Confidently Own Your Expertise: What's Your Type?

I think sometimes when we hear “own your expertise,” we can immediately freeze up and think, “But wait, what IS my expertise? I don’t have one!”

Sometimes, it’s helpful to have an external, objective perspective to remind you that yes, you do! Enter the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.

I LOVE this tool and have used it for over a decade to help clients understand their unique strengths and expertise, because we ALL have one, and the way we prefer to interact with the world shapes the way we share, inform, and teach that expertise.

If you know your Myers-Briggs Type (MBTI) then share your 4-letter type below! If you haven’t yet taken it, get ready to discover a lot about yourself--you can take the assessment for free at

Then, come back and share your 4-letter type with us!

And, if you have any questions about what YOUR type means or how to use it to build your business, ask below!



Confidently Own Your Expertise: Show Up

I didn’t always feel confident or clear about my business. In fact, one of the reasons I LOVE helping clients get clarity and focus is because I know exactly how bad it feels to be scattered and unsure, throwing stuff against the wall, wondering what’s going to work, wishing I had that elusive surety that the people around me seemed to feel and display.

I waaaaaay overcomplicated it for a long time and I want you to know this--it starts with showing up. That’s it. Just showing up. Showing up and being visible DAILY in your business.

Are you doing that right now? If not, that’s the place to start.

If so, and you’re still not feeling confident and clear, start asking yourself, what do I need right now? Instead of throwing a little bit of everything everywhere, are you doing the one or 2 things each day that could actually get you more clients? Are you clear on what those are?

Simplify down to basics, and you’ll get clarity and confidence in your expertise as a result.

Now share below, where are you in this process? Are you in need of simplifying, or what’s your best tip for focusing in on the 1 or 2 most important things you do each day to grow your business?



Confidently Own Your Expertise: Confidence Resume

Do you struggle with feeling like an expert? Ever freak out a little, or feel like you’re going to get “found out” when someone tells you that you are already?

Here’s my best tip for how to confidently own your expertise:

YOU gotta believe it first.

Being seen as an expert starts with you BELIEVING you are the expert, but what if you don’t believe that yet? How do you create that belief?

Create a “confidence resume.”  

This strategy works over and over (and OVER) to help you kick self-doubt to the CURB, because I, for one, know that you likely already ARE an expert, but because you might struggle with perfectionism and/or have high standards for yourself, you’re having a hard time giving yourself permission to believe it.

A confidence resume is simply a list of all of the reasons why you already are qualified to help people!

Start by listing
What you’ve done around the subject you’re offering
What you’ve studied around the subject you’re teaching
What results you’ve gotten for yourself and others
The things you’ve accomplished as well  
The things you’ve overcome

...then sit back and take a look at it! I guarantee you’ll feel a whole lot more confident! Now, share with us, what’s one thing you’ve accomplished, studied, or overcome that you’re proud of? Or how will you use this tip to become more confident in your own business?



The 4 D's of Publicity: Dominator

If you’re using publicity on a “lather, rinse repeat” basis, you are a LEVEL 5 DOMINATOR. Not as scary as it sounds, I promise!

Here’s what I mean:
💥You know how to show up to connect with potential clients and media outlets
🔥You have a pitch that WORKS
😎You know that if you have a place where you want to appear, you know exactly how to get that appearance.
🎇You know how to choose the topics for you ideal clients and to get the attention of your favorite influencers
💥You have a system for using publicity in your business
😎You have a plan to appear in a certain number of places each month
🔥You tie in an aligned freebie with each feature
🎇You know how to get those appearances to convert to clients

You are rocking it as a publicity pro and being an awesome CEO of your business. You are utilizing the power of publicity day in and day out to grow your business. You’re not just having a random win here or there; you’re showing up consistently and it’s just part of your strategy.

This is when publicity is not overwhelming anymore, and it actually feels really exciting and energizing for the rest of your business!

The thing is, moving from being totally daunted to being a Dominator is not as hard as it might sound or feel. In fact, you can move through the 5 levels quickly, so if fast-tracking your success is your goal, that’s exactly what I’ll help you do inside the Get Seen, Get Successful Mentorship. This is THE support that will help you and your business get the visibility and confidence you deserve!!!

What do you want to know about dominating your publicity? Or if you’re already doing it, what’s your best tip? Share below!

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The 4 D's of Publicity: Differentiator

Would you love to make your perceived competition irrelevant and set yourself apart using publicity? If so, you’re dreaming of what I call the “Differentiator” stage (the 4th stage) of publicity.

This stage looks like:

✔️Showing up and being visible more consistently
✔️Finding a place to regularly contribute value as a writer like The Huffington Post
✔️Appearing on podcasts you’ve identified are in your niche

When you’re a Differentiator, publicity is feeling GOOD to you, and you’re getting a taste of traction from it. People are:

✔️responding positively to your features,
✔️finding you from your appearances
✔️joining your list
✔️Coming into your Facebook group
✔️and/or showing up in your e-mail & Facebook inboxes.

Best of all, you’re feeling confident in your business, you know you’re onto a strategy that WORKS for you and that you can replicate over and over to grow your business and client list as big as you choose.

If you’re wondering how to use the power of publicity to get more clients and cash and make this description YOUR reality, check out my BRAND-NEW, value-packed offer, The Get Seen, Get Successful Mentorship, here:

And share with us below, are you a Differentiator? How did you get there? Or, is this something you aspire to? Why?



The 4 D's of Publicity: Dabbler

If you’ve tried your hand at some publicity, maybe done a live video, pitched a podcast, or published an article or a few, then you’re a Dabbler.

You have taken the first step or 2 to put your feet in the waters of publicity; you’re playing with it.

Maybe you’re envisioning yourself on your favorite podcast, you have a topic you’d like to talk about, you’ve started a list of where you want to be, you’ve reached out and pitched someone, or offered to be a guest blogger.

You don’t have a clear plan, you’re not totally confident that what you’re doing is working, but you’ve have moved through the fear enough to start playing with it. You’ve started! Congratulations!

Your work is to start to look at how to differentiate yourself by getting more strategic and consistent and creating a plan to maximize those features to build your audience and client list.

Is this you? What questions do you have about moving up from being a publicity Dabbler? Or, how did you move past this stage yourself?

Share with us below!



The 4 D's of Publicity: Documentor

Are you looking around at what other people are doing to get visible, maybe even feeling jealous of their features, and wondering how they did it, because you’d love to, but it just seems out of reach or you’re not sure how to go about it, then you’re a publicity Documenter. :)

Here’s what you might be thinking:

  • I still feel kind of intimidated but I’m looking at others’ successes and wondering if it’s possible for me, too
  • I want to know how to get on Huffington Post or Thrive or my favorite podcast too!
  • I’m open, but I’m in the research phase
  • I’m still not sure; it still feels kind of out of reach, but perhaps...
  • I haven’t taken action yet, but I’m curious, interested, and paying attention
  • Maybe this is for me, but I’m just not sure how!

Girrrrrrl, I got you!!!

I want you to know that it IS possible for you, and I’d like for you to ask yourself this question:

Where would I LOVE to be featured IF I had a simple plan AND I truly believed and was confident that I could be successful?

Just let yourself dream about that a little bit, and share your dream with us below!



The 4 D's of Publicity: Intro

Are you daunted by publicity, by doing something like a podcast, live interview or a live video?

When you see other people getting publicity, are you telling yourself, “I could never do that!” or “I’m so scared; what if I do something wrong?” or “I’d have no idea what to say!,” so you’re stopping yourself from ever starting with getting visible on a small or larger scale?

What if you made this small shift in your mind today...instead of telling yourself,

😱“I could never do that!”
😱“I’m so scared; what if I do something wrong and look stupid?”
😱“I’d have no idea what to say!”

What if you changed those thoughts to:

😌“I could do that, I just need some practice.”
😌“I know from experience that things get easier every time I do them, so I bet that would be true for publicity, too.”
😌“I have a lot of knowledge to share already, and I can prepare what I want to say ahead of time so I go in feeling confident.”

See the difference? How does it feel when you read the first set compared to the second set?

What do the second set of thoughts and beliefs open you up to? They open you up to possibility rather than to “can’t.” They open you up to “how” rather than to “no way, end of sentence, end of story, done-zo.”

Then share with us below: Are you ready to make that shift? Or have you already made it for yourself? What questions do you have about moving out of being daunted by publicity? Ask below!



Grow Your Business Through Facebook Groups: Day 4

Once people are in your Facebook group (or you’re in someone else’s and using that space to grow your business), it’s time to take it to the next level.

It’s time to provide them with lots of value and an opportunity to get to know you so that you become memorable to your ideal clients.

HOW exactly do you do that?

By providing your niche with valuable content, stuff they care about, stuff that can help them with their struggles, right now. By giving them your best stuff to show them that you know what you’re talking about. By sharing your stories of how your tips and strategies have worked for you personally, and for your clients and customers, if you’ve worked with them.

This is something you can start today, right now. AND, 25% of the time, rules of the group permitting, you can include an invitation to take it to the next step and join your list in exchange for providing them something of MORE value (in the form of an opt-in or freebie). Because ultimately, here’s the thing to remember: a Facebook group is the property of Facebook, and if they change their algorithm tomorrow and people stop seeing your posts, you want to have a way to connect with them, right? Your email list is the ultimate, portable way to do that outside of any platform.

What questions do you have about this strategy? Or, what’s YOUR best Facebook groups tip that’s worked for you in growing your business?

Share with us below!

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Grow Your Business Through Facebook Groups: Day 3

So if Facebook GROUPS are the best way to get engagement and grow your know, like and trust factor with your audience of potential clients, when and why is it wise to have a Facebook PAGE?

1. I DO recommend having a basic Facebook page and posting to it occasionally so it appears relevant. You know how when you go to someone’s website and they haven’t updated their news since last year, you automatically assume that their business is out-of-date, too? Same for a Facebook business page. And often, these pages will do well in Google search results, maybe even coming up before your website when someone searches for your business, because of the way Google ranks Facebook. You want to be findable and this is an easy and free way to accomplish that goal. Before you stress about what to say there, though I have good news--you can repurpose content you’ve put in a group (yours or someone else’s).

2. Pin a post to the top of your Facebook page, inviting people to join your group, like I have over at Life With Passion by Christine McAlister. This way, if someone checks out your personal profile and winds up on your business page, they’re going to see an invite to join your group first!

3. Thanks to a new feature Facebook just rolled out, you can link your group to your page, so you can get even more exposure for your group that way!

4. To be able to run ads when you’re ready. You can’t (right now) run ads using a group and can no longer do that using your personal profile; you need to have a page to do that.

What do YOU use your business page for? Or what questions do you have about these tips and strategies? Ask below!



Grow Your Business Through Facebook Groups: Day 2

Facebook groups or Facebook pages?

Which one is best to grow your business?

I always recommend that you focus on one thing, and do that one thing well, get confident and feel you have it mastered, before you add in something else.

Right now, hands down, for engagement, the best way to grow your business is FACEBOOK GROUPS. This is because Facebook’s algorithm currently only shows posts to a tiny fraction of your page audience, unless you run ads to them. Now, if you want to run ads, that’s a different conversation, but here we’re talking about growing your business organically (for free).

This won’t always be the case. Because of the explosive growth of groups (everyone moved to them when Facebook made this change), Facebook will at some point introduce monetization strategies to them, too. BUT for now, groups are where it’s AT, baby.

So what questions do you have about Facebook groups? Or what strategy have you found that works well for you in them? Share below!

Tomorrow we’ll talk about when I recommend having a Facebook page, so stay tuned!



Grow Your Business Through Facebook Groups

Wondering how to get visible in Facebook groups to grow your business? I get it.

When I hired my first coach, I’d never even BEEN in a Facebook group before, let alone run one. My coach taught that the only way to be successful and grow your business was through Facebook ads, so it took me a long time to decide that I was going to discover different ways and learn how to grow my business with a group and using other groups, and I definitely didn’t do it well at the beginning.

Now, showing up in my group and a few key other groups has gotten easier, I have a system for being consistent, and it also helps me bring in clients without spending money on Facebook ads.
If that’s something you desire, know that you can do it, too! There’s a LOT of hype around Facebook groups, and I’m here to bust it.

Here’s where you can start:
Give yourself the frame that this is an opportunity to build relationships, and increase your “know, like and trust factor” NOT just post and instantly get a bunch of clients. That doesn’t work and people can feel it.

Using Facebook groups to grow your business requires you to be visible, consistently visible. The online world is a “noisy” and busy space and there are a lot of things competing for eyeballs and attention, so it’s important that you create & post things of value consistently so that you’re memorable and people want to learn more.

Now, before you decide that’s overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be! What’s valuable to your ideal client? Start there. For example, I know my ideal clients want help with clarity, confidence, and getting rid of overwhelm so that they know exactly what to do to grow their business and make money.

How about you?

It’s going to be different for everyone, but if you don’t know yet, while you’re figuring that out, you can start by engaging with AUTHENTICITY. People don’t like people who appear perfect; they like people who are real. Let them get to know you, and you become much more memorable as well as interesting :).

If you’ve been lurking, reading everything but not posting, this is your chance to introduce, or re-introduce, yourself!



How to Get Instant Visibility to Grow Your Business: Day 4

Ready to get visible without feeling overwhelmed?

Let’s talk about a non-overwhelming way to approach video to grow your business. Here’s what I do:

I livestream once a week about a topic I’m talking about in my group. Then, I download and repurpose it by:
✔️Putting it on YouTube
✔️Uploading it to my Facebook business page
✔️Linking it in the next newsletter to my email list

What if you don’t have your own group or email list?

That’s fine too! Go live once a week from your business page, even if it only has a few likes!

Done is better than perfect, and there are people out there who need to hear what you have to say in the way that only you are going to say it!

It’s simple, and it gets you consistently visible in multiple places.

Is this a strategy you’d like to try? What comes to mind as you think about doing it? What's one of your favorite ways to repurpose videos or to WATCH videos?

Share with us below!

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How to Get Instant Visibility to Grow Your Business: Day 3

Instant visibility please? Let me tell you a story...

My client Rachel came to me with a big fear of being on video, but I could see that her personality, warmth, and knowledge was going to translate very well and instantly connect her to her ideal clients, so together, we created a plan for her to get started.

She recorded short videos and sent what she thought was the best take to me first, and I gave her honest feedback about whether they were ready to be posted (because she was so freaked out that, if she could even make herself watch them back, it was likely never going to feel good enough for her to put them up).

Guess what happened? Her comfort level greatly increased within weeks, and ALSO within weeks, she started signing paying clients, without a website, without spending money on ads, without an email list.

Why? She got visible in a way that worked for her and her personality even though it felt scary, got consistent, and her confidence not only about being on video, but also about her business overall, skyrocketed as a result.

One of my superpowers is helping my clients gain confidence in themselves so that they can take strategic action to grow their business without feeling overwhelmed. With my degrees in communications, decade of running an online marketing business, and customized support so that you get a solution that works for YOU, I can help you do the same. If you’re interested in finding out what my support could do to grow your business, you’re invited to book a call with me here:

What's one way to get visible that fits your personality or feels good to you? Share below!



How to Get Instant Visibility to Grow Your Business: Day 2

When my coach first challenged me to do a selfie-style video for Life With Passion, I was like, “Whaaaaaaat?! No.”

I studied video production in undergrad and graduate school. I created an award-winning documentary for PBS, commercials, music videos, and shows. My standards for production value (lighting, sound, set, camera shots) were EXTREMELY HIGH. So...I let that perfectionistic attitude toward video hold me back from capitalizing on the power of video to connect with my audience for a LONG TIME. I felt like it--and I--needed to be gorgeous, perfect, polished, and uber-professional.

When I did my first webinars, I didn’t show myself on screen at all. Just slides. And even though I’d been a professor, teaching people of all ages, I was still intimidated.

Finally, with accountability, I just made a practice video one day out at the barn, recording myself sharing my horse, Graley, and myself. It was bad, babe. Real bad. BUT, I did it, and I learned, and that’s how I got started.

Then I started Periscoping and got comfortable “blocking and talking” because there were so many trolls there. But guess what? It got me practice, positive feedback among the crazies (like a woman from Saudi Arabia emailing me to thank me because I inspired her that there was hope for her to be her own woman), AND paying clients, so it was well worth it!

When Facebook Live came around, it was months before I could use it, because I’d unknowingly uploaded an ad for a marketing client with copyrighted music in it, and as a result, Facebook had banned me personally from doing ANYTHING with video, and they told me it was probably permanent. That freaked me out because I was afraid I’d be left behind, but I kept at it on Periscope and kept building my Facebook group and email list anyway.

I’m thankful to report that the ban only lasted a year, and I was able to hop on the Facebook Live train last summer.

Now, I’m comfortable--and actually love--live streaming for an hour or more, I’ve been asked to guest livestream in multiple Facebook groups, and when I host trainings, I actually don’t use slides because I prefer to connect with my audience “face-to-face.” I have a growing YouTube channel and I’ve gotten many clients because they connected with a video they saw me in somewhere.

That’s my story. I share it with you so that you’ll know that it’s ok to start where you are. It’s ok if you have fears or aren’t perfect the first time you do it. It’s ok, it’s worth it, and you can start today.

Can you relate to any of my story? Which parts?

What questions do you have about how to get started? Or, if you're already a pro, share YOUR best tips with us below!



How to Get Instant Visibility to Grow Your Business


You know you need to get visible so that you can actually grow your business, make money, and get paying clients, but you’re overwhelmed. Or freaked out. Or both.

You’re in the right place.

This week, we’re talking about How To Get Instant Visibility To Grow Your Business.

And today, we’re diving in the deep end to talk about the #1 way Facebook wants to help you promote your business right now--for free.

The best way to get visible right now, according to Facebook? VIDEO.

Facebook is putting the majority of its resources (TV commercials, staff, development) toward getting users to go LIVE, and that means live videos get a lot more organic (free) weight in its algorithm.

Video is definitely the way the whole Web is going, in fact. Amy Porterfield shared recently that 80% of all traffic on the web is expected to be video by 2019. IN TWO YEARS.

But maybe you don’t want to go live. That’s ok, you can upload a pre-recorded video if you want!

Or maybe, like me, you’re more of a reader than a watcher. That’s ok, too.

The beauty of creating a video is that you can re-purpose it in so many ways--by typing up and putting the content in an article, a text Facebook post (or several), a newsletter, a YouTube video...the point is, if you’re running an online business, it’s important to start getting comfortable and familiar with video, so that you can capitalize on this huge trend. If you don’t start, you’ll never get more comfortable, right? :) But you can totally start small, where you are, right now. We’ll be talking about exactly how to all week, so stay tuned, but first, I’d like you to be open to the possibility.

How do you feel about using Facebook video to grow your business? Are you currently doing so, and if not, what holds you back from it? What feels like a good next step for incorporating video into your business, or what questions do you have about using it?

Share below!



How to be Consistently Consistent: Day 5

I believe a consistent mindset practice is key to consistency.

As a sensitive person who’s often very affected by others’ feelings, it’s important for me to make a bit of time to check in with MYSELF before diving into a bunch of to-dos. Even though it once seemed counter-intuitive to me (really? Take MORE time to do something else? I don’t have enough time for everything as it is!), what I’ve found again and again is that my most productive, motivated and inspired days ALWAYS start with my mindset practice.

It helps me remember why I’m doing what I’m doing, listen to my own intuition, and find peace. From that space, it’s SO much easier, and more powerful, to show up, every day, for my business, for my clients, for my community.

Here’s what mine looks like:
Each morning, I create a bit of quiet time for myself to focus for the day. My practice usually includes writing down what I’m grateful for (at least 10 things), reading affirmations, and breathing and meditating, even if just for 3 minutes.

This practice grounds me and helps me get and stay on track for the whole day. It reminds me of the things that are going RIGHT and gets me excited about the things that I’m visualizing coming true!

You don’t have to be perfect at it. Even 1 day a week is going to reap rewards and reinforce itself, so you’ll find yourself wanting to do it more. If you miss the morning, do it later in the day. As with everything in business-building (and this WILL help you build your business, even if it doesn’t feel directly related), done is better than perfect :)

Do you have a mindset practice, or do you want to try one? What questions do you have about this? Share with us below!



How to be Consistently Consistent: Day 4

Today, for How to be Consistently Consistent, we’re talking about how you can be more consistent by protecting your energy.

If you’re using Facebook to build your business, this is for you.

I think a lot of times, the reason we’re not consistent is simply because we’re overwhelmed, and it’s important to protect ourselves from adding to that overwhelm. Facebook is reallllly good at overwhelming you with information and emotion.

And, I often say that Facebook is like a casino--they don’t want you to leave and they make it hard for you to!

So a HUGE hack to get consistent is to beat the game, set a timer, get in, post, respond, and get out!!!

I recommend you be strict with yourself about this, especially in the beginning, because scrolling and refreshing drains your energy and causes decision fatigue, and this can lead to overwhelm, which causes lack of consistency.

If I’m feeling tired, or overwhelmed or in any way vulnerable, annoyed, or triggered, I make a point to stay off of (or close out of) Facebook. It doesn’t do anyone good if I show up from that place.

Protect your precious energy and time, and you will find yourself more consistent!

Share below: Is this a strategy you’d like to try? Or how have you helped yourself be consistent?



How to be Consistently Consistent: Day 3

Today let’s talk about how getting inconsistent can happen in a sneaky way.

Recently, more than one of my clients was finding that she was showing up for everyone else’s needs instead of hers. They were helping people for free who needed it, doing things that were important to other people in their life, and neglecting their business. Often this is because there’s a confusion around some part of their business, like attracting clients or closing sales, so they return to doing something they’re comfortable with and that gets rewarded (because they helped someone), but that doesn’t actually move their business forward or result in sales.

In our work together, I gently hold up a mirror to what they’re doing, and the awareness and insight, combined with the accountability to change things, helps them to very quickly form a new habit of consistency.

Can you relate to my clients? Have you found yourself showing up for other people and not yourself and your business? Are you “in it” right now, or have you found something to help you move through it?

Share below!



How to be Consistently Consistent: Day 2

Being consistent is not about just making ourselves do something. Most of the time, if we struggle with consistency, beating ourselves up about it is going to be counter-productive. And that definitely doesn’t feel good when we’re building passion-based businesses, right?

It’s more about noticing that you haven’t been, and asking “Why?” For example, are you overwhelmed, unsure, or stuck on something? Do you not have a plan for what to do to be consistent, and so that leaves you avoiding it because of the lack of clarity?

If any of these things are at play, you’re not going to act rationally and do what you think you “should” do. This is when we get into mindlessly scrolling Facebook or Instagram, or doing research that isn’t really going to move us forward.

So this is about looking at what’s going on under the surface that’s keeping you from showing up, and then doing whatever you need to do to address it. Maybe journaling will help you process through it. Maybe you’re ready for a deeper, more ongoing level of support, like hiring a coach you know is the right fit for you so that you show up consistently, working on the right tasks.

Whatever you feel is what you need in order to be able to show up consistently, I invite you to make that next step, get that support, do that processing, even if it feels scary, because your intuition is talking to you, and it’s pretty darn smart :).

When you ask yourself what’s going on under the surface that’s keeping you from being consistent, what answer comes up? And what will you do to process and move through it? Share below!