How to Sell Without Feeling Salesy: Day 5


Are you freaked out about calls? Here’s a simple approach to take the pressure off you AND your potential client.

Think about it like a date, not married at first sight :) Have a conversation and get to know each other. Don’t go into it thinking, “Ahhhh, now I have to sell them.” Reframe this and think about it, instead of as a sales conversation, as an open conversation. It’s like a date--you’re both checking each other out to see if you’re the right fit. This is how I run my Clarity Calls. Then, you BOTH get to decide if you’re excited about working together (going on more dates, eventually becoming “an item,” etc.)

I had a conversation with a friend who runs his own business recently, and he asked me how I do it all, especially now that I have a baby. The answer is simple: I only work with people I’m excited to support. He said, “I wish I could say the same!” When you’re giving of yourself to your clients (mine get my full attention and energy), building a passion-filled business with limited time and resources, it’s SO important to preserve your excitement and create an upward spiral where you get energy from working with your clients, rather than them draining you (because then, what’s the point?).

So in your conversation, ask questions. Make it about THEM. Lean back. Show up fully, and let it be their decision.

How does it feel to make that shift? Or do you have questions about this approach? Share with us below!



How to Sell Without Feeling Salesy: Day 4

Let’s dive into how to calm your nerves & increase your confidence around sales.

You can start, right now, by making this shift in your mind:

I come from a place of SERVICE, not sales. I am showing up today to explore whether what I have to offer is the right fit to help this person, or these people.

Again, this comes from focusing inward, and taking responsibility for what you can control--your approach, and your confidence, what you have to offer, and the service or transformation it provides.

If you’re not sure exactly what those are, you’re not going to be selling. This is an inside job and you already have what you need.

Maybe you just need some support to bring it out, and if that’s the case, I’d love to talk to you about whether my support is the right fit for that (it happens to be one of my superpowers :). You can book your free call here to learn more:

Now, comment below--do you believe you have something to offer? Are you clear on what that is? Or do you wish you had more confidence around it?

Share below and practice talking about it in an authentic, genuine way!



How to Sell Without Feeling Salesy: Day 3

Happy Wednesday!  All this week I've been chatting with you about How To Sell Without Feeling Salesy!

Now that we’ve identified some people who are selling in a way that you like, what can you adopt from them?

For example, if you like the way someone shows up and provides a lot of value AND asks for the sale without being salesy, how can you do that, too? It doesn’t have to be one or the other!

What do you have to offer of value? Are you afraid of giving too much away so that no one will buy from you? What can you give while also asking for the sale?

Share below!



How to Sell Without Feeling Salesy: Day 2

elcome back to my discussion this week of How To Sell Without Feeling Salesy!

Today, we’re shifting the focus from THOSE people who we’re avoiding being like, and we’re studying instead the ones who do sell in a way that is authentic and genuine and doesn’t feel salesy or pressured.

Let’s keep it simple, as you know I love to do, and ask ourselves--who do I know who sells in a way that doesn’t feel pressured? And what do I like about the way they sell?

When you think about this question, who comes to mind? Who sells in a way that you admire? What specifically do you admire about the way they sell, and why?

Share below!



How to Sell Without Feeling Salesy: Day 1

Do you hate, feel stuck or nervous about sales? Do you feel really uncomfortable selling or feel like you’re being pushy? Then I've got you, girl, because all this week, we’re talking about How To Sell Without Feeling Salesy!

Listen, I get it. You are a genuine, authentic person who cares about her relationships and isn’t just going to spam everyone she knows with an invitation to buy from her. You don’t want to be one of THOSE people, so to avoid being one of them, you actually don’t sell at all--or very rarely. Am I right?

Here’s one reason you're not selling:

Because your definition of "sales" is keeping you stuck.

You’re feeling like sales=the old school used car salesman, where someone is pressuring/manipulating/selling you something you don’t want/need, and that feels sleazy and slimy. But actually, what you’re selling is different!

The very fact that you care, that you’re here, reading this, means that it is. You have something to offer that could change peoples' lives, right? You love it; it’s worked for you!

But you have this internal conflict that sets you up to feel like if you sell, you'll be like that used car salesman, so you stop yourself, then you don’t make any money. Then what might happen if you don't get clear about this is that you don’t get to help any people, you have a revenue problem, you think it’s something wrong with you or your service and go out of business.

Here's what it boils down to: It’s an INSIDE thing. This is where to go first. People can FEEL if you’re not confident or avoiding trying to sell.

You must sell to be in business. You MUST. If you’re not open to learning how to sell in a way that feels good to you, you should not be in business, because the truth is, you’re not in business if you’re not making sales! You have a hobby. And that’s ok if that’s what you want, but I think you want more than that, which is why you’re here, yes?

I'm here to help. I'm here to tell you that there IS a way to sell that feels good and authentic and in no way pressured or stressful. The first step toward that is to get aware of what has been going on, so that you can move forward from an empowered place.

SO. I know that's a LOT of tough love for you on a Monday morning, but if this feels true for you, I'd love for you to share below, or, if you've been there and have moved past this, I'd love for you to share your best tip on how to do so!!!



Feeling Fabulous at Follow-Up: Day 5

We have talked about a lot of different strategies this week, so today I'm going to keep it very simple and answer this question: how often should I follow up?

Here's what I recommend:
Send your initial email follow up as soon as possible after your Connection call, either the day of or the day after.
Then generally I recommend following up once a week for a couple of weeks, and then moving to every other week for a month, and then moving to monthly.

When you are providing value, being genuine, and sending individualized emails that aren't just generic, then your prospect is always going to be happy to hear from you. Simple as that.

However, use your intuition and if you are having an email conversation back-and-forth, then change up your dates and adjust accordingly.

Your ideal client may share something that causes you to change this timeline too. Additionally, there are many times when I wake up with a potential client in particular on my mind, or have her name come to me during the day. In those cases I listen to my intuition and I follow up with her. More than once I've gotten a response like "Oh my gosh it's so crazy that I'm hearing from you now, thank you so much for writing today because I was just thinking about you!!"

Now share with us, is there a schedule you keep when following up? What questions do you have about it?



Feeling Fabulous at Follow-Up: Day 4

Today, if you’re not sure to who to follow up with, here are 2 questions to ask yourself to decide:

1. Am I excited to work with this person?
If the answer is "yes," then keep following up. I've had clients who've been part of my community for months or even over a year before they were ready to work with me, but once they made up their mind, they paid in full!

I knew from the first time we connected that they were totally ideal and women I could support to make a real difference in their business and lives, but they had their own path to working with me. My job was to keep providing them value and show them the possibility. (I've also had clients sign up with me very quickly, the day we spoke for the first time, because they were already very clear on the support they desired and knew I was the right fit, so it doesn't have to take a long time, but it's important to be open to that and not write people off.)

If something in your intuition or some other factor is telling you that they might not be a great fit, might be a headache, or might even be a toxic client for you, then just say NO and let them go, even if you really want to be getting a paying client. It won’t serve you or them to do otherwise.

Building businesses we’re passionate about and this requires our time & energy, and we invest ourselves heavily in the creation of our products and services, and in our relationships with our clients. It’s important to be clear about who you want to work with, listen to your intuition, and only follow up with those people.

2. Have they told me “no?”
One thing I heard form Lacey Craig that I love is, treat them as a “yes” until they say “no.”

Not responding to your emails is not a “no.” It might just mean they’re busy, so keep following up. If they said something on the phone like, “I’d love to work with you, let me see how I can get the money,” or “Sounds good, maybe later this year,” these are not “no!”

Do these connections the service of believing that they are an empowered person who is TOTALLY capable of finding or creating the money to work with you, and keep following up, providing value, and helping them see the possibility of how working with you can benefit them.

If you ask yourself both of these questions, it will make your list of who to follow up with much clearer, and you can set about sending them emails with valuable resources and insights to help them, and build that relationship!

What questions do you have about these questions or this approach? Ask below!



Feeling Fabulous at Follow-Up: Day 3


We’ve been talking for the last couple of days about big, overall strategies, so we’re going to simplify here and take it down to a very specific task:

Every time you speak to someone about working together, if they’re someone you’d like to work with, send a follow-up email either the day of, or within 24 hours of, your call (or initial contact, if it was in-person or via email).

I recommend that you send them an email letting them know how much you enjoyed your conversation and how specifically you would propose to work with them, then asking what questions they have.

This is SO important! It keeps you top-of-mind, lets your potential client know that you listened, care, and want to work with them too. It’s not the ONLY time you’re going to follow up with them (see day 1 for an example of how to follow up later on), but it is a great, powerful start.

What questions do you have about this initial follow-up? Or have you done this and found it works well? Share below!



Feeling Fabulous at Follow-Up: Day 2

Today, I want you to start to get to know people who are already in your community! All too often, we’re focused on finding new people instead of building relationships with the ones who already know, like and trust us (are therefore already that much more ready to potentially buy from us!

Yes, you already have people in your community. You already have a tribe of people who want to hear from you, even if you don’t see or believe it yet.

Here are some places to look:
-Facebook group (yours or one you’re active in)
-Facebook friends
-LinkedIn connections
-Instagram followers
-Email list (if you’re further along in business)
-List of people you know (your warm personal market)

Who among them fits your ideal client profile or knows those who do? Who are you not sure about, but you like what you see of them and you’d love to connect and learn more?

Send them emails, reaching out! Offer them a free assessment call if they’re already in your group or on your list. Send them an email inviting them to personally connect on the phone & solve their biggest problem right now. For me, it’s my Next Right Step call, where I serve women who are feeling overwhelmed about what to do next to decide on a business idea, grow their business, or revitalize it so that they can make more money and get more freedom. I know that in this call, I’ll simplify and identify the next thing they need to do to grow their business now. What is it for you?

Remember, these people have RAISED THEIR HAND to say that they want to hear from you--are you willing to show up for them and connect one-on-one? If not, what do you need to put in place to be able to do so?

If you don’t know them well enough to feel comfortable doing that yet, then simply reach out for a connection. This will pay HUGE dividends as it exponentially increases your network (by connecting you to theirs), and can create future raving fans and referral sources!

Which one of these are you going to choose first to start sending emails to? Or, what questions do you have around this strategy?



Feeling Fabulous at Follow-Up: Day 1

This week, we're talking about Feeling Fabulous At Follow-Up!

There's a reason for the saying, "The fortune is in the follow-up," and we talked a little bit about this last week during our "How To Create Magnetic Messaging" series, so this week, we're going deeper and going into exactly HOW to follow-up in a way that feels good--and works!!!!

I used to be really confused about how to follow up and felt like I was pressuring people or being annoying. So, when I connected with someone I KNEW I could help and was so excited to support, but they said to me, "I'd love to work with you, but _______," I was so bummed and frustrated and I didn't know what else to say other than occasionally getting up the guts to write them an email that basically said, "How about now?" Can you relate?

Now, I feel really good about following up because I know that each time I do, I'm adding value to their life, and here's one way I do that:

I send them an article, or video, or some other resource I think would be helpful to them and what they're struggling with or looking for.

It can be something I created, or something someone else did. What's important is that I'm sharing a resource they can use right now and that's relevant to their current struggle. I let them know that I'd love to hear what they think of it to further the conversation and build the relationship.

Here's an example:
Hi Ella!
I know that when we talked, one of the things you were struggling with was procrastination. I was thinking about you and wanted to share this article that I think will help you as you consider whether working together is the next best step for you and your business:…

I'd love to hear what you think of it, and either way, I know it's going to provide you with some insights you can apply in your business right now!

Lots of love,

So, who can you follow up with and add value to today? Share below...and share the questions you have about this strategy, too!



How To Create Magnetic Messaging: Day 4


To become memorable, you have to be willing to be vulnerable.

This is so uncomfortable to many people (for many reasons) that a lot of them just hide out, out of fear or feeling overwhelmed.

Ain't no way to build a business, girl.

Personal stories make you memorable. Sharing your struggles makes you REAL. If you act like everything is perfect all the time, it comes off as plastic and boring.

What do you remember about the people you follow? Do you remember the personal insights they share, things they've overcome, challenges they've had, or do you remember their straight promotional posts?

It matters not what you are selling--share the STORY behind it. As Simon Sinek says, people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

You may know that I am so passionate about helping women do what they love, and get and stay out of their 9-5 jobs, because I spent years in a job that I hated so much, I was praying to get laid off and even wishing my car would go off the road. I KNEW I was capable of, and had big dreams, but I didn't know how to achieve them and I didn't have someone to show me the way. Now, my intention is to light the way and be that person for my clients.

Yes, sharing will be uncomfortable, especially at first. But, if your business matters to you, this is a non-negotiable. It is required. Why? Because it gives people a reason to buy from you!

You do not have to share everything or the thing that scares you most to start. Begin with something that feels more comfortable, doable. Talk about why you started your business or why you care about helping the people you help. Start there.

I know I'm throwing down a gauntlet a little bit here, but you know I wouldn't do that unless it was that important.

So my challenge to you today is to share below one story behind why you do what you do below!

Get it, girl! :) Looking forward to learning YOUR why.



How To Create Magnetic Messaging: Day 3


Today we're talking about 2 little words that are POWERHOUSES for super-charging your messaging!

These 2 little words automatically connect your clients to the benefits you offer them.

These magical words: "so that."

Really, Christine? That's it? "So that?"

Yes. Allow me to explain :)

When you're putting a post out there, it's important to explain exactly how the value you're sharing will support or help your ideal client, so that they can picture how awesome it could be to use your strategy or product, sign up for your freebie, or work with you.


 My FREE PDF, "Top 5 Things To Do To Get Your First (or Next!) Client" will show you:

💥That you DO have somebody you are already able to serve and you are totally ready, where you are now, to do that

💥How to get clarity on who you want to serve & how

💥Where to find your missing confidence so that you can serve your clients well

I'd love for you to gain all these and more by downloading your workbook here:
See how that works?

Now's your chance to try it out, ask questions, and get feedback SO THAT you can start using these magical words for yourself!

Share with us below one thing you do for your clients, including "so that" in the description!



How To Create Magnetic Messaging: Day 2

Today we're talking about creating posts that stand out and make you memorable!

How do we do that, and what do we say?

The thing that I'd love for you to remember with anything that you write is that people are probably not going to remember what you said, but they will remember how reading your words made them feel.

So, with each post, think about how you want them to feel. Informed? Motivated? Inspired?

And then...Write about what they WANT to know. If you’ve talked to your ideal clients already, this is easy.

Example: I know my people want to have more confidence and that I cnan help them get it. So I infuse that in to everything I write, whether I'm talking about creating your packages or I'm talking about how to increase your overall confidence. Make sense?

If you don’t know what your people want, ask.

If you don’t know who your people are, then start there.

If you don't have clarity on these 2 things (who your people are and what they want), then your posts will feel scattered and will likely fall flat.

If you do, and you keep what they want in front of you, and write to that, you will see engagement!

Inside the post:
Notice the length of post you like to read, and let that be a good starting point for you as you create.

Always include a photo of something you or your ideal client likes and that relates to the post. The photo is what makes them stop scrolling to read.

Be willing to engage beyond the initial post. Ask for their response at the end of the post by asking questions that allow them to share vulnerably or also share what’s worked for them. Respond to comments. Encourage people to engage.

What questions do you have about this? Or what works for you when writing content?



How To Create Magnetic Messaging: Day 1


Today we're talking about follow-up.

This might seem a little counterintuitive to start with, but it's where I see the most fall-off and opportunity for your business to grow.

As a quote on my office wall reads, "BE CONSISTENT. Over 50% of people give up after the first contact. 89% give up after 4 contacts. By the 9th contact, you have a 90% chance of landing the client."

Is that crazy, or WHAT? If I told you that you'd have a 90% chance of success with one particular strategy, would you do it? What an opportunity to build your business that almost EVERYONE is missing!!!!

There's a reason for the saying, "The fortune is in the follow-up!"

Now, this is NOT about following up with everyone you talk with. This is not about spamming people or hounding them to work with you.

This is about ONLY following up with people we're excited by or passionate about working with!

The thing is, if you have a business, you already have people you'd love to help, right? If you feel like you don't, then start there. Brainstorm a list of people you'd love to help, and reach out to them to offer to connect. Then, once you've connected, if you still feel it's a good fit, you can start the follow-up process.

These follow-ups could like like one or more of these:
-Email them and paint a picture of what it would be like to work together.
-Send them an article, post, or podcast episode you think would help them (provide value!).
-Ask for their feedback and what questions you can answer for them.

Now, what questions do you have about following-up? Or what success have you found with following-up?



How to Create & Price Your Awesome Offer: Day 5

Today we're talking about creating your offer!

Your ideal offer, program or service is at the intersection of what you know and what people need.

How do you determine this? Well, you base it on 2 things:
what you know + what they say.

You have an expertise already, and how do you figure out specifically how to apply it? You start with what you know, what your expertise is. What have you already accomplished for yourself and for others? Use this to determine your niche, and then you know who to ask for feedback on what they need right now.

Once you know who you take a stand for, and determine what they’re struggling with and where you can help (I recommend micro market research like surveys or free, value-filled calls), then you can design a program that gives them what they need.

We've already talked about pricing this program or offer, so what about length? As far as length of your program goes, keep in mind that usually, once we’ve accomplished something ourselves, we completely underestimate or forget the time it took us to do so :).

It’s likely that your ideal client is going to need longer than you think to really deeply ingrain the lessons you have to teach and the expertise you have to offer. Drinking out of a fire hose can be a great way to solve one specific problem, but is usually not the best way to affect long-lasting change!

I’m a big believer in working together over time, because I’ve seen the impact it has, and I know my people desire accountability and support to make the changes in their life. Your ideal clients may or may not, but you get to find that out!

This does NOT have to be complicated, but it does require showing up for the process, listening to yourself and your ideal clients, employing simple strategies, getting clear, and being open to doing the work.

If you don't have an offer and a price you feel good about, you're not going to be selling, which means you don't have a business. This is a KEY piece of starting and growing your successful business, so if this has been keeping you stuck, it's time to change that so that you can open yourself up to making money and making a difference with what you have to offer.

This is something I work with my clients on all the time, so if you're interested in my support, I invite you to reach out and schedule a call with me here:

Now I'd like to hear from you! Where have you gotten hung up in the process of creating your offer? Where can you move forward today?



How to Create & Price Your Awesome Offer: Day 4

Let's talk about how to decide on your offer.

If you’re seeking profitability and to gain momentum in your business, I recommend that you first create a premium-priced, one-on-one offer for your niche.

Why do this instead of creating a lower-priced info-product or group course, as so many people recommend?

Because it serves both your client and you at the highest level. It serves the client by allowing you to totally customize the experience and what they learn to exactly what they most need. It serves you by bringing in real money to your business in exchange for the value you’re providing, allowing you to quickly increase your income if you’re still in an 9-5, and make real money for your expertise (yes, you do have one, and we’ll talk about that more tomorrow), and be of service.

Does that make sense to you? What questions do you have around it? Ask below!



How to Create & Price Your Awesome Offer: Day 3

Yesterday we talked about one strategy for pricing; today we’re talking about another.

Now, the second way is to choose a number and see how it makes you FEEL. That might sound kind of out there, but stick with me :)

If you’re not confident in your price, if you feel like you can hardly say the words, if you feel the need to explain why it’s worth it, or justify it, your potential client is going to sense that and is not going to be comfortable paying it.

So in this case, it doesn’t matter if you’ve looked around to see what other people are charging or what your teacher or coach is charging and based your number on that external thing. If you don’t believe it’s worth it internally, you are going to have a heck of a hard time selling it.

I recommend selling your first service-based package or two at a price that feels like, “If I have someone I’m really excited about working with, and they don’t take me up at this price, they’re crazy.”

We’re not actually calling them crazy, but more finding that confidence within ourselves that we KNOW, deep-down, that this is a good, good offer that they’re going to get a TON of value out of.

This strategy will build your confidence, which is CRUCIAL to your success, so that you can get momentum, work with more clients, and raise your prices when you're ready.

So, what’s that number for you? What comes up around this for you?



How to Create & Price Your Awesome Offer: Day 2

Let’s dive into pricing your offer!

There are 2 ways I recommend pricing. The first is the analytical way, and that's what we're going to talk about today.

Here's where I recommend you start with this strategy:
Take your annual salary you make (or made) in your 9-5, and cut it in half. Take the first 2 numbers of that equation, and that’s your rough hourly rate. For example, if I made $50,000/year, my rough hourly rate would be $25/hour. Now, estimate how much time you’ll be spending to provide your offer, and multiply that by your hourly rate (if my program or service is going to take me 30 hours to deliver, then that’s $750).

This is a baseline for what you could charge to start out.

The reason I recommend doing this exercise is NOT because that’s the absolute price you should charge. It’s because someone ALREADY PAID YOU that amount to do work before, and you were comfortable with that, so for many people, it’s a good starting number to look at on paper.

When you're just getting started or you're stuck on pricing, it's important to keep it simple. It is NOT important for it to be the end-all be-all perfect price forever. It's much more important to get over the fear, decide on a price and get your first or next client.

Now share with us, when you do this exercise to figure out your hourly rate, how does that number look to you on paper? If you have an offer already, when you apply this formula to it, what do you think?



How to Create & Price Your Awesome Offer: Day 1

Day 1: Get clear on what you're offering.

You know I'm all about clarity, simplicity and focus, because THAT's how you grow your business (NOT by doing all the things), so today I want you to choose ONE offer. Just one!!!

Does that freak you out? Afraid of leaving people out? Well, last week we talked about fear of missing out, so if you need to, just search "FOMO" so just scroll down for previous posts and you'll get my best tips for moving through it :).

Confused people don't buy, so if you're not clear on what you're offering, your potential clients & customers won't be either.

You can ALWAYS expand later, but starting with one offering (and then pricing it well and offering it consistently) is how you build a thriving business. So it STARTS with clarity on what you're offering.

For example, when I started Life With Passion, my only offer was a one-on-one coaching program. That's it.

While I created 2 self-study courses in response to what my community asked for, and offer one-time private intensives, my one-on-one program is the main way I work with clients today, because that's where they get the biggest results, and as Lacey Craig would say, "That's where the magic happens."

How about you? Are you clear on your offering?



Getting Free From FOMO: Day 5

Deciding frees you to move from a place of feeling like a victim to showing up as a volunteer. When we are feeling stuck or incapable of deciding, we're handing our power over to something external. Once we make a decision, we're reminded that we actually get to choose how we show up, today.

Here's an example:

I had a mini-physical for life insurance. The agent came to my house to perform a few tests and verify my application.

She was nice, but flustered, and complained non-stop about how beautiful the day was outside, since she’d be stuck inside doing payroll, her least favorite thing to do, how much she was dreading it, and how awful today was going to be, etc., etc. She was in her 50s, and I was saddened to realize how unhappy this woman was, and that she clearly saw herself as trapped by her job. She couldn’t even enjoy the fact that she was out of the office, sitting in front of a beautiful view, making a drive in the sunshine, and so on.

It honestly reminded me of how far I’ve come. A few years ago, that would’ve been me, joining in, always stressing or obsessing about the next negative thing coming up on my schedule and how I was going to survive it.

I wasn’t enjoying the present because I was too busy dreading what was next, and living in the future put me in a perpetual state of anxiety.

So that meant my hopes, dreams and thoughts were dependent on things outside of my control, outside of the here and now, relegated to “someday,” waiting in the wings for me to realize that they were up to me all along!

You are not a victim. Neither is the insurance lady. I know that’s a loaded word to use, but I use it with meaning and intention.

You ARE a volunteer, and you have the power to change your circumstances--but it IS a choice. You can make the choice before you know exactly how it’s all going to happen. It’s simply a choice to be open to what could be next, and better for you.

It feels much easier to play the victim, and to be blunt, most people do--but where is that getting you?

I asked the below question on a coaching call:

Where will you be a year from today if it’s still up to someone or something else to make YOUR dreams come true?

It totally rocked the woman on the other end of the phone out of complacency and fear to a place where she was finally ready to accomplish a goal she'd been procrastinating on for 9 YEARS!

You don’t have to know how it’s all going to look now, you just need to decide to make a choice to take the power back and take control of your life. That’s where it starts. And every day, women just like you are making the choice to be open to changing their own lives.

Are you ready?

What’s one place you’ve been waiting for someday or playing the victim that you’re willing to change, even if you don’t yet know what that looks like?