Breathe Beauty In


It's been a while since I shared my view, and this morning's sunrise was especially spectacular--there's even a hawk hanging out, making its majestic presence known in the silhouettes; can you see it?

This is your invitation to breathe beauty in, breathe stress out.

You are loved. You are supported. I know this with conviction.

What kind of beauty do you see around you right now?



Living Fully


💃To LIVE is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. ~Oscar Wilde 🙌

And isn't that what we're all about here, ladies? LIVING?

Moving beyond existing to a LIFE with PASSION?

Not a life filled with "shoulds" or drudgery or dragging.

A life full of JOY, lived fully.

And for us, for the way we're made, that comes from a place of doing the work we're made to do, in a way that we're made to do it, in a way that feels both deeply fulfilling and deeply thrilling.

It's possible for

The transformation comes in the midst of the showing up, in the midst of the questions, by dedicating ourselves to learning, changing, growing, and becoming women CAPABLE of leading lives & businesses full of passion.

Who else is creating that life??? Who's with me?

Share and declare your intention and step more fully into it TODAY!



Turning "Failures" Into So Much More


💡"What we perceive as failure may simply be our inner being's way of telling us that we are ready to move to a new level of growth." -Anne Wilson Schaef⚡

As we kick off a new year and reflect on accomplishments and successes from 2017, it's likely (because of our brain's bias) that there are some things you wish were different, some goals you didn't hit, some things you may be categorizing as "failures."

I'll go first--my book's not done. One of my 2 big goals for the year was to finish it, and that's not going to happen. I changed themes in November, which was the right thing for me and my business, but that required a major overhaul/delay.

It's more important to me to do it RIGHT than to hit an arbitrary deadline, though, so I've worked to make peace with that and feel confident that when it DOES launch, it will be the right time for me, my business, and everyone who comes across it (Ellen Show, here I come)!

So, in that spirit:

⚡What if these "failures" are preparing you for your true path and are just lessons on your journey?

⚡What if they are laying the groundwork, a strong foundation for your growth in 2018?

⚡What if they're stepping stones necessary to help you step into your true potential and live your real passion?

It might not be clear how these things are true right now, and I KNOW it can feel super confusing and frustrating in the midst of it, but what if everything really is happening FOR you rather than TO you?

How would believing that change your life?



Miracles, All Around


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." ~Albert Einstein

This quote is following me around this week, showing up in my meditations and my tapping videos, so I knew it was a message to be shared.

For most of my life I only considered huge or seemingly unattainable things (ex. winning the lottery) to be miracles, but now I've learned to think differently and it's made a HUGE difference in my level of happiness and success.

-The colors our eyes see (a sunrise! the grass! evergreen trees!)
-The sounds our ears hear (the nuances of my favorite song, running water)
-The tastes our palates experience (I mean...dark chocolate with sea salt!)
-The textures our fingers feel (a fleecy bathrobe, my favorite lotion)
-The smells our noses breathe in (my magical essential oils, sauteéd garlic, white wine + lemon)

What do you think? Are you willing to begin experiencing the everyday as miraculous? Or have you already been doing this, and has it made a difference for you?

What's 1 miracle you can witness right now?



You Just Need to Ask


"How do I come up with things to say that I KNOW provide value?"

I know creating content can feel really overwhelming at times.

But whatever your expertise, you’ve already forgotten more than most people know (yes, even if you doubt it, it’s true), so here's one simple way to ALWAYS have something valuable to share:


It’s SO much easier to answer a question than it is to come up with something that MIGHT, you hope, be helpful to someone.


1. Ask people their biggest questions or struggles around your service or product.

2. Start a spreadsheet, document, or note on your phone with a list of the questions you get about your service, product, or result.

3. Start answering those with tips, tricks and insights on your chosen platform!

Has this worked for you?



Make "Weird" Work For You


Looking for more clients or customers--or wondering if there are any customers out there for you?🤔

This 1 QUESTION will help you attract the people you'll LOVE and who will love you.

It quickly connected me to my ideal clients and gave me clarity in my business AND helped me get clear on what I was doing, who I was meant to serve...and to help those people to find me.

Here it is:

➡️What makes you weird?

That's it! I know it sounds simple, and easy to ignore, but let me explain.

What's unique about you?

What are the things that make you feel like the odd person out?

What quirks do you have that would make you stand out in a room?

These are the very same things that will make you memorable to great-fit clients so that they know that you GET THEM.

What do I mean by WEIRD?

Here's an example from my own life:

One thing that's really weird about me is that I love luxury, but I'm willing to get dirty for my horses.

Camping? I'm out; give me my own bed or a swanky hotel room. Getting dirty and sweaty (unless I'm working out and immediately going to shower)? Hate it. But guess what? I do it for my horses and I love it. I throw on my barn boots and will slop around in the mud and it's one my absolute favorite things. This dichotomy makes me not like other people. It makes me weird!

For a long time I hid who I was because I thought I was a strange mix of things.

I used to think, there's no one like me, I don't fit in anywhere. Can you relate?

Once I started sharing the things that make me weird, though, I found that MORE clients came to me, and those clients had my weirdness, too! In fact, some of my very first clients were horse owners, and though my client base now encompasses many other types of women as well, this "weirdness" helped me stand out early on in my business.

Here are some other things that make me and my clients weird, and these shared traits help us know that we're a good fit to work together:

✔️ driven motivated high achiever, others call her a "go-getter"
✔️ often recognized for her accomplishments
✔️ very capable
✔️ has received awards, scholarships, very smart


😟feels that what she's done is never enough
😟is called to big things and hasn't been able to figure out how to do it on the scale of her dreams yet and that's very frustrating to her
😟held back by self doubt, anxiety, perfectionism, fear of failure
😟feels pressure about all the things she feels she "should" be doing
😟not sure of what her unique gifts are (hence why I'm sharing this ;)
😟not knowing if she's fulfilling her purpose and not sure how to get there

THIS is my ideal client and I know exactly what she needs: a clear simple plan & the accountability to follow through on it.

I keep this list in front of me because this is the woman I am called to work with.

I got to the point where I could make the list above with clarity because I started with answering the question: What makes me weird?

And now, 2+ years into my 6-figure business, it's evolved beyond the fact that I love getting dirty if horses are involved, to the unique ways I support & encourage my clients through their self-doubt, help them quit & stay out of their jobs, and build businesses with simplicity and clarity.

And those things quickly help the right clients KNOW that I'm the person to help them.

Now I'd love for you to share 1 thing that makes YOU weird below!



When a Break is NOT Procrastination


If you're not having fun in your business, maybe it's time to take a break or even a day off!

So often we push ourselves to power through and we wind up feeling exhausted and drained--and that's not the point of running our own businesses, right?

The point is to do something we love AND get paid for it, so if the strategy or structure of your business is feeling heavy, it might be time to step away and play for a bit--not as a form of procrastination ;), but as an intentional choice to create more clarity and space in your head for FUN in your business.

And that's not to say we never do things in our business that don't feel 100% fun at the moment (like getting visible, doing our first Facebook Live, etc.). These things move us forward and BECOME fun as we get over the fear associated with them.

You DON'T have to be glued to your computer/phone in order for your business to grow. Growing your business is as much about growing you into the person capable of running the business as it is the systems & structures & strategies.

So, if it's not feeling fun, take a break!

What do you think about this strategy? Does this work for you? Will you try it?



The World's Most Unlikely Web Designer


I was the world's most unlikely web designer. On paper, there is no way I was qualified. 😳

I was not a graphic designer.

I was not a programmer.

And yet, when I quit my job to build websites full-time, I replaced my income IN THE FIRST MONTH.


Because instead of continuing to question whether entrepreneurship was meant for me, I decided that it WAS, and I took action.

I used my strengths (simple strategy, building relationships, writing) and I hired out my weaknesses. I put the support I needed in place, got a mentor to hold my hand and kick my butt, and I kept showing up.

And that's how I built my first 6-figure business.

The same is possible for you, too. If I can do it, completely unqualified to do what I did, then what's stopping you from building a business in your Zone of Genius?

Can you relate to any part of my story? Did you do something similar?



#1 Thing to Start With


The FIRST thing I did when I started both my 6-figure businesses:

It WASN'T build a website.

It WASN'T get a logo, branding, or business cards.

It WASN'T register/get a business license.

It WASN'T build the perfect funnel (didn't even know what that was).

It WASN'T setting up all my social media pages (or even 1 of them).

Here's what it WAS:
I focused on getting clients.

In both my online marketing business & in Life With Passion, my first client came from my warm market--people I already knew, and who already knew, liked and trusted me.

Can most of the things I listed above lead to clients? Yes. Are each of them a longer game, designed to turn cold traffic into warm leads if done correctly?


SO often I see women devoting a bunch of mental space some strategy or goal because someone said they should and it seems like the thing to do because they see others doing it.

But it's always important to look at the bigger picture and make sure you're spending your time and energy in the most strategic way, to get you clients the fastest.

And that's different for everyone. My clients each have very different strategies that work for THEM and then can be scaled to cold traffic from there.

The point is, in the beginning and/or when you don't have as many clients/customers as you want, you want to focus on identifying and following through on what works best for you, NOT everything at once to see what sticks or getting FOMO because some "guru" said you need to get on the next tool or app or strategy or whatever.

In summary: Focus on getting clients. Start with your warm market. Develop a strategy that works for you and follow it through.

How about you? Is this what you did in the beginning of your business, too? Or is that what you're focusing on now?



Who Said You Can't Create Time?


Want to create a BUNCH more space in your day and in your head for growing your business?

Close out your email tab, and only check it a couple of times a day--2 is the goal, but you can start with more and wean yourself down if you need to :).

Most of us are in our inboxes ALL THE TIME, from the moment we roll over to turn off the alarm (and then our fingers go immediately to the mail app & the Facebook app).

Why change that? Because like with turning off social media notifications, closing out email means you are happening TO your day and acting on purpose with your goals, rather than letting everyone else’s priorities and random thoughts and distractedness dictate your day, leaving you looking up at the end going, what did I actually accomplish today?!?

Open up that email tab on your computer 2x per day, respond, handle, and archive as needed, then GET OUTTA THERE. CLOSE. X it out. Done.

You can make this transition easier on the people around you (if you feel you need to) by setting expectations that you’re doing this.

For example, if you need to let people know that you’re not immediately available anymore, put an out of office reply in that says you’re busy working on your priorities and that, in order to do that, you’re now only checking email at 10 (after you’ve already put in focused time in the morning on your creative/most important tasks) & 4 pm (to catch anything that might have come in during the day before you shut it down).

Doing this will clear up sooooooo much time in your day and in your head, you won’t even believe it!

Are you willing to try it? Or are you already doing this, and if so, what’s been the result?

Share with us below!



Power up Your Productivity!


Power up your productivity by setting a timer for your time sucks!

You don’t have to give up everything that you like doing for for fun, but it’s most important to be aware of how you’re spending your time, so that you can consciously choose it, rather than blindly passing time.

Remember my analogy--Facebook is like a casino! The whole platform is designed so that you don’t want to leave. You constantly get notifications that pull you back in when you’re just about to close out.

So if you create content for Facebook, then create it in a Google Doc or in Word, OFFLINE.

Then, set a timer for 15 minutes. Copy & paste your post, post it, respond to any comments that have come in since the last time you were there, and then, if you want, you can scroll through the newsfeed, check your favorite groups ;), send some PMs, and do whatever you want on Facebook until that timer goes off and you exit the casino :)

What do you think about setting a timer to do the things you want to do? Share below!



Instantly Create Time & Space in Your Day


Ready for a super-practical way to instantly create a bunch more time & space?

Turn off the notifications on your phone.

Turn off Facebook notifications, email notifications, Instagram notifications, etc.

Every time you’re distracted, studies show it takes 24 MINUTES to get back on track. 24 MINUTES!!!! You can’t afford that kind of time wasting, right?

The only notifications coming through should be ones worthy of pulling you away from working on your dream (i.e. an urgent matter like needing to pick up a sick kid or family member)...NOT someone liking your post or commenting on it or sending you a message.

Even though I’ve built my business using Facebook, I only check in & respond there a couple of times a day, from my computer (not my phone). I’m present and focused when I do, and then I’m present and focused wherever else I am the rest of the time.

So turn ‘em off, and only check social media with INTENTION, at certain times of day.

Is this something you get distracted by? Or have you turned off notifications and noticed a difference? Share with us below!



How to Speak in the Language of Possibility


I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.
Everyone else seems to be succeeding, but not me.
There has to be a better way, but I just can’t seem to find it.
What’s wrong with me?

Just a couple of years ago, those were a few of the phrases on automatic repeat in my mind.

I was running a booked-out online marketing business, but I was feeling stressed, stuck, and alone.

Self-doubt was creeping in, and it felt heavy, sad, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

Everything changed when I hired someone to bust me on my stubborn, self-sabotaging beliefs AND teach me what to replace them with. I learned to speak in the language of possibility. I started to dream again--and dream BIG.

Then, I saw those dreams start coming to life, and quickly. Big, lifelong dreams like a trip to Italy and a dream house super-similar to the listing I’d printed out and kept in my bedside stand 5 years before.

Giving yourself that permission, that gift, is a fantastic way to start getting the answers you desire. It re-connects you to your intuition. It’s like giving your brain a breath of fresh air instead of the stale, recycled one it’s been using.

Though strategy and action are important, it’s not JUST about them, and in fact, they’re probably not as important as you’re making them. It’s just as much about re-training your brain to default to self-belief instead of sneaky self-sabotage (which, of course, in itself, is strategy AND taking action 😉)

Have you found this to be true in your own life and business? Or is it something you’re willing to play with? Which parts of my story can you relate to? Share below!



What to Say Instead of "I Don't Have Enough Time"


Do you feel like you don’t have enough time to get things done in your business?

I get it, life is busy when you’re building your business on the side of a job, dealing with life things (cooking! cleaning! Significant other! friends! and/or raising kids, caring for pets, paying bills etc.)--you don’t need me to tell you, right?

But what I find is that usually it’s NOT about finding more time.

Instead, it’s about creating more clarity and space in your brain for the things that are actually going to move your business forward. For those money-making tasks, which might actually only take 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 30 minutes per day. (Do you know what those are? If not, that’s where to start.)

If you do know what they are, and you’re having a hard time creating the time to get them done, know that you’re not alone. With all of the screens and ads and business of the world around us, you’re actually in the majority, and people often wear “I’m too busy” as a badge--but it’s actually a badge of self-sabotage.

In this highly distracting world we live in, especially when we’re building businesses online, when we’re used to multitasking and jumping from thing to thing with breathtaking speed, we’re often left feeling tired, overwhelmed, frazzled.

So that when you finally sit down at the computer, you then immediately become so overwhelmed that you start scrolling through Facebook or playing Candy Crush, am I right?

My goal is to help you rise above the fray and create your own success story.

So, how can you create more clarity and space to move your business forward?

#1 Instead of repeating “I don’t have enough time” or “I just wish I had more time, THEN I would get things done,” own that you can change that RIGHT NOW and start telling yourself “I always make enough time for the things that are most important to me.”

Stop making yourself a victim of time and instead take charge of it with this simple phrase. YOU get to choose.

YES--even if you have a long commute to & from work in the dark (been there).

YES, even if you have a lot of demands on your time, work, family, school, etc.

YES, even if you have whatever your particular circumstance that causes you to feel you don’t have enough time.

We’ll be talking simple productivity hacks all this week, but this piece is absolutely FOUNDATIONAL to get first, because otherwise, the rest of it won’t fully help you, because you’ll still have the same script running.

Are you willing to upgrade your story to “I always make enough time for the things that are most important to me?” Or have you used this phrase and found it to be true? Share with us below!



Productivity Hack


Productivity hack: pretend you're on an airplane & turn that phone to airplane mode!

Two ways I used this just yesterday:

1. We went on a 4-mile hike, and while I brought my phone along to be able to quickly capture the wildlife and adorable Fi faces I might see, I turned it to airplane mode so I wouldn't be tempted to mindlessly do anything else that would take me out of the moment.

2. I woke up in the middle of the night (Fi coughing & kicking on the monitor, plus, confession, I haven't slept that well since Maeve died), realized I wasn't going back to sleep right away, and debated watching a rerun of New Girl :), then decided to read some affirmations to replace fear & anxiety with peace instead. And guess what? It worked beautifully.

Have you ever tried turning your phone into airplane mode when you don't HAVE to? Or, is this something you'd like to try?

Share below!



Two Words to Banish for Faster Results


Want to get more clients, make more money, and quickly make more strategic decisions?

Banish the big, bad “I DON’T” from your vocabulary.

“I don’t know how” is probably the biggest way this busted phrase shows up, but of course there are others, so start to notice which ones you use!

To upgrade right now, transform “I don’t know how” into...
How Can I?

Like my client Laura, who quit her 9-5 within WEEKS when she stopped saying “I don’t know how” and instead asked, “How can I?”

Give your brain the chance to look for the answer in the background of the rest of your life, and it will! The answer might come to you while you’re showering (why I love Aqua Notes!!!), washing dishes, driving (you can create a voice memo on your phone to capture it!)

Tony Robbins says that successful people ask better questions. And “How can I?” is a GREAT example that you can start using right now!!!

What will you start asking “How can I?” about today? Or what results have YOU gotten by making this simple upgrade? Share below!



Words Matter


Here’s something crazy but oh-so-true:

There’s a direct correlation between the words you speak and the ease with which you get results.

If you want faster, better, bigger results, it’s time to upgrade your language.

Here’s a quick reference guide:


The thing is, all of these phrases are POWERFUL, but you get to decide if you're using that power to make things easier for you, or more challenging.

Upgrade the way you TALK--and it will require you to upgrade the way you think! If you've ever struggled to change your thinking, this is an awesome, very practical way to back into it!

How about you?

Which of the “before” phrases do you catch yourself saying a lot? Which ones are you committed to upgrading to the "after" ones? Share below and start upgrading right now!



Upgrade Your Language for Better Biz Results!


How to get better business results by upgrading your language!

Did you know that the words you speak have a direct impact on the results you see in your business, bank account, and life?

Here’s what I mean…

You’ve probably heard “your thoughts and words create your reality,” right? In fact, if you’ve been in this online personal/business development space for long, you’ve probably heard it a bunch.

But what does that actually MEAN in practicality, and how can we apply it to get rapid changes?

You know I’m all about simple strategies, so let’s start by replacing some of the most damaging words we say--“I CAN’T.”

Have you ever found yourself saying something that starts with “I CAN’T?”

🙋🏻I can’t quit my job because…
🙋🏻I can’t seem to get clients…
🙋🏻I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong…
🙋🏻I can’t focus…
🙋🏻I can’t seem to stop procrastinating…
🙋🏻I can’t find enough time to do what I want to do…

Ahem, I used to say ALL OF THESE THINGS, so I’m raising my hand right alongside you🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻, but here’s the saying these things, you are actually affirming that they are true and perpetuating them into the future!

Instead, replace them with
🔥I AM moving toward quitting my job
🔥I AM getting clients
🔥I already HAVE all the pieces to move forward
🔥I CREATE the time to focus today
🔥I DO have the ability to move forward today

This isn’t just “woo-woo,” it’s neuroscience. You have neural pathways that make the habitual “I can’ts” feel familiar and “true,” and so the new phrases feel unfamiliar and false at first. BUT, your brain will look for reasons that whatever you believe/think/speak is TRUE.

So, when you speak, you are actually affirming and creating more of what you said, so let’s change that to be something in line with your true desires and values!

How about you? How have you found yourself finishing the sentence “I CAN’T….?”

Share below, and I’ll help you come up with a replacement! Or share your story of how upgrading this phrase changed YOUR results!




Thriving Launch Episode

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.13.31 AM.png

Are you asking yourself, how do I get more people to know about what I do, so that I can sell to more customers?

That's exactly what I'm talking about on the top-rated Thriving Launch podcast here:…/

I talk about what totally free publicity can do for you and your business:
💥double your income
💥double your audience
💥Send you ideal clients who already know, like and trust you and are ready to buy

And exactly how to get it:
💥Why most pitches don't work
💥The simple tweaks you can make
💥How to leverage your exposure beyond the initial interview/article

Enjoy the short episode, then comment below and tell me what question it sparked for you, and I'll answer it!



What Lesson Do I Wish I Had Known?


What I wish someone had told me when I started Life With Passion:

Focus on learning sales.

But not in the way you might think...

Bottom-line, no matter how flashy a website or photos or logo you have, it ALLLLL comes back to connecting with people and making sales (i.e. making money, making a profit, so that you can stay in business for the long term).

I used to feel really confused and overwhelmed about this whole idea of giving value, being of service, and building relationships in groups and elsewhere in order to sell, because I wanted clients NOW and I thought those messages meant it had to take FOREVER.

So I spent a ton of money on Facebook ads (something I knew how to rock at), and I had GREAT conversion costs, but because my backend sales process wasn't totally dialed in (I was uncomfortable so I avoided a lot of it), it cost too much per client to make them the golden goose I kept hearing they were.

But at the same time, I was confused about what else I could do.

Here's what I've learned and that took me from struggling to 6-figures:

Genuinely connecting with people and ALSO learning how to ask for sales, consistently, in a way that actually felt GOOD to me (not salesy, icky, pressurey or slimey) was a total game-changer for my business and my bottom line.

What does that look like for me on a daily & weekly basis?

-Posting content for my niche (who I'm super-clear about, nail this FIRST!) daily, in my Facebook group & 1 other that I love, and responding to others' posts & comments in both places
-Responding to emails & FB messages about connecting

-Sending a minimum of 1 email a week to my list, sharing a lesson I've learned
-Following up with women I've talked to who I KNOW I can help
-Reaching out and making new, personal connections with colleagues (i.e. not being "too good" to talk to someone who might not be ready to buy from me right now)
-Casting a broad net by pitching at least 1 podcast appearance and/or publishing an article
-Inviting women to book calls with me (don't forget to do this!)

Now, what questions do you have about this? Or is selling something that you struggle with? Why do you think that is?