Living a Freedom Lifestyle!


Happy Freedom Friday!

Today, I'm celebrating my beautiful client and friend Kalila Bodden, MD, and Freedom Lifestyle Coach!

Kalila walked away from lucrative careers in medicine and insurance to create the business of her dreams, one where she works part-time, takes amazing care of her health, and has plenty of time for walking on the white sand beach with her pup, Hershey.

From her fabulous home on tropical, luxurious Grand Cayman (HELLOOOOO!), Kalila supports her clients at a super-high level to help them create their own versions of a freedom lifestyle!

As she shared in my book "The Income Replacement Formula,"

"With my online coaching business, I am now able to travel with my husband on trips around the globe, as well as visit family in different countries (it’s like getting paid to go on vacation!).

Nothing makes me happier than being able to coach clients from the comfort of my own home or while visiting exotic destinations.

Because coaching doesn’t feel like ‘work’, I am in love with what I do and am always excited to turn on the laptop each morning to see who has booked calls and coaching sessions with me that day."


Check out her Facebook group The Freedom Lifestyle Coach to connect with her further.

Help me congratulate Kalila on this beautiful life she's created for herself! 



How mindset work can transform your way of thinking!


"Did I do my hair for this?"

Do you remember that country song, "Did I shave my legs for this?" 😂

I had that experience yesterday. 

Weeks ago, I'd made plans to meet in person with a major mover & shaker in the Louisville entrepreneur scene who I was excited to get to know better. 

This required getting ready (hair + makeup), getting Fi up early and off to school, and blocking out the morning on my calendar, and an hour round trip--all of which, with 25 hours a week of child care and a full schedule of clients, is a big commitment for me. 

I made it there early, got my tea, settled in, and then got a message from her that she'd forgotten to tell me she was out of town selling her products on QVC (told you, she's a big deal :)).

Now, I had a choice in that moment. I could have felt stressed over the lost hours that I could have used to prep for my upcoming launch, or a million other things, OR I could choose to believe there was a reason it worked out this way.

Because of the mindset work I've done and the way I've transformed my thinking, I chose the latter. 

I reminded myself, "Everything works out perfectly for me," I got back in the car, and I drove home, breathing deeply, enjoying the quiet, coming up with content ideas, and arriving home happy and joyful.

Now, this might seem like a trivial example, but it addresses one issue I think a lot of us feel as we're building businesses, especially on the side of a job--that we feel there's not enough time, and that time is out of our control.


And that's SO so key to remember when the twists and turns of business-building happen (just as they do in life).

So think about the last thing that you were stressing over because it felt out of your control or didn't work out the way you were expecting.

How can you bring positive meaning to it, lighten your stress load, and move forward toward your income goals?

This is one of the things I LOVE to support my clients with, so if you have an example you'd like to get my help re-framing to a positive, share it below! 



Do you upgrade your words in order to be more in line with your goals?


"What comes out of your mouth comes into your life." -Jen Sincero

This is such a powerful way to convey a concept that makes replacing your income and quitting your job infinitely easier. 

If you want to get more clients, make more money, and have more freedom, I'm willing to bet that there is at least one way you could upgrade your words in order to be more in line with those goals.

In "The Income Replacement Formula," I give you a list of commonly used words and exactly what to upgrade them to, but here's one to get you started:

"CAN'T" becomes "CAN" or "I'M FIGURING IT OUT"

Jen's book "You Are A Badass At Making Money" is such a great complement to "The Income Replacement Formula," (both of which Sarah talked about on our livestream yesterday) so if you haven't yet checked them out, I highly recommend you do! 

Now tell me, do you use the word CAN'T, or another unhelpful word that you want to get rid of? Need some help figuring out what to replace it with?



Taking steps toward living your dream life


Today I'm taking a moment to shout out my AMAZING client and friend Sherry Parks!

Sherry is a badass in the kindest, most loving sense of the word <3

She's featured in The Income Replacement Formula--she's the former CFO who courageously quit her lucrative job to pursue what she knew she was REALLY meant to do.

She is the epitome of a coach who supports her clients to astounding results and I'm so excited for the women she's helping in her new money mindset program, because she has one of the very best I've ever seen--and has since she was a teenager! #superpower

She sold out her beta program with ease because she's owned that a big part of her life's work is to help other women heal their relationships with money and ease the stress and fear that so many feel. Thank you for doing this important work, Sherry!


One of my favorite things is meeting my beautiful clients in person and that's what I got to do with Sherry in Colorado last summer, for a luxury private VIP intensive day.

Turns out Sherry and I like the same type of wine, (of course-- a creamy, oaky, buttery Chardonnay) and we discovered a new favorite that day!

I'm so proud of Sherry and the steps she's boldly making to live her dream life--including fulfilling her dream of MOVING TO THE BEACH soon!

Check Sherry and her group, Lives In Balance, out if you don't already know her, and help me congratulate her on her awesome accomplishments!



Do you struggle with limiting beliefs and FOMO?


An income replacement case study: my beautiful client Andrea from Bolivia shared with us in The Income Replacement Formula:

"I was going into my second year as a single mom and the money I was earning wasn’t enough to cover my family’s needs. I was looking for a way to not only create another source of income in addition to my full-time job, but also create something around coaching (which is my passion), that could in the short- term become my full-time practice.

I was feeling very frustrated because I felt that I wasn’t making any progress in my professional life, mostly because I often became distracted by other shiny business opportunities that would take my focus away from coaching. I also felt that I wasn’t ready and that I wasn’t good enough to start coaching. I also didn’t have a clear idea of what type of coaching I would focus on."

Let’s face it; it takes courage to make ONE decision and stick with it long enough to get enough traction to take off. It’s understandable that fear might be preventing you from making that one strategic decision.

Maybe you’re afraid to:
 🤔 choose one business idea to focus on
 🤔 pick a way to market it
 🤔 choose a package or a price
 🤔 invest in yourself to get coaching support
 🤔 make the leap and quit your job

It’s possible that either FOMO or your fear of choosing wrong is keeping you stuck, preventing you from growing your dream business.

Let’s follow the logic: If you don’t decide, you won’t actually do ANYTHING, right? 

Deciding moves you forward. 

Let’s move you forward, so that you, too, can have results like Andrea did, once she decided to get support:

" far I have three coaching clients, I have a captive audience who watches me weekly, and I am starting to be known as a coach.

My success with Christine goes beyond tangible results, because she helped me reprogram several of my limiting beliefs around money and success, and made me feel incredibly comfortable in my own power."
 How about you?
 Can you relate? 
 Are you struggling to choose one of the things from the list above? 



What's your Sales strategy?


Step 7 in The Income Replacement Formula is Sales.

An exclusive excerpt from the book: "The word “sales” strikes fear into the heart of many a new entrepreneur, but it’s totally possible to sell in a non-icky, non-pushy, non-salesy way! 

We’re talking about trust-based transactions. 

How good does that feel? 

When you truly connect with your potential clients with the right attitude and intentions, there’s no pressure on either side, and the conversations are natural, exciting, and income-producing!"

Now I know that this can feel really confusing, overwhelming, intangible, or out of reach, so I'd love to answer YOUR specific questions about how to do this, OR to hear your tips on how you do sales in a way that feels good. 



Do you know your "know, like, and trust" factor?


Step 6 in The Income Replacement Formula is Visibility.

An exclusive excerpt from the bestselling book: "When building relationships with potential clients, you must first establish your “know, like, and trust" factor. 

We’re going to walk through exactly how to provide the elusive “value” that everyone talks about, so you can build trust, and we’re going to get you visible in a way that brings you warm leads who are excited to learn about your awesome services!"

What questions do you have about:
⁉️delivering value
⁉️building the know, like & trust factor
⁉️getting visible without throwing up 😂

Or, if you prefer, you can grab the book and dive in for yourself here:



Do you believe there's a simplified approach to marketing that's FUN for you?


Step 5 in The Income Replacement Formula is Marketing.

From the bestselling book ;) : "Let’s learn to take some simple, aligned actions, daily, on the side of your job or whatever else you have going on in your life right now. There’s no need to be overwhelmed, because with this strategy, you’re going to be able to let go of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and focus on showing up, connecting, and selling in a way that feels GOOD...and doesn’t take every single second of your spare time!"

Do you struggle with FOMO?

Do you believe a simplified approach to marketing that's FUN for you, too, is possible?



Do you have premium-priced offers for your niche?

Step 4 in The Income Replacement Formula is Offer.

From the book: "The best way you can simultaneously help others while living life on your own terms is to create some premium-priced services that help them strategically solve a pressing problem. This is the path for you to start replacing your income!"

Do you have premium-priced offers for your niche, or are you struggling to sell a bunch of low-priced products or services that aren't adding up quickly enough?

What can you do to change that?



How do you know when you've nailed your niche?


Step 3 of The Income Replacement Formula is Niche.

From the book: "It’s time to dive in on exactly who you serve and exactly why you are uniquely qualified to serve them! Also called identifying your client avatar, your niche, or your ideal client, we’re going to take a unique approach to this critical step that’s going to leave you feeling AH-MAZING, too!"

How do you know when you've nailed your niche? You get messages like this one from your new clients! 

"I also wanted to mention that you are amazing at what you do! I've gotten into several of your YouTube videos and it feels like you're talking directly to me sometimes!" 

Tell me, do you know your niche, or is this a place you struggle?



Is strengthening your mindset a conscious part of growing your business?


Step 2 of The Income Replacement Formula is Mindset.

An excerpt from the book's introduction: "Here, you learn to think better thoughts. Whether or not you’re aware of it - and most people are completely oblivious - you’re probably living out someone else’s negative thought patterns, imprinted on you when you were a child, and reinforced throughout your life.

These include fear and self-doubt - by default - until you intentionally choose to change those thoughts.

The good news is, once you choose to think differently, you are immediately empowered to change your life and business.

Is strengthening your mindset a conscious part of growing your business? What are your favorite ways to do this?



Do you have trouble picking one idea and sticking with it?


"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is exactly why STEP 1 in The Income Replacement Formula is DECISION.

An exclusive excerpt from the book:

"If you are like most of my clients, you are probably what I call “multi-passionate”. You’re a high achiever with a lot of interests, which is usually good! But for this first step, you must choose ONE of those passions.

The word “decision” literally means “to cut off”. You must choose one area of expertise for your business, so you can bring the full force of your focus and attention, which will be necessary to gain life-changing momentum.

So for the next 90 days, pick the ONE passion you’re most excited to pursue right now, knowing you can always shift and pivot later if you want to. You’ll only gain clarity about this after you get started."
[If you want to grab the rest of the book on Amazon, you can do so here:]

Now tell me, do YOU have trouble picking one idea and sticking with it?

Or, did you finally see results when you focused on one thing?



Key steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur


Chances are good that if you're here, you love personal development--am I right? ME TOO.

Here's some GREAT news that will totally justify further purchases of all the self-help books or audiobooks your heart desires: "One of the best things you can do to improve the world is to improve yourself." -Jen Sincero

Truth: "Hot" marketing strategies & platforms come and go, and that's ok, because they're only tools.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is, at its core, about getting clear and confident on:
 ✅Who YOU are
 ✅Who you serve
 ✅How you serve them
 ✅Selling stuff that makes you and them light up
 ✅Delivering & helping clients get results
 ...all with ease.

Which of these steps has you feeling stuck? Or which one comes easiest to you? 



The biggest reason high achievers get stuck

Let's break down the biggest reason you might be feeling stuck on your goal of building a business you love and getting the freedom you crave:

As high-achievers, we typically expect to be able to figure anything we want out, because we always have. We expect achievements and accomplishments to come relatively easily to us, because we know we’ll put in the work required, and we’ve always been recognized for being capable and competent, more so than most.

And I can hear myself several years ago in the words of so many high-achievers I talk to--we expected to be more successful by now, not in the job that seems to be slowly sucking the life out of us, but in our freedom-based dream life.

We expected to be HAPPIER, earning lots of money on our own terms, having all the time we wanted to travel, pamper ourselves and our families, and do the things we love outside of work as well.

What’s missing? What have we always had to accomplish those goals that’s lacking now? 

A road map. A clear plan AND the accountability to reach it. Whether a teacher, professor, parent, or boss, within the structure we’ve always been able to thrive.

But then when we try to start our own businesses without either of those things (and with an insane amount of noise online about all the possibilities of what you could or SHOULD be doing), then it’s no wonder we get overwhelmed. Doubtful. Scared. In our heads. And ultimately, stuck, either doing all the things, or none of the things, and in either case, not getting the results or the happiness we crave.

Now, I share this with you because I want you to know it’s NOT something wrong with YOU that you are feeling overwhelmed or like all you want is just a clear plan, so you can go do it already! In fact, EVERY high-achiever I’ve ever met (and I’ve met thousands) feels the same. 

The good news is, this doesn’t have to continue. You CAN get unstuck and start to make real, tangible progress toward your dream life and business NOW.

In fact, there’s a simple solution to get there: 

Get the proven roadmap. A great place to start is my best-selling book, which I wrote to lay this out for you. Grab it here:

Get someone who’s been there to hold your hand and kick your butt ;) to carry it out. This has been the absolute keystone not only for myself in building a thriving 6-figure business, but also for my clients all over the world, of whom over 75% have quit their jobs and stayed out of them as the result of our work together (and counting!)

If you’re ready for my eyes and hands in your business to guide you with a customized roadmap and expert support accountability to replace your income and leave the 9-5 for good, there are just 2 spots left to work with me 1:1 before the price goes up to $7500 on July 1. 

Just think, you could have my help to get unstuck and grow your business through the end of 2018! Book your complimentary clarity call here to see if we’re a good fit: 



Prioritizing FUN and JOY is the closest thing to a magic business


Ever feel like putting pressure on yourself to get things done in your business is the default?

So do many of my clients--and so did I.

Like we were talking about yesterday, I think there’s a way in which we just somehow assume that if we keep that pressure on and obsessively work on our businesses, they’re going to grow to exactly where we want them.

What if that’s not true?

As one of my clients said recently, “My default is putting pressure on myself, making work hard, and subconsciously telling myself the story that it’s never enough. How do I trust that taking care of myself, taking time off to enjoy my life is ACTUALLY the thing that’s going to get me clients? It feels so counterintuitive, even though I know in my head that when I do that, my business grows!”

And it used to to me as well, until I noticed a crazy trend--every time I detached and did something fun, I got a new client or my business grew in some other tangible way. 

Every single time.

It was like God was making it SO clear that I couldn’t ignore the trend--which, frankly, had to happen because I was so attached to massive action/hustle being the ONLY thing that was going to grow my business (even though it wasn’t growing at the rate I wanted) that I was completely out of balance and not even enjoying my life (and hello, my business and my brand are called Life With Passion for a reason--that’s MY deepest desire, too!).

So, after lots of resistance and reflection and support, I made a choice to begin to prioritize FUN and even self-care (which, I’ll admit, I had poo-poohed for a long time). I framed them as business-building tasks to help me actually DO them while I worked on believing that I was worthy and deserving of receiving them as a PERSON and not just to help me build my business (hey, whatever works, right? ;) ).

I’m going to tell you--prioritizing FUN and JOY is the closest thing to a magic business-building bullet I’ve found for me and for my clients. 


And I’m also fully aware that if you’d told me this 3 years ago I would have rolled my eyes and said, “Onto the next (“tangible”) strategy!

Because here’s the thing I know to be true for me, for my clients, and probably for you, too:

If you know what strategic to-dos are on your list, and you have the support and accountability to carry it out, you’re going to do them already. Action is your default. You’re not going to STOP working on your business if you add in fun, too.

It’s the FUN that needs to be brought in to create a passion-filled life and business that you TRULY love--and that builds your business so fast it will take your breath away.

Does this seem crazy to you? Or have you found it to work? Looking for ways to integrate it into your daily or weekly routine?



What exactly IS a life with passion, anyway?


What exactly IS a life with passion, anyway?

Let’s start by defining what it’s NOT.

It’s NOT creating a business that requires more of you than anything else in your life. It’s not something where you’re working on your business all of the time (even if you love it), and don’t have time for anything else.

Instead, it’s about strategically building a business that supports the kind of LIFE you want to lead and the LIFESTYLE you want to have.

Example: Last week I was talking to one of my 1:1 clients, about how she’s created a life that’s congruent with her values of prioritizing family FIRST, and that she’s designed her business to fit INTO that, not the other way around. 

It’s given her the freedom to take time off to support an ailing family member, take more time for her children when they need her, and NOT beat herself up because she’s taking time away from her computer to do what matters most to her. (And guess what? As a bonus, even more opportunities are appearing to build her business in a way that feels good to her because she’s feeling clear, confident and congruent.)

Too often, when all we’re focused on is building the business or making as much money as possible as fast as possible, we high-achievers fall into the “hustle hard” message that gets preached SO often. Work more to make more. Just figure out how to manage your time better. Be more productive.

And I’m not saying that putting in the consistent work and being focused and productive aren’t important--they absolutely are--but this DOESN’T have to mean you need to go to bed at 2 a.m. and get up at 5 in order to create your dream life. 

Instead, it means you get laser-focused on what kind of life you desire to create, and THEN you get strategic about how to build your business now in a way that feels aligned with your desires for how you want to feel as you’re doing it and when you reach the income goal you have in your head right now, whether that’s a $5k month, a $10k month, or a 6-figure year.

Have you found this to be true for you? Is this something you struggle with or have questions around? 



Have you ever felt desperate to get clients and make money?


I was talking with one of my clients recently about a trend that she was experiencing, and it was this: 

When you get into a place of fear and desperation, that’s when things slow down.

When you get into a place of hope and faith and expectation, that’s when you get clients. 


I can totally remember a time in my coaching business where I felt desperate for clients and money. It was super-stressful and I was anxious all the time. And guess what? That didn't help me get clients, in fact, it made it harder for me to get clients, because likely, they could smell my desperation when we'd chat on the phone!

You know what DID help me get clients with ease, even though it seemed totally counter-intuitive to me at the time? To relax. To enjoy. To journal, meditate, tap, and learn to trust rather than trying to control everrrryyyyyythinnggggg. To ask what would be the most FUN thing I could do to build my business, and give myself permission to and believe that it would be enough.

Have you dipped your toe in the trust pool yet? 



Key #2 to getting your first or next client:


Know Your Message!

In order to sell to clients, you have to talk about what you have to offer and clearly connect it to your niche, so that when your ideal clients read or hear it, they know it’s for them!

Many times, if you aren’t making sales, it’s because you aren’t being specific enough in your messaging--which may come back to you not knowing your niche, so check back in on that too.

It could also be that getting more focused in your messaging could instantly connect you to those ideal clients you’ve been hoping for, so that they are ready to buy from you!

I work with women who have a big dream, but are struggling with the confidence and know-how to get out there and do it. They have a deep desire to make a difference, but they don’t know what they’re doing wrong or what to do next, and that leaves them feeling stuck, confused, and overwhelmed. I help them uncover their true gifts and teach them the practical tools to build their business with consistency, self-belief, and more ease, so that they enjoy the process of making sales and money!

How About You?
How confident and clear are you on your current messaging, and how well it connects to your niche? 

Or what questions do you have about how to further connect to them, so that they take you up on your offer?



Key #1 to get your first or next client:


Know Your Niche! What do I mean, and why?

This is the single most important thing to know in order to get your 1st or next client, because everything--your messaging, your service or product, your confidence, knowing where and when to show up consistently--are all based on nailing your niche FIRST.

Skip this one to move on to the more “tangible” pieces, like building a website or putting together an offer, and chances are good you’ll wind up feeling like you’re failing. Know and own this, and the rest of getting clients (and making money!) becomes clear.

My niche is high-achieving, motivated entrepreneurial women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or doubting themselves, and who desire to grow a freedom-based business so that they can create a life full of passion!

How About You?
Are you all over the place on who you can help, or are you crystal-clear on who you serve and laser-focused on how you serve them? 

If not, how can you hone in further, so that you know exactly who you are excited to work with? (You may want to check out my best-selling course Know Your Niche for this, and get 10% off with the coupon code "LEAVE" by clicking here. (select "clicking here" and put in this link:



Focus on your faith, even just 1% more than your fear today.


What are the biggest things you're scared of doing in your business? 

Let's face it, we all have them. 

Whether it's a fear of:
 😮getting visible
 😮not being able to replicate your biggest month's success
 😮not being able to replace your income & quit your job
 😮having to go back to a job
 😮providing enough value
 😮selling and getting clients

Well, according to Jen Sincero, "All it takes to turn the fear factor around is learning to be comfortable in, instead of terrified of, the unknown." 

Oh, is that all, Jen? 😂😂😂

Thank goodness, she goes on to say, "And this is done through faith."

Choose to focus on your faith, even just 1% more than your fear today.

Write down 5 things:
 😍you're excited about creating with your business
 😍your business allows you to be, do, or have
 😍you're grateful for in your life, right now, today

Do just one of these and you will instantly work out and strengthen your faith muscle!