, stay tuned!).


These are not excuses; they are explanations. I haven't been sitting around doing nothing (and I know you haven't either, even if you've been procrastinating on something). HOWEVER, my priorities & laser focus for this quarter are serving my 1-on-1 clients well + writing my book, so it was time to dedicate some time on my calendar to the book, and it feels SO GOOD.

Yesterday, I made a decision to STOP the momentum that procrastination had gained and START a new type of momentum--traction on getting it done.


I put 1661 words on paper yesterday in about an hour, was at it again yesterday, and I have another session scheduled on my calendar for today.




Awareness is the first step! 


So, answer, what have you been procrastinating on that is actually a true priority for you? Admitting it will take away some of procrastination's power and allow you to be open to finding ways to start on it for 5 minutes today!

Share with us below--where has procrastination gained momentum, and where would you like that to change today?

Send me an email and let me know, or better yet, join the discussion we're having about this in Life With Passion Society!

Lots of Love,




What I Learned From You

Happy Friday!

This week, I've been reflecting on the things I've learned from you, the high-achieving, motivated entrepreneurial woman who knows she's meant for more than a 9-5 that isn't her passion. 

Here's what I've learned:

  • You're dreaming of freedom and a life and work on your own terms, but you also sometimes doubt whether it's possible for you
  • You're spending a lot of time looking around at what others are doing and you're feeling discouraged because you're farther behind
  • You're confused about where to start or what method or strategy to use; everyone seems to recommend something different
  • You've been thinking about doing this for a while now but have had fear & self-doubt stop you
  • You're MUCH more capable than you currently believe you are
  • You KNOW you could and would follow through on a plan if someone would just tell you what the heck to do--and hold you accountable to actually making the time to get it done. 

I know this struggle. I know it in my own life, and I know it in the lives of my clients. 

I want to help.


That's why I created my brand new one-on-one 6-month program, where you get me holding your hand AND kicking your butt for 6 full months, for the same price as my 3-month package was.


Because I listened to what you needed and I changed my package to support that:

  • You're building a business on limited time & resources, and you need more time to implement. Done (double the time!).
  • You want more access to me. Done (Unlimited email access in addition to private bi-weekly calls.)
  • You want more accountability. Done. (Weekly check-ins from me.) 

Plus some limited-time bonuses:

  • You voted, and you want even MORE time with me. Done. (Half-day Skype intensive). 
  • You want more community. Done. (A pass to a brand-new, clients-only "Get Things Done" implementation day.)
  • You need some support with visibility. Done. (Features to my private Facebook group of 900 like-minded women & to my email list of thousands.)

All of this plus stuff I haven't even listed here adds up to a value of over $15,500, and I'm offering it to you at a fraction of the cost, because I LOVE helping you succeed and I want it to be more accessible. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about my brand-new program.

Ready to grab a spot on my calendar to talk about whether it's right for you? CLICK HERE to do so in 2 clicks! 

Lots of love & belief in you,




How I Grew My Business in 2016: Lesson 7

 I utilized the power of FOCUS in a maaaaaajah way.

I talk about the absolute importance of focus so much, so I would be remiss if I didn't talk about how it specifically propelled my business forward in 2016.

I used to be a professional, proud multi-tasker. Keeping my email open, responding to texts & emails as they came in, refreshing, checking Facebook & scrolling, a million browser tabs open (oops, that still happens).😇 Any of this sound familiar?

I could give you many examples of how FOCUS allowed me to grow my business, but perhaps the most powerful is what I was able to accomplish while most women are still on maternity leave. In the first 11 weeks of Fiora's life, without a babysitter AND while feeling fully present for her when she was awake, I did things like:

🎈Holding 4 free webinars for women from Morocco to Perth
🚀Creating, launching, & leading my 1st group program, The 60 Day Launch
😎Getting published (& featured!) on The Huffington Post, The Today Show's Parents page &
👠Speaking at a gala for one of the causes my non-profit supports
🎤Recording several podcast interviews
📕Beginning to write my very 1st book
🎉 Making 5-figures in 72 hours

All this while breastfeeding, getting enough sleep, and enjoying snuggles and allowing myself to really fall in love with my new baby girl. Pretty crazy, right?

Often, we amaze ourselves at what we can accomplish--when we're doing what we love. If you'd asked me before Fiora was born how much I'd be able to get done with a newborn, I would have told you, "Not much!" In fact, my plan was that I would do NO WORK for the first month, and then re-assess.

But what I soon discovered is that I was FULL of energy and excitement to grow my business while embracing and learning about life with Fiora here.

The list above is testament to the power of FOCUSING on what you desire to accomplish, having support & accountability to get it done, and being in your Zone of Genius. I'm doing the work I'm meant to do, making money with it, and it truly doesn't feel like work!

Lots of Love,




How I Grew My Business in 2016: Lesson 6

"Wherever you go, there you are." This was a toughie. I resisted accepting this one because, well, it's just not sexy.

This is accepting that if we're not happy, content, at peace, joyful, etc. on the inside, the coolest trip or experience is not going to be meaningful to us. Our outer world is simply a reflection of our inner world, and when that inner world is stressed, or chaotic, or unclear, the same filters get applied to the outer world, whether I'm sitting in my home office or sitting in a gorgeous hotel in Paris.

This is about making time and space to do the inner work I'd been challenged to do by my mentors, instead of staying in my own comfort zone, which is doing all the external things (newsletters, posts, running ads, etc.).

As I began to do this work, I noticed that I became much happier, much more settled, and I enjoyed whatever I was doing more. Clients also came to me ready to work with me and the whole process became much more joyful.

I realized I'd had a fear of not being busy--that if I wasn't constantly working on my business, then it wouldn't grow. I'd carried over that belief from my previous business, and it wasn't serving me as my audience grew to thousands and I worked with more clients than ever before.

Sometimes my clients wonder why I focus so much on the internal work--this is why. Because no matter how much external systems & structures we put in place, if we're not feeling clear, confident and energized about our business, we're not going to show up as powerful and be able to serve our clients.

It's the opposite of how we THINK it works when we first get into starting a business, but it's so true.

Wherever you go, there you where are you? :)

Have you been feeling unclear? Have you been putting off doing inner work to get clarity & confidence?

If so, why do you think that is?





How I Grew My Business in 2016: Lesson 5

My awesome assistants!

My awesome assistants!

This week, I've been sharing the most important lessons I learned in 2016, in my first full year in business. They're what I would tell you, if we were chatting over tea or coffee, or on a coaching call, to focus on in order to grow, hit your goals, and enjoy the process.

Day 5: I invested in support for me and my business.

When I was a perfectionist, I had to do it all myself, and I prided myself on my independence. The problem was, I very quickly hit an income plateau in my first business, and no matter how hard I worked or tried, I wasn't able to move beyond it. It was like I was on a salary again, and that was NOT why I had started my business. I knew I was capable of making more so that I could travel more, save more, and give more, and I was frustrated by my inability to do so, wondering what was wrong with me.

When I FINALLY invested in my first mentor in June of 2015, I tripled my income in 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS. Now, that's not typical, but it obviously IS possible. More importantly, I learned how to build a business that I could step away from, and with support, I learned to delegate for the first time EVA.

And so in 2016, I learned that when I invested in support from mentors & assistants (pictured!) to help me grow my business, I saw the rewards come back to me exponentially--in income, yes, and also in more clarity, more freedom, less procrastination (because I was either getting accountability or delegating the things that were hard for me!) and more joy.

It would be inauthentic and incongruent for me to ask my clients to pay me and not continually be investing in myself to learn and grow my business and show up as the mentor we both desire me to be. And so I'm continually learning and being challenged by mentors who are willing to go deep with me, call me out when it's needed, and support me in providing more value to you.

I used to think I could do this all for free, but, I've learned...there's something weird about us humans--we value what we pay for. Whether this is $1 or $10,000, we pay more attention to, place value upon, and follow through on what we invest in, and therefore we get better results. This is absolutely true for me, and it's so true for my clients, as well. The crazy thing? The ones who've invested more with me have gotten bigger, faster results.

Investing in your business' development is part of running a business--and when it's a business based on you, your passions and your story, that includes investing in yourself. I've gone from the lone ranger to being supported at all levels, and this way feels--and works!!!--so much better.

Ask yourself where you need support right now--what does your intuition say you most need to learn, do or have right now to grow your business?

What's been holding you back from taking action on getting that help?

Much Love,




How I Grew My Business in 2016: Lesson 4

I learned & used the power of my story.

I'd heard people say that your story was important, but I dismissed it because I thought I didn't have anything interesting or dramatic enough to say, that my story didn't matter. That it wasn't unique enough. So I didn't talk about it in my first business. Can you relate?

When Maeve died, obviously that changed. I knew in my head that this was powerful...BUT I felt scared that people would think I was exploiting her if I talked about her in relationship to my business. Just like before, I was keeping myself small by being scared to use my story.

Then, I realized, she was THE REASON I started Life With Passion, so it was actually inauthentic of me NOT to talk about her, and you know I'm all about authenticity and being genuine.

So, I started. I started talking about her in Facebook posts. I started talking about her in videos, and on my webinars, and in articles and on podcasts.

I continued talking about my horses, who were the original driver behind me wanting to get free from my 9-5 (so I wasn't going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark and never getting to see them).

What happened?

These were the 2 things I become known for, that I now get tagged in Facebook groups for, BUT they are not the ONLY things I'm known for. They make me memorable, and help me stand out in a sea of coaches.

Yes, I've worked with many clients who have a connection to horses or pregnancy loss, and I love that. But not ALL of them do--it hasn't niched me down too far or shut me out.

It's made me memorable.

Your story is the ONE THING no one else can EVER duplicate. If you're not using it, I'd go so far as to say you're not memorable.

The good news is that this can change today!!!

If you're looking for an example or you haven't heard my story, you can see me tell it here:

What about you? Do you know what makes you memorable?

1. Ask yourself, Are you currently using your story to make your business memorable? Do you know what aspects of your story are powerful and memorable to use?






How I Grew My Business in 2016: Lesson 3

I took some big action in 2016.

1. One of the biggest things I did was I made the decision that I was going to travel a TON, because I love it, and because I knew traveling was going to change in a major way after I had a baby. Taking big action to travel took me so many places in 2017, including:

Paris (France, not Kentucky!)--for work & play! What a dream :)
Scottsdale, AZ (I hosted an amazing intensive at the Four Seasons & went to the world's largest Arabian show!
Key West
Gulf Shores, AL
Outer Banks, NC
Chattanooga, TN (week-long cozy writing retreat!)
Wisconsin (Faith's Lodge)
Indianapolis to be the featured speaker for Little Angel Gowns annual Gala
Lexington (countless times; kept my care providers there)
Nashville (many times; my parents live there)

Most of these trips were for work which meant the business could pay for them AND it saves me on taxes!

I know so many of you have a deep desire to travel, too, and I want you to know that it's possible. It's possible to travel as much as you desire! I have colleagues who are digital nomads, and I'm more of a homebody than that, but wherever you fall on the spectrum, this is one of the best parts of taking huge action.

2. I took a big leap and hired my first high-priced professional graphic designer to create the look for Get Traction On Your Passion, and that was a stretch for me! I know the value of it, because my background is in marketing, I am NOT a designer and yet I luuuuurve for things to look polished and pretty, but still, it was an investment for me to make! He went above and beyond, totally "getting" my style and giving me stuff I can use for years to come. I'll be hiring him to design my book cover :)

3. As I discussed in day 2, I gained some major exposure and visibility by learning how to pitch podcasts and media appearances. This was scary for me and I felt really nervous, but I just found a template to start, customized it, and put in the work, and guess what? It resulted in some huge wins! It also reminded me of some strengths I'd forgotten I had--that's what happens when you take action (your confidence grows).

4. I also took big action by hiring 3 mentors during the course of the year, strategically choosing each of them to teach me their expertise, hold me accountable, spot & call me out on my weaknesses, and help me fill in the gaps in my business. I am 1,000% sure my business would not have grown without these extraordinary women AND, probably more importantly and surprisingly, the commitment I made to myself by investing in their support. I've already made back the investment in each of them many times over, and because their lessons continue to stay with me, as my income grows, I know I will continue to be reaping the rewards of those investments. As Robin Sharma says, "A winner looks at the value, not the cost," and I have transformed from someone who thought she had to do it all herself, for free, to someone who sees the value of hiring people who've already done it because you get where you want to be so much faster. My biggest & most strategic recommendation for choosing a mentor: Hire someone you connect with & feel you can learn from. That's it.

Where could you be taking BIG action to grow your business? Does one of these appeal to you, and if so, which one? If not, is there something different that's calling you to take big action?

Lots of Love,




How I Grew My Business in 2016: Lesson 2

As we settle into 2017, I'm breaking down the biggest things I did in 2016 to achieve the success I did with Life With Passion!

Today, I've got a powerful one for you:

I got REALLY visible in 2016.


Getting visible or "putting ourselves out there" is the thing that often scares us the most, the thing that strikes fear into my clients' hearts, and that was true for me, too.


I used my background and degrees in media communication, and examples from my mentors, and I did it before I felt ready.


I did it when my audience was a fraction of the size it is now, when I'd only worked with a few clients, when they didn't have the results they do now. I had no idea how to do livestreams. It felt scary, I felt nervous, I wondered what was going to happen. It felt crazy to put myself out there, because before starting Life With Passion I was extremely private, and I prided myself on the fact that I had NEVER advertised in my marketing business--all of my business was referral.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, nearly all of my Life With Passion clients came from getting visible--95% came to me as strangers.


What changed?


I decided that my message was needed, and I wanted to reach as many women as possible with it.

Learning to get visible and put myself out there, using paid and organic methods, and connect with other peoples' audiences led to accomplishments in 2016 like:

Working one-on-one with clients in 3 different countries and 5 different time zones
Celebrating with them as most quit their jobs, became more confident, and took massive action themselves
Appearing on my first podcast in August, followed by 4 more over the next 4 months
Creating & launching my first passive income info-product (Get Traction On Your Passion), paid webinar (Facebook Ads Simplified) and group program (The 60 Day Launch)
Getting on a first-name basis with some "legit famous" people
Starting my own YouTube channel
Delegating stuff to the best VA ever, Julie
Hiring a high-priced designer to create beautiful work to upgrade my brand
Appearing on The Today Show's blog (see photo) and being personally selected by Arianna Huffington to appear on The Huffington Post
Launching our non-profit, Miles with Maeve, raising over $12,000, and being a featured speaker on its behalf at a charity gala
Saying goodbye to some marketing clients who were no longer a good fit, even though they'd generated regular income and I was terrified
Having an $18k month in the first month of the year!
Making $10k in 72 hours with a 5-week-old

Now I get to teach my clients the methods that quickly make this kind of visibility easy, comfortable, and even FUN, and I get to share them with you to show you what's possible for YOU, too!


You can do any of these things you want in 2017. None of it is HARD, it just requires you to show up and be strategic.

So, ask yourself:

What would visibility do for your business? 


Where do you most want to be visibility right now? (It's ok if it's also the thing that scares you the most).


Lots of love,