Capture Your Good Ideas!


How to remember more of your good ideas:

Use Voice Memos on your phone so that you can record while driving, walking or doing chores--whenever inspiration strikes!

Put AquaNotes in the shower (part of my book title came to me this way after being elusive for over a year!)

Keep a central Google Doc for content where you record questions that you've been asked, suggestions for content topics, and any brainstorming you've done.

Between these 3 things, you're never without a place to capture those ideas, and you'll always have something to write, talk or livestream about!

Do you use any of these strategies or have some of your own to share? Which one(s) will you implement now?



Are your marketing efforts wrong or right?

BlueShirt Phone.jpg

How do you know where to focus your marketing efforts online?

Answer this question first: "Where are you spending YOUR time?"

Before you declare that space "wrong" (for instance, if you aren't seeing the engagement in your Facebook group or on your page that you want), consider that maybe NOTHING is wrong!

If you like Facebook, if you spend a lot of time on Facebook (or insert your favorite platform here), then maybe just get some help to tweak your strategy so that it works better, because here's the truth:

No matter WHAT the algorithms do, there are always going to be people successfully marketing and making money on EVERY platform--it's just a matter of designing a strategy that works for you and for the platform!

Do you believe this? Or have questions about this approach?



Tip 3: How To Be More Efficient & Productive


Set clear boundaries on your time sucks.

Do you ever feel like you look up after a full session at the computer and ask yourself, "What did I actually do to move my business forward?"🤔

It happens to all of us. Our apps are designed to keep us engaged in THEM rather than on our income-producing activities.

Here are some proven strategies I use that can help you make the most of your time & energy:

💥Do your mindset & creative work (writing content, etc.) BEFORE checking your email or social media in the morning--so that you complete YOUR money-making tasks before responding to everyone else's priorities.
💥Check your email 2x a day, at a time you've scheduled in your calendar (and delete the app from your phone).
💥Check Facebook 2x a day at a time you've scheduled in your calendar (and delete the app from your phone).

Now share with us, what are YOUR favorite strategies for productivity?

Or, which of these are you going to try out?



Tip 2: How To Be More Efficient & Productive

Screenshot selfie 4.jpg


Repurpose EVERYTHING!!!! 😃

It's likely that if you're creating any content, you're creating too much.📝

That's right.

Every piece of content you create can be turned into several other pieces.🤯

For instance, a livestream can become a newsletter, an article, a blog post, and several text FB posts.

Several FB posts can become an article, a livestream, a newsletter, and a blog post.

See what I mean?

Don't worry about your audience hearing the same thing more than once. If they love you, they don't mind at all (think about your own influencers and if you care when you see the same thing from them in 2 different places. See what I mean?)

Repurpose, and you will create more time and energy for other things in your business, while remaining consistent in front of your audience! 👍

Now tell us, do you do this, and if so, how?

Or is repurposing something you're going to dive into?



Tip: How To Be More Efficient & Productive


Batch-create your content!

Start out by creating all of your FB group content (or whatever platform you're using consistently) once a week, then pre-scheduling it if possible (if not possible on your platform, keep it all in a Google Doc for easy copying & pasting each day).

This strategy eliminates the daily pressure and stress of "What am I going to say today?!?" and allows you to be consistently present for your tribe while you're off doing other things, no matter what happens in your life during the week!

Then all you have to do is go in once a day and respond to any comments or questions that have come in since you were last present. EASY-PEASY!

This creates SO much more space in your mind and on your calendar for creativity, inspiration and enjoyment of your business!

If you think "I don't have time," try flipping that around and telling yourself "I actually don't have time to do it daily," because it's going to SAVE you so much time and energy to do this once a week!

Now tell us, is this a strategy you use (and if so, how do you like it?), or is it one you're going to try out?



When to Reschedule No-shows


I've had pleeeeenty of no-shows while building my business (truth--everyone has. It's not you, it's them ).

And, while it's a huge value of mine that I keep my appointments and expect others to do the same, there are times when I've rescheduled.

When there's some kind of extenuating exception or circumstance, like:

✅Time change mix-ups (working with women on 5 continents, you run into this at LEAST 2x a year! 🤣)
✅Some kind of unforeseen circumstance, like sickness, a last-minute work trip popping up
✅When there's a genuine apology for the missed call (this happened once with someone who became an immediate pay-in-full client when we did reschedule!)
✅Other reasons at my discretion, using my intuition

If someone just forgot, and didn’t prioritize, that’s ok for them, but it tells me something about how they work, and that they're not going to be my person, because it's usually typical of a pattern that will likely continue if they were to become my client, and that means we're not a good fit.

That said, it's MY business and I get to decide if and when I reschedule.

The important part is coming from a place of power and choice, not desperation that we have to be available for someone who might not be a good fit just because they booked a call with us once and that means they're a warm lead, even if they flaked. If that's the case, time to do some mindset work around your ability to create what you desire.

Does this sound like your policy? How is yours similar or different?

Or, will you take this to guide your own decisions in the future?



No Shows Frustrating You?

Frustrated Laptop.jpg

How to deal with no-shows in a positive way!!!

Don’t be sad, be glad!


When this happens, say a thank you that you’ve ruled out someone who is not an ideal client for you.

As long as it's in my ability, I would NEVER no-show on someone (Seriously. I had an appointment the night I found out Maeve died and I had my husband let them know I wouldn’t be able to make it while I was being admitted to the hospital.) It's a HUGE value of mine.

So, what do I, and what can you, do instead of getting bummed, slamming your computer in frustration, and heading into desperation mode?

Say a prayer of thanks and gratitude that you now have that half-hour or hour totally dedicated to work on your business and on creating more clients who WILL value your time and your expertise!️

Get to work--send those emails, create those posts or newsletters, send some follow-ups, and you'll be back to feeling hopeful, anticipatory, motivated and inspired about all of the new clients coming your way in no time!

What do you think? Is this a strategy you've tried before, or one you want to implement?



Fast Action & Support


Tip: Talk to anyone who’s achieved ANYTHING big:

Starting a business
Booking out
Hitting 6-figures
Making passive income
Publishing a book

...and you’ll find they have 2 things in common:

1. They didn’t wait for the “perfect timing” -- they took action fast.
2. They got help on their way to the top.

Do you agree?

What help have you gotten, and what has it helped you to accomplish?

Or, what help do you want to get, and to achieve what goal?



Shiny Object Distraction or Smart Investment?


Lately I've studied a bunch of webinars and offers from big-time influencers--you know the kind, with huge audiences and followings, promising huge results like they've achieved if only you follow their system (and buy their program).

And here's the super-simple question I've distilled from them, that you can take and apply to anything you're considering investing in:

Are they teaching REAL, replicable results or just what happens with massive amounts of traffic?

When the results are mainly based on the fact that someone has 200,000 email subscribers or a million Instagram followers, THIS IS REPRESENTATIVE OF WHERE THEY ARE IN BUSINESS TODAY, not of what will happen overnight if you sign up for their course.


Someone talking about how they got a multi-6-figure book deal. Having talked to big-time agents and publishers recently, I know that this is MAINLY based not on the book itself, but on the size of your existing audience (and thus, your ability to sell a certain number of books yourself, without the publisher having to go market you).

🤨Someone saying Instagram is THE tool to use to blow up your business (and you should buy their training program) when they were already a 7-figure business owner BEFORE they started using Insta, so they already had a huuuuuuge built-in audience and were a celebrity in their niche (plus had a team to help them maximize it).

Listen. There is definitely a place and purpose for these teachings--they show us what's possible. They allow us to work with and learn from (usually in a very distant or info-product way) with influencers we admire. And don't get me wrong, I'm always paying attention to the next level in business because I know that one day, I'll be there too.

BUT, where I see it being a problem is when these become shiny objects become THE thing that will FIX your business, if only you buy it.

Don't buy the hype. Take a step back and look at what's REALLY going on. Ask questions like:

Why/how did this person find success when they were at the same stage of business as me?

Are they enough like me, my niche, and my goals that
I know this program, course, etc. will translate well for my business?

Am I already at a place where I'm confident enough in my business that I know exactly how to:

✅Get visible in my niche (because you're super clear on who that is)
✅Make offers consistently (because you know exactly how you serve)
✅Sell with ease (because you're confident in your ability to deliver results)

If the answer to any of those is "no," then get support on THOSE things BEFORE investing in a program that will help you to replicate exactly the results you're getting now, only on a larger scale.

Have you found this to be true in your business and as you look around at similar offers?



When Your Fear Misleads You

Screenshot Selfie.jpg

"The ego always speaks in worst-case scenarios, pretending to be your intuition warning you about a dire future." -Doreen Virtue, 10 Messages Your Angels Want You To Know

Did you catch that?

SO often on this business-building journey, our fears keep us stuck. Fears of failure, fears of success, fears of losing people in our lives, fears of criticism, of being laughed at or ridiculed, fears of missing out (FOMO :)).

This is such a craaaaaazy-powerful shift to recognize--that it's actually our unhelpful ego that's masquerading as our intuition to try to keep us safe (because safe=same)--it's the voice of FEAR, not of love.

SO MANY FEARS! Which versions do you recognize parading around in your head?

I can identify EVERY SINGLE DANG one of these in my own head :). Whew, it's busy up there!!! With consistent mindset work, accountability, and support, though, I have learned to recognize them quicker and quicker, and also to do the inner AND outer work necessary to move through them at each level.

How do YOU overcome or work through them, or what questions do you have about how to do so?



Lessons From the Olympics


Every Olympics, I reflect on the 3 month-long stints I spent in Sochi, London, and Salt Lake, helping produce the television coverage for all countries and all sports.

Before I left for Russia, I got many requests from friends and family not to go out of fears for my safety. In typical Christine-style, I ignored them, even traveling by myself all that way :)

In Sochi, I worked with an all-Russian crew (some of them pictured). I got to work overnight shifts where I got to ask them what life was like for their parents behind the Iron Curtain, what it was like for them to grow up in a new democracy, and what things were the same.

And in that sameness there was SUCH common ground.

To arrive in a country where you literally can't read or understand anything and to leave with new friends and a deep understanding that regardless of location or politics, there really is so much more that binds us together than what we perceive to be different about us...

...well, that laid the groundwork for Life With Passion to be founded the very next year on that commonality.

I work with clients on 5 continents and there are women from dozens of countries right here, in this group.

Thank you for being a part of this movement to bring the world closer together, one person at a time! <3

Now I'd love to hear from you--when have you found common ground in your travels or experiences?



Leave a Legacy


My grandma "Tee," a Saks model/Harvard science fellowship science recipient/active politician, died when she was just 10 years older than me, long before I was born.️

Before she passed, she gifted her son, my dad, a lifetime membership to National Geographic for his college graduation. Every time I visit my parents, I learn.

And this month's issue, appropriate to our recent discussion, is all about...BIRDS!

In the article are so many birds I've never seen (link in comments), and so many reasons birds are important to our lives as we know it!

So whether you love birds or not, let's celebrate the LEGACY of those who've gone before us, the paths they've paved, the gifts they've left us.

Let's show how thankful we are for them and the stories they created in their time here.

Whose legacy, in your family or someone you admire from afar, are you thankful for today?



Rediscover and Remember


I believe God uses our businesses to heal us.

Lately I've been noticing a theme with many of my clients: they're coming face-to-face with exactly what's been holding them back (it's always something different than they thought), and deciding to heal that piece and move to the next level.

And when they do? The results are almost immediate--more clients, more money, more confidence, more joy.

And as I've reflected on these massive shifts, I've come to believe that God uses our desires to grow our businesses and live our dreams as the exact avenue to heal us...

...or, as one of my clients says, to help us rediscover and remember who we really are.

While I've always loved personal development, I know that my own inner work has deepened SO MUCH with the help of the right coach and with realizations that it's not JUST the actions that will bring you results, as much as I wanted it to be :)

Instead, it's the going inward and dealing with the beliefs (I can't be have a super-successful business and a happy family) and blocks (I have to work super hard to make money) that were holding me back so that I could go to the next level in my business.

I know my clients and I are not alone here, so I'd love to hear if you've found this to be true in your life and business?



This Valentine's Day: The Gift of Ourselves


"What a great gift we've been given--ourselves. To listen to ourselves, to trust instinct and intuition, is to pay tribute to that gift.

What a disservice not to head the leadings and leanings that so naturally arise from within. When will we learn that these leadings and leanings draw us into God's rich plan for us?

We will learn. We will learn by listening, trusting, and following through. What is it time to do?...What do I need to do to take care of myself?...What a I being led to do?...What do I know?

Listen, and we will know. Listen to the voice within.

Today, I will listen and trust. I will be helped to take action when that is needed. I can trust myself and God."

I LOVE this passage from Melody Beattie's The Language of Letting Go (anyone else read this book?).

So many of us are so busy intently doing, doing, doing that we don't close our eyes, ask for guidance, and listen. This is the most loving thing you can do on this day of love <3

What are you hearing? Will you follow through on that?



When It Is - Or Isn't - Time to Add a New Strategy


Thinking about adding a new strategy or offer to your business?

Before you do, ask yourself these 2 questions:

1. "Have I already maximized what's working?"

Here's what I mean:

➡️Are you feeling clear and confident, or are you feeling scattered and maybe even a little desperate? Which is driving this new direction?
➡️Do you know where your leads and clients have come from, and are you focusing on being consistently visible on that platform?
➡️Have I gotten testimonials and am I consistently using them as social proof?

2. "Are there parts of my process that need to be strengthened?"

For example, if you aren't selling what you're offering, before you go and create a whole new offer, figure out WHY you're not selling.

For instance:

➡️Are you clear that this is what your niche wants and needs?
➡️Are you comfortable with every part of the selling process?
➡️Are you making offers consistently?
➡️Are you getting customers or clients to buy repeatedly from you?

If one or more of these things isn't happening, the you have an opportunity to tweak those before you go create some whole new product or service in hopes that it will be the thing that fixes everything--because if you don't, that same issue will still be present with your new offering.

So what do you think? Have you ever created something out of desperation or in an attempt to fix a different part of your process? Or, do you think that might be what's going on for you right now?



Show Up... Then Show Up Again



Scrolling Facebook and getting depressed or overwhelmed that everyone is way ahead of you does NOT count as showing up.

What does?

--Connecting with people you admire.

--Reaching out to people you think you can help.

--Following up with value.

--Being visible with your services and offerings on the REG.

--Overcoming the blocks you have that keep you feeling stuck.

--Getting help and accountability to do these things, and to grow into the woman who's capable of running the successful business she desires, without self-sabotaging.

Do these things and you WILL SUCCEED.

Have you done these things? Or will you pick one to work on and strengthen right now?



I Need Accountability Just Like You Do

BlueShirt Phone.jpg

TIP: What's the best way to hold yourself accountable?

Be accountable to someone other than yourself.

Seriously, how GOOD are we at talking ourselves out of what we promised to do yesterday or even this morning?

(ex. I'm DEFINITELY not going to eat any cookies forward 8 hours...DANG. I DEFINITELY won't eat any cookies TOMORROW.🤣)

And the same is true in business whenever we come across something new and/or uncomfortable and/or scary.

For example:

➡️I'm TOTALLY going to do that Facebook Live today.
➡️I'm going to pitch on that free call I have tomorrow..
➡️I'm finally going to create my opt-in/set up my landing page/send a sales newsletter this week.
➡️This is the month I'll put my new offer out there!

Listen, I've heard it all, and I know we're all very well-intentioned, but our own doubts/blocks/fears get in the way when we're left to our own devices, and trying to do something we've never done before (and be perfect at it the first time, right? :D)!

So what do we do?

Personally, I used to try to use my mastermind partners for accountability, but that didn't work for me. We had no skin in the game and so it was easy to reschedule calls in favor of client calls or life, and/or to let each other slide because we were friends.

The fastest way to get where you want to be, and accomplish the goals you want to accomplish, is to make it hard for you if you don't. Get someone who will really hold your feet to the fire and won't let you get away with excuses to yourself anymore.

This has changed everything for me.

➡️I wanted to get my book done? I hired an editor. After 14 months, it was done WITHIN A WEEK.
➡️I wanted to figure out what wasn't working in my business & why after doing ALL THE STRATEGY in the world? I hired a 1:1 coach who I knew would go deep with me and help me sort it out.
➡️I wanted to give up sugar? I hired Sherry Parks to help me through a cleanse (because my husband and I are totally going to talk ourselves into ALL THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS after a long day of work and parenting).

See what I mean? The right kind of accountability is a TOTAL GAME-CHANGER.

Now share with us, have you tried this kind of accountability, and what's been the result? Or how do you hold yourself accountable?



Are you super clear?


"I can feel my outlook changing. Today I felt like I entered the world where I haves students!"

It's my joy to receive messages like this from clients.

After literally decades of feeling stuck in how to bring their unique gifts to the world, within 2 sessions this client felt confident, had a clear plan, and was energized to carry it out, because we created it in a laser-focused way that was also full of laughter and fun.

Honestly, this is typical. Why?

Because my Zone of Genius is helping you quickly step into--and make money in--yours.

It's a skillset I've honed over years as a university professor, career counselor, marketing consultant for small businesses, as well as coaching women around the world since 2015.

You know me, I'm not a bragger, but I AM super-clear on the value I provide, how I show up for my clients, and that this is my life's work & calling, and I want you to know what's possible for you, too.

I have 2 spots coming open to work with me for 6 months to transform your life by building a business you love.

If you're feeling inspired and want to talk about whether this is right for you, email me and we can set up a time to chat <3.



The Secret

Christine 2.jpg

"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what one's destiny is to do, and then do it." -Henry Ford

Do you feel like you know what your destiny is (for right now, doesn't have to be a once-and-for-all forever thing!)?

For example:

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, and I started on the side as an online marketer, not knowing that a decade later, I'd be founding Life With Passion as the next iteration of my destiny and true calling. I had to grow into the person who was ready of taking that next step in visibility, income and supporting my clients through their own transformations.

I always knew that I loved horses, but I could have NEVER in my wildest imagination dreamed that I'd grow to have a herd of 7 RARE Arabians and get to help make other women's dreams come true with them.

As a lifelong avid reader and writer, I always knew I wanted to write a book, but I had no idea how or about what until 2015 (and it took an additional 2 years of development, overcoming blocks, writing and editing to be ready to call it complete!).

So, how about you? Are there parts of your destiny that you feel super-clear on? What are they? Or are you still searching?



Not Everyone Will Understand

Christine Euro.jpg

"There are 2 types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try & those who are afraid you will succeed." -Ray Goforth

SO much goodness in this quote, right?

TRUTH: on this business-building journey, you're going to encounter both types of people, and often these people are the ones closest to you, the ones whose opinions you most value.

WE ALL DO. Truth: my husband thought I was crazy (some days, he still does ).

That's ok. He is a lifelong employee at ONE 9-5 and he loves it (opposites attract). No way he gets to give valuable advice/opinions on how to be an entrepreneur--because he doesn't know anything about it.

Plenty of people don't understand what I do.

That's ok. They may be afraid to try and/or afraid of what it would mean for THEM if I succeed.

Your work and mine is to NOT LET THEM STOP YOU, and keep moving forward.

Your work is to recognize that their comments and opinions are more about THEM than they are about YOU and your ability to succeed in accomplishing your dreams & desires, and to let them bounce off of you like you're wearing bulletproof armor, rather than take them on and harbor them as your own fears.

If this is your passion, and your calling, then your opportunity and responsibility is to keep showing up for it, because persistency & consistency WIN.

I'm posting a link to a livestream I did about this topic recently in the comments as well, if you want to go deeper with this.

How about you? Have you experienced these types of people? How do you overcome them and keep moving forward?

Share with us below!