How does self-trust serve you in becoming an income-replacing passionate entrepreneur?


We’ve been talking about self-trust and how it will serve your success in becoming an income-replacing, passionate entrepreneur.

Here are a few insightful questions to ask yourself to help you ascertain your level of self-trust (and, your next steps from there):

💕How long does it take you to make a decision?

That's a really good indicator of how much you trust yourself. Knowing when to say, “This feels right to me” and, “My gut is telling me this is right” is huge.

The most successful people make up their minds quickly and change their minds slowly--because they trust themselves.

💕Are you looking around at what other people are doing and trying to reverse engineer their success?

Saying, “If I could only do what they've done,” demonstrates a lack of self-knowledge and self-trust.

BELIEVE me, after 14 years as an entrepreneur (and helping countless high-achievers become entrepreneurs, too), I can say with absolute conviction that this is a truism: What worked for them is no guarantee for you.

You must learn YOUR own unique way, do not try and copy someone on the outside.

Even with all my entrepreneurial experience, I STILL fell into this trap years ago--I had a mentor teach me the only strategy she knew to build her business (because it was all she knew, it was all she could teach), and it wasn't right for me.

What do you do instead?

Approach it as the beautiful unique person that you are.

If you're getting support already or are considering hiring some, ask, are you learning from someone who has done a lot of different things and can help you sort out what is the right strategy for you, your personality and how you want your business to function? Make sure this is a YES for maximum results.

💞Do you find yourself talking yourself out of things that you had initially gotten really excited about, because later, you doubt that they could work?

💞Do you tend not to speak up, get visible, share your message because you think have nothing original to say or that someone else has already said it, and better?

💞Do you hold yourself back from growing your business because someone else is doing it better than you (or so you perceive)?

What do you do instead? HOW exactly do you change how you feel so that your actions will change, too?

All you need to do is take the next step in front of you, to begin demonstrating, and building up that self-trust muscle.

When you take action toward ANYTHING, you're going to #1 relieve your anxiety (yay!!!!) and #2 get clarity! And if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, no more hiding and no more deferring to other people--because YOU’VE got this. And as you begin to take action, what will you find?

Well, when you decide to trust yourself and go after what you want, you become unstoppable.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.”

So, my friend, where can you take action--any action--to get clarity today?


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Where have you seen self-trust being part of your life or not?


This week I’m diving into the 1 thing you’ve gotta do to succeed as an income-replacing passionate entrepreneur: exercising self-trust.

What the heck do I mean by THAT?

Here’s one example I see a LOT:
Are you waiting until your business makes money until you invest in yourself or your business, even though you KNOW that’s the thing that would help you grow? Well...that isn't showing self-trust. Instead, that's putting pressure on your business baby to operate successfully when it hasn't yet had the chance to learn (like expecting a human baby to talk when it hasn’t had that modeled). That’s pressure on YOU as a budding entrepreneur, to figure out how to be a successful entrepreneur, before you've learned or been trained. And often, it comes down to a lack of self-trust in this way: your brain, your fear, is telling you that you don't trust yourself to make the money back.

When I signed up for that first group coaching program, I pushed “Purchase” even though I was completely terrified. I did it anyway. And showing up for myself in that moment is the reason I tripled my income within the first few WEEKS of that program. It wouldn't have happened if i didn't say, “I believe in myself to make this happen.” Instead of saying “I'll believe it when I see it,” I believed it UNTIL I saw it. And THAT, my friend, is self-trust.

So, tell me…

Does this sound familiar? Where have you seen self-trust being part of your life or not? Some examples other than the one above:

💥Have you started your business or are you thinking about it all the time?
💥Have you had a hard time pricing?
💥Are you procrastinating endlessly?
💥Are you hiding out because you’re fearing negative feedback?
💥Are you trying too many things and not seeing results with any of them?

Where do you feel you are on the self-trust scale?

Do you have a tip that’s been helpful for you in strengthening your self-trust muscle!



The more you exercise self-trust, the more you will build your confidence and belief in yourself.


This week I’m discussing the 1 thing you’ve gotta do to succeed as an income-replacing passionate entrepreneur. It’s so simple and I promise it’s right for each one of you! What’s this magic bullet you say?! Oh, you know that’s NOT how I roll. 😃 No, it’s far more straightforward and personalized than any “surefire” strategy--and it’s also that much more complex to execute.

💖It’s to exercise self-trust.💖

I know this might be a MUCH vaguer concept than post X number of times on Facebook or Instagram, so let's break it down.

Exercising your self-trust muscle does NOT mean you won't be scared.

Instead, you are honest about what you want and you do it even if you're scared. There have been so many times in my business that I've been terrified!

➡️Here are a few examples:

❤️When I invested in myself for the first time. Before that, I had really prided myself on learning to figure it out on my own, and for free. And that got me exactly as far as it got me. When I found someone I wanted to learn from, I knew I wanted to invest. I was terrified. My husband thought I was crazy and didn't approve. I didn't have the money or know where it would come from. I did it anyway, because I knew it was what I wanted. And get this--my card didn't go through the first couple of times because I was spending money in a foreign country, and the transaction got flagged. I thought it was a sign not do it! It wasn't a sign, it was just a test of my faith, how badly I wanted this and was willing to trust myself.

❤️When I first made the announcement of what I was doing with my business.

❤️When I quit my job. Talk about putting it all on the line! Some of you know what that's like.

75% of my clients (who’ve come to me in jobs) have quit, and some are in the process of quitting right now. They've done it scared. They haven't done it without a plan, but still they've done it scared. They've had to show self-trust. They've exercised the belief that they can do this and they've lined up the support they need along the way.

❤️When I made my first sale and booked my first client. What?! Like many of my clients, I had a fear deep down that no one would want to work with me, but then when they said “yes,” I freaked out that I wouldn’t be able to get them results! 😂

The point is we are all scared and that feeling doesn’t just go away--we just learn to manage it and take action in spite of it!

If all this talk of self-trust feels like a foreign concept to you, I understand and I've been there. Whatever the next right step for you feels like, it also probably feels really scary. And you've likely tried to talk yourself out of it because of something you’ve labeled “practical”--like not having enough:

✨supportive people in your life

But the more that you exercise your self-trust muscle, the more you will build your confidence and belief in yourself, and the more that will drive out fear and allow you to take action ANYWAY!

Are you taking business-building actions that show you trust yourself, even if they scare you? Or do you find yourself holding back out of self-doubt or fear?



Do you exercise self-trust?


There's 1 simple thing you've got to do to set yourself up for success as an income-replacing, passionate entrepreneur.

It's not a tactical strategy. It's not an algorithm to master. It's not the next hot thing (or “how Facebook ads are dying and here’s what you should do instead”--).

It's not sexy, but it IS true (and you know I value telling you the truth above all).

To replace your income, you’ve gotta start doing this NOW:

💖Exercise self-trust.💖

How do you know whether or not you're exercising self-trust?

Here’s a simple self-assessment for you:

If you are...

❌Clicking on a bunch of opt-ins/ads/webinars...
❌Pursuing more than 1 business idea...
❌Googling or reading more and more business advice and not doing any of it...
❌Feeling like you have nothing to say and no one wants to hear from you...

…Then, your self-trust muscle might need a workout. (But don’t fret, it’s like any other muscle.)

If, on the other hand, you are...

✔️Crystal-clear on your goals and what you're pursuing
✔️Executing your action plan with faith in the process
✔️Showing up daily to put your content out into the world

Your self-trust muscle is getting tight and toned ;) (not that as a 6-months-pregnant lady I know much about that!)

The rest of this week we are going to discuss the ins and outs of self-trust (or the lack thereof!). We ALL get hung up on all the “hows” of building a business, whether that looks like "analysis paralysis," endless pondering or researching, or another form of stopping ourselves. Let’s work through them together!

So, tell me, how strong do you feel your self-trust muscle is? Or what do you do to exercise it?



Recounting the steps I took to create a $20K cash month!


Let’s celebrate FREEDOM FRIDAY by recounting the steps I took to create a $20K cash month!

  • I offered one product and I showed up consistently to my community with it (right now, it’s my half-day intensive:

  • I stayed open to who and how clients would come to me

  • I followed up with people individually

  • I let myself relax by employing my 3Ps (personality, preferences, and passions).

That’s it.

I did NOT put out all my offers at once, work on it day and night (I actually worked less than normal!), try to control who or how the right people would come to me, or wait until everything was PERFECT!

And it resulted in a $20K month--and it can for you, too.

So tell me--what feels like one tweak or shift you can make to move toward having your own $20K month? Or what questions do you have about applying these strategies to your own work?



Do you ever feel like you can relax or are you always on edge about when the next sale will come?


My 4th and final step of what I did that led up to this $20K month - I relaxed.

And some of this “relaxing” was out of necessity: I both had family staying with me for HALF THE MONTH, AND I was super sick from my pregnancy! Truth be told, relaxing is not always easy for me (I know - you’re super shocked right now :D).

Let me be clear--This is not always normal for me to be able to do, much less my default! It's something that I'm learning. Something I've consciously cultivated as I've gone along. It doesn't matter where you are today; part of (let’s face it, 99% of) business-building is about enjoying the process--even if you’re results-oriented, like me.

To apply this to your own business, you need to give yourself permission to use the 3Ps of who you are: personality, preferences, and passions.

️To give you an example, here are my 3 Ps and how I applied them specifically to have this $20K month:

️- My personality - I'm introverted,

️- My preferences - That it be really simple,

️- My passions - Helping high-achievers transform through income replacement & entrepreneurship

We want to make sure we're building our business based around who we are and how we're designed. These “boundaries” we draw actually give us more freedom to run our businesses in a way that feel good and natural for us, and can significantly take the pressure off from the feeling that we’re missing out on that one surefire strategy that someone else is using.

And that helps us to relax into the process. :)

Now tell me--do you ever feel like you can relax or are you always on edge about when the next sale will come? What questions do you have about how to relax or how to use the 3 Ps to build your income-replacing business?



How do you feel about following up with people individually?


Yesterday I told you about a little woo-woo/mindset/ neuroscience strategy I employed to help create my $20K month. If you’ve been around for a bit, you probably know I’m both about mindset AND simple strategies! So, the third thing I did was super practical and effective:

#3 I followed up with people individually

We can feel scared to do this, because we don’t want to appear salesy, icky, or pushy. It does not have to be like this! BUT if you have an offer that people have shown interest in in the past? You are serving them by following up with them! By letting them know you think this is a good fit for them, or that you're offering it at a good price, or that time is limited--whatever new info might be helpful for them! Keep track of the people who have shown interest, because you never know when they're going to be ready. And that's not your job to know when they’re ready - your job is stay in front of them regularly, so you're there when they ARE ready.

How do you feel about following up with people individually? Does it strike fear in your heart, or do you love how practical and straightforward it is? Do you feel like you know how to do it in a way that’s not annoying, or do you have questions about it? Can you think of people that you could follow up with, that you may have been avoiding?


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You never know who is watching you...


This week I am giving you a peek behind the curtain on how I created a $20K month, and how you can too!

#2 I stayed open to who, how and when people would come to me

Most books teach you how to set goals. You've heard it before: Visualize that number you want in your bank account! I practiced that stuff for a long time, and it doesn't work for me, or for most of the high-achievers I work with. Why? Because we typically get way too controlling and obsessive about it. This isn’t just some woo-woo thing, it’s a crucial mindset shift. Plus, it’s neuroscience. Why? Well, when you obsess on a number, you literally shut down the creative pathways in your brain. You stress out about HOW it’s going to happen, worry that it won’t, and often, don't get what you want.

I did a video on this called why “SMART” goals aren’t working for you that you can check out here:

If you've done THIS in the past--stressed, obsessed, and controlled--let's try something else, shall we?

I knew what I was offering (ONE thing) AND I chose to remain open to who was going to come in, how they come in and when. And let me tell you, it all unfolded in a way I didn't expect.

Ladies, I had a client that came to me who found me on GOOGLE! Let me tell you something, I do zero SEO on my website, and on my blog - it's just not a priority for me! Guess what, because I didn't PRE-DETERMINE how someone was going to come to me, because I was open, because I didn't control how I thought it should go, I got to be surprised by this brand new client, who didn’t even know exactly what she was looking for until she found me… WOW!

You never know who is watching you, or how they will find your content online.

️Tell me, when you hear me talk about “remaining open,” what does that mean to you? How do you think you’ve closed yourself off or tried to control the situation in the past? How do you plan to change that?



Wanna know what it really takes to create a $20K month?


This week I'm pulling back the curtain to show you my exact strategy and the actions that I took to create a $20K cash month--that you can take and apply to your business to have your own! (Woo hoo!!!)

Here’s why--one thing I see all the time that drives me CRAZY: Bright shiny ads and promises to "follow this exact strategy and you’ll get this exact result!"

Truth: the sooner we understand that there’s no 1 right path for everyone, the sooner you can get about designing a strategy that’s going to work with YOUR personality, your preferences and your passions.

So, l want to help you take MY process and story, and teach you how you can apply it to YOURS!

#1 I focused on one offering

The first thing I did was I sold one service and one thing only. Of course, I have more than one product to offer. But this ONE thing was all I talked about when I was selling.

Why? Confused people don't buy.

(How many times do we talk to potential clients and we end up confusing them with all our options as we attempt to find something that appeals to them?)

In short: I sold one service and attached an urgency factor to it that was real. (I’m modeling that right now, BTW, with my half-day intensive:

I stayed consistent with offering that over the 2 week period of time in very specific ways. I stayed focused on my 3 Cs - coaching, connecting and creating.

If you're not consistently getting out there with one specific offer, and you're trying too many things, then it's not going to work, because it’s not going to be memorable. You've got to become known for that 1 thing.

If you're not consistent, then do not pass go, do not do anything else in your business until you get consistent. It's way more important than getting really attached to hitting a certain number in your business, which I am going to talk about more tomorrow.

What are your thoughts or questions about focusing on one offering at a time and staying consistent with it? Has this worked for you or does it bring up fears or concerns?



It starts by making a choice!


When you're working on replacing your income, sometimes it can seem confusing, overwhelming, or like it might never happen. 

You might doubt your strategy, the process, or yourself.

But, anytime you're afraid of not successfully replacing your income and being solidly out the 9-5 world for good, you can come back to this:

️It starts by making the choice.

You get to make the choices that determine the outcomes you experience in life. Choice is solidly in your control.

That's the lesson I taught my friend Srini, which he shared in his article, The Life Changing Advice of 100 Insanely Interesting People []

Here it is:
"29. Emotional resilience gets built by the choices we make in our moments of tragedy and adversity

It’s up to us to decide if something is going to make us or break us. We may not able to change an event or circumstance. But we can choose how we respond. It’s up to us whether we’re informed or defined by adversity."

Being unfulfilled and frustrated by the work you do day in and day out IS a form of adversity.

And because I started by making the choice that I was going to change my situation and my career to do work I love AND help others do the same, now that's exactly what I do every day, and I'm getting featured alongside other world-changers like Seth Godin, Danielle LaPorte, Tim Ferris, Glenn Beck, Sally Hogshead, Todd Herman, Jeff Goins, and Adam Grant.

So check with yourself. Have you really, deeply made the choice that you WILL do this? That comes BEFORE figuring out the "hows"--those will come. It all starts with that choice, so comment below and let me know you've done it!

And if you haven't yet listened to my interview with Srini on The Unmistakable Creative podcast, you can do that here to learn how to be more successful and resilient today.



Banish the big, bad “I DON’T” from your vocabulary.


Want to get more clients, make more money, and quickly make more strategic decisions?

💥Banish the big, bad “I DON’T” from your vocabulary.💥

“I don’t know how” is probably the biggest way this busted phrase shows up, but of course there are others, so start to notice which ones you use!

To upgrade right now, transform “I don’t know how” into...

How Can I?

Give your brain the chance to look for the answer in the background of the rest of your life, and it will! The answer might come to you while you’re showering (why I love Aqua Notes!!!, washing dishes, driving (you can create a voice memo on your phone to capture it!)

Tony Robbins says that successful people ask better questions. And “How can I?” is a GREAT example that you can start using right now!!!

What will you start asking “How can I?” about today? Or what results have YOU gotten by making this simple upgrade? Share below!



If you want faster, better, bigger results, it’s time to UPGRADE your words.


Talking about our language this week! The words that we speak out loud AND think in our head. Not only is there a direct correlation between the words you speak and your business results, like we talked about yesterday, but also the EASE with which you get those results.

If you want faster, better, bigger results, it’s time to UPGRADE your words like the valuable resource they are.

⬇️Here’s a quick reference guide:

👉I’M NOT--->I AM

The thing is, all of these phrases are POWERFUL, but you get to decide if you're using that power to make things easier for you, or more challenging.

Upgrade the way you TALK--and it will require you to upgrade the way you think! If you've ever struggled to change your thinking, this is an awesome, very practical way to implement it!

How about you?

Which of the “before” phrases do you catch yourself saying a lot? Which ones are you committed to upgrading to the "after" ones? Share below and start upgrading right now!



Your thoughts and your words are your reality!


💥This week we're talking about our language! I truly believe that you can get better business results by upgrading your language. The words you speak have a direct impact on the results you see in your business, bank account, and life.

Here’s what I mean…

You’ve probably heard “your thoughts and words create your reality,” right? Unless you're new to this online personal/business development space, you've probably heard it a lot. 😂

But what does that actually MEAN in practicality, and how can we apply it to get faster results?

You know I love my simple strategies, so let’s start by replacing some of the most damaging words we say--“I CAN’T.”

🙋🏻I can’t quit my job because…
🙋🏻I can’t seem to get clients…
🙋🏻I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong…
🙋🏻I can’t focus…
🙋🏻I can’t seem to stop procrastinating…
🙋🏻I can’t find enough time to do what I want to do…

I used to say ALL OF THESE THINGS, so there's no shame here! But here’s the saying these things, you are actually affirming that they are true and perpetuating them into the future!

Instead, replace them with:

🔥I AM moving toward quitting my job
🔥I AM getting clients
🔥I already HAVE all the pieces to move forward
🔥I CREATE the time to focus today
🔥I DO have the ability to move forward today

This might feel a little ✨"woo-woo"✨ but it's legit neuroscience. You have neural pathways that make the habitual “I can’ts” feel familiar and “true,” and so the new phrases feel unfamiliar and false at first. BUT, your brain will look for reasons that whatever you believe/think/speak is TRUE.

So, when you speak, you are actually affirming and creating more of what you said, so let’s change that to be something in line with your true desires and values!

How about you? How have you found yourself finishing the sentence “I CAN’T….?”



We are made to create our worlds with our words.


What do you find yourself saying a lot? If not out loud, what about IN YOUR HEAD?

We are MADE to create our worlds with our words. We are designed to bring our dreams and our passions to life.

Upgrading your language, phrase by phrase, is a very tangible, simple, and free way to change your thoughts, feelings and things that you say to be more in line with what you actually desire.

It's something I work with all of my clients on. It's why you'll notice there's not much whining or complaining going on in this group. It's an actual strategy that might seem too simple to be useful, but it's super-smart.

So my challenge to you today, is to notice what you say. Pay attention to the words that come out of your mouth. And share one thing you’re going to upgrade right here, or bring that stubborn phrase and we’ll help you transform it!



Great things happen when you choose yourself first!


Today, I’m celebrating that my clients are choosing themselves and their unique dreams and goals--they’re being “selfish” (one of our new definitions according to the root words: “Having the characteristics of self”)!

In fact, 2 of them recently QUIT their high-paying corporate jobs ON THE SAME DAY to go full-time in their businesses!

And you know what’s happened in both cases?

Their former co-workers, colleagues, friends and family have responded by sending them referrals, expressing interest in working with them, and giving them big, unexpected opportunities for visibility--all because they chose themselves FIRST.

Yes, it takes courage, it means doing something different, it means making a decision for yourself even in the face of your fears about what others might think of you.

But when you make that DECISION, and you cut off other options, the world around you--your network, your contacts, your loved ones--takes notice and responds to you differently.

Have you noticed this to be true on your own entrepreneurial journey? What examples can you recognize? Or if you’re just starting out, can you identify ways you want that to be true?


Want to learn EXACTLY where to start (or re-start) to build a 6-figure business doing work you're passionate about? Download the first chapter of my #1 bestselling book, The Income Replacement Formula: Seven Simple Steps To Doing What You Love And Making Six Figures From Anywhere for FREE by clicking here.



“When I take care of myself, my business flourishes.”


“When I take care of myself, my business flourishes.”

One of my clients shared this with me recently as we were deconstructing the “secrets” behind her biggest month ever.

The truth was, it had seemed effortless, and most high-achievers are pretty uncomfortable with that!

Why? Because we can’t decipher--and then replicate--the exact strategic steps we took to get there.

Or can we?

You see, she chose herself first. She was “selfish” in the sense that she ran her business according to how she knew she could show up best --she took care of her body (instead of burning herself out working 80 hours a week because “there’s always more to do,”) created quality content for her visibility, stayed consistent, and trusted herself and the process.

The result? Pay-in-full, dream clients. A sales process that felt not sleazy, but EASY, energizing, and even fun!

So if it feels hard for you initially to take care of yourself simply because you’re worth it, while you’re working on allowing yourself to integrate that belief that being “selfish” actually just means being more of who you are (instead of it taking anything away from someone else), consider taking care of yourself in order to grow your business! ;)

Now let us know, have you found it to be true that when you take care of yourself, your business grows? Or is that an intention you’d like to set now?



Do you have support to grow your business?


What are some ways that being “selfish”--with our redefined, positive connotation of it (according to the root words) could help you grow your business (and cash flow) more quickly and with less stress?

I recently heard serial entrepreneur Allison Maslen share, “If you hire an assistant within the first 6 months of your business, you’ll reach 7 figures in half the time.”

Now it doesn’t actually matter how long you’ve been in business (don’t despair if it’s been longer than 6 months, you’re not doomed!), but what about hiring someone for literally 1 hour a week to do the thing you hate most, like:

➡️Keep your inbox/calendar organized
➡️Send out a newsletter or blog
➡️Update your social media
➡️Handle that one thing you know you really NEED to do, but that you procrastinate on every single day/week
➡️Do something techy that terrifies or annoys you
➡️Create graphics or lay out documents

I knowwww the resistance of spending money when you’re just getting started and you want everything to go to back in your pocket!

But literally someone spending 1 hour a week doing something that drains you could cost you very little and free up a whole lotta mind space & energy to create, to be visible, to follow up with potential clients, and to focus on money-making tasks.

And it would allow you to behave more “selfishly” (as we define it, more “of the nature and character of self” in your business, and do more of what you’re best at, that only you can do.

I can tell you that having help to do the things I don’t need or want to be doing felt weird at first, like “Who am I to have a team?,” but now it is a huge relief and it helps me support my clients better as well as have more room to help more clients because my role is clearly defined; I know my strengths, and I stick to those rather than trying to incrementally improve my weaknesses and slow down my business growth in the process.

Does that make sense? What has kept you from accepting help, or have you already and found it helpful?



Where do you find that you are holding yourself back?


The word “selfish” largely carries a negative connotation, right?

But then we hear about the importance of self-care, about putting our own oxygen mask on first, and it can feel really confusing!

“If I do that, I’m selfish!,” we think, and selfish = bad....right?

Or does it?

I decided to geek out and look at the roots of the word “selfish.”

According to Google, the word self is over 1000 years old and can mean “a person's nature, character” or “a person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality.”

Sounds good, right? Like “being your self?”

Well, what about “-ish?” It can mean “belonging to,” “after the manner of,” “having the characteristics of,” “like,” “near or about.”

Now tell me, which of those is bad?

“Of the nature or character of self”
“Belonging to self”
“After the manner of self”
“Having the characteristics of self”
“Like self”
“Near or about self”

Which of those sounds WRONG to you?

To me, they sound pretty positive! Like “selfish” could be RE-defined as being true to yourself, being your true self, being the person you were made to be!

And if THAT’s true, then anything that feels “selfish” is actually a GREAT thing to give attention and credence to, because it’s helping you show up more as the fullest expression of who you were created to be!

So reflect, then fill me in--where do you find yourself holding back from doing something for yourself or your business because to do anything else would be “selfish?” What would happen if you decided that “selfish” was a GOOD thing and gave yourself permission to do it, to become more who you really are? Or maybe you’ve already made the choice to do that, and if so, I want to hear that, too!



Something that a lot of high-achievers struggle with...Feeling selfish.


You know something that a lot of high-achievers struggle with? Feeling selfish.

Feeling selfish for having big dreams, for spending money investing in ourselves or on ourselves and our desires, for putting time into our businesses instead of spending more time with our kids (fur or human), for making time to do things for ourselves, just for fun...

As women we’re trained to put others first, and most of us are starting our businesses because we’re helpers by nature; we want to make a difference, so we easily fit into this role.

Often, clients came to me because they’ve woken up to realize they’ve been living what OTHER people expected of them rather than the one that’s in line with what THEY actually want.️

Sometimes it’s an opinionated spouse whose opinion has gradually become the default around which they organize their lives. Other times it’s the role their parents, family or friends want them to play, the person they want them to be, have relied on them to be, and have come to expect.

And it happens, at some point in our lives, to most of us, especially when we’re sensitive and have a tendency toward people-pleasing.

My husband was comfortable with my 9-5-like steady income from my previous business (an online marketing agency), and being risk-averse, he felt nervous about me exploring starting something new and less predictable.

️But I knew it was time to go to the next level of my life and business by finding my Zone of Genius and creating a business around that.

So when we come to a point where we recognize what’s been happening, and how it’s holding us back, that’s the moment we become powerful, because we can make a different choice.

It might be a layoff, or a divorce, or sickness, or a death (for me it was losing my daughter Maeve), or simply waking up one day and recognizing you aren’t excited about or enjoying your own life and work anymore, and you want something more/different.

️Tell me, what was YOUR wake up call to pursue your own business? Was it a one-time event or a gradual awakening? Have you faced resistance along the way?



Tip #4 to replace your income and quit your 9-5.


This week I'm helping you focus and prioritize so that you can quit your 9-5 FASTER. These are my best tips and if you hear me repeating them all the time, it's because I believe in them 100%.

Tip #4 to replace your income and quit your 9-5:

Create and sell premium-priced services.

Get your value straight and price accordingly, not based on what everyone else around you is doing or what you think people in your area will pay for.

Create a premium-priced, value-packed offer based on what you’re good at, how you like to work and where you shine (your “Zone of Genius,” as Gay Hendricks, PhD. calls it in his outstanding book, The Big Leap). Hustling a lot of tiny, one-off services is going to take a lot more time and energy than a couple of premium-priced goods or services.

It comes down to a numbers game, and if your audience is small, wouldn’t you rather be selling a few higher-priced packages than a few low-priced info-products? You’ll also learn how to sell in a way that feels good for you, and that will serve you perhaps more than any other skill as you build your business.

So to recap...
*Decide on ONE idea
*Start on the side
*Focus only on money-making tasks
*Create and sell premium-priced services

Do you have questions about any of these tips? Are you letting yourself get lost in distractions or are you staying focused on these methods?