Are you ready to FINALLY replace your income THIS year with a business you love
(minus the overwhelm)?


The Income Replacement Formula LIVE Mastermind:

Create your exit strategy & income to quit your job
and run your passion-filled business from anywhere!

A 12-week small group coaching experience led by Christine McAlister 

(Only 10 Spots Available!)


Being an entrepreneur is your dream.

You feel stuck, like you will never be able to replace the income your 9-5 used to provide (or is still providing).  It’s draining.

You KNOW you're meant for more and have dreams of running your own business full-time, but you just can't see the path and are feeling overwhelmed by all the options. Which will work? How do you know? Who do you trust?

You love helping people and you want to make a real difference in the world.

You're looking around at what other people are doing, and part of you feels sad, or, if you're honest, a little jealous.

You wonder if you have any special skills that people would pay you for.

You're a motivated, driven high-achiever, and you know that if someone would just give you a clear plan to execute, you'd go DO IT already!

You’re open to doing the work, love personal development and learning, have studied and read a lot of books, but you’re just not sure what you're missing or how to put it all into action.

You’re smart, you’re capable, you’re high-achieving and independent... and you’re SO ready to make this work, for real this time.

You want some personalized support that’s specific to you, your situation, your dreams and passions.

I get it. I spent years in that exact same place, in a toxic work environment, knowing deep-down that I wasn’t doing what I was meant to, and discouraged that I was spending my days wasting my true potential in a windowless closet-turned-office.  I was terrified to quit because I didn't have a clear plan or the confidence that I'd be able to pay my bills. I felt stuck, wishing at times for a layoff, a car accident, or something, anything, to take me out of this desperate situation. Sounds pretty crazy, but I know that if you're here, you probably have your own version of this, too.

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I was a perfectionist, couldn’t delegate, was high-stress, torn between having huge dreams but unable to see outside my limited box. I would read books and articles on productivity with the best of intentions, but nothing changed.

But then, when I finally quit my job, I replaced my income from my side hustle in the first month.

And now, I have a 6-figure business working part-time.

I travel more and work less than ever before, make money by helping others and doing work I love, and finally feel the deep peace I was seeking for so long--knowing that I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to do.  

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  • Do you struggle with procrastination, perfectionism, and self-doubt?

  • Are you passionate about helping others, but feel like getting paying clients is hard?

  • Is making money in your side business stressful?


Imagine being OUT of your 9-5 for good.

What would you do?

Would you travel? Spend time with your family and animals? Work in your PJs whenever you felt inspired? What if you had a plan, a real, concrete plan on how to quit your job?

What if every day you woke up knowing exactly what steps to take to move toward your goal of quitting?

You finally know that you are getting closer and closer to the day that you walk out the door of your soul-sucking job and never return.

You have the simple actions to take each day to turn your side business into a money-making, full-time income--and then some.

This is exactly what you'll learn how to do in THE INCOME REPLACEMENT FORMULA LIVE MASTERMIND.

Because when you have a clear plan and the support to carry it out, you can quickly replace your income and walk out the door of your 9-5 for good.  

Or, if you’re already out, you can lay a foundation for your business that will ensure you never have to go back.

I learned to identify and focus on expanding what is already working in my business, rather than creating more work for myself!
— Nancy

I learned how to really get started with my dream! Christine McAlister you are so gifted in helping all of us use our talents to best serve and create the life we desire to pursue! Thank you so much for everything! I have learned so much.
— Jamie
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Most high-achieving, aspiring female entrepreneurs lack clarity, confidence, and a simple strategy to bring their dream to life.


They also feel alone, without the support of others who “get it,” and surrounded by negative friends and family.

When they do finally find time to sit down to work on their business, they feel so overwhelmed that they don't know what to work on, so they wind up mindlessly scrolling Facebook.

Until now.

The Income Replacment Formula LIVE Mastermind is the only program designed specifically for high-achieving, motivated women to get--and stay--out of their soul-sucking jobs, quickly replace their incomes, and make great money doing work that makes a difference--in a one-of-a-kind small group setting.

While most group programs have dozens or even hundreds of members, this mastermind is limited to just 10 people, so that you get individual attention and support--the kind that’s required to make the transition to successful entrepreneur.

I know that if my clients and I can get freedom after so many years of stubbornly striving, stressing, and just barely surviving, you can too!!!

I take a stand for women to get OUT (and stay out!) of the 9-5 jobs that are draining you and your life every day. For knowing that no matter what you’ve been through, it’s possible not only to survive, but to THRIVE. I know you’re meant for more, too, and it’s my deep desire to help you live it out.

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I quit my 9-5!!!!!!

My biggest takeaway was that I am more ready to begin my business than I realize!! :) “Start before you’re ready” is a valuable lesson that I am working on embracing more fully because it is becoming clearer that I am usually more ready than I think!
— Laura

Through my work with clients all over the world, I’ve reverse-engineered the exact system I used on myself and on my clients (and even wrote a #1 bestselling book, The Income Replacement Formula: Seven Simple Steps To Doing What You Love And Making Six Figures From Anywhere, about it).

Using this system, I’ve helped 75% of my clients and counting, including 6-figure income earners, to quit their jobs, and make money doing what they love, too.

The Income Replacement Formula LIVE Mastermind will teach you the same strategies I use with these high-level clients, for a fraction of the cost of working with me 1:1--but while still getting a ton of individual support PLUS a built-in community of like-minded high-achievers! Only 10 spots are available, and then I’ll close the doors, keeping the setting intimate and the coaching as personalized as possible.

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You’re going to learn exactly how to:

·         Use the exact strategies I used to quit my job and replace my income from my side-hustle in the first month

·         Take productive, strategic, business-building action so that you’re no longer feeling stuck, spinning your wheels or feeling overwhelmed about what to do

·         Create the momentum that makes leaving your job feel possible, so that your dream becomes real and tangible

·         To know exactly how to keep up that momentum and create more and more results in your business, even with limited time, so that you no longer question where to begin or how to move forward

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Have questions or want to talk to me personally about whether the Mastermind is the right fit for you? Schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me here:

Are you ready to replace your income with a business you love--for good?



Week 1: Your Mission

How To Replace Your Income With A Business You LOVE

  • Reframe your mindset about debt from stressed & obsessed to grateful & empowered

  • Discover the simple formula to look at what you love in a brand new way.

  • Release the doubt, fear, and anxiety that tells you it’s not possible and begin to understand how it IS!


Week 2: Your Dream Life

Get clear on exactly what you want so that you can start to pave the path to get it

  • Uncover the lifestyle YOU desire to live so that you can determine how to live a life you love that also pays the bills (+ more)

  • Learn simple and easy ways to begin to live your dream life NOW, so that you have even more energy, motivation and inspiration to build your business


Week 3: Your Money

Learn how to deal with money in a whole new way

  • Reframe your mindset about money from stressed & obsessed to grateful so that you lose the pressure and feel empowered and clear

  • Assess your current situation & make a strategic plan so that you know exactly what to do each day (hint: it’s not as scary as you think!)



Week 4: Your Sneaky Self-Sabotages

Overcoming the fear & self-doubt that’s been holding you back

  • Recognize the real reason fear and self-doubt have stopped you from moving forward so that you can address it directly

  • Smash through your limiting stories so that you can rewrite them

  • Learn how to deal with and let go of procrastination and perfectionism once and for all so that your business grows even faster

Week 5: Your Confidence

Develop real, deep confidence in your ability to help others

  • Finally own your confidence and actually BELIEVE it

  • Discover why you're actually ready to serve your clients now

  • Let go of the fear that you won’t be able to help your clients get results


Week 6: Your Clients Are Waiting

Nailing Your Niche

  • Quickly identify your perfect niche

  • Open the door for bringing in your ideal, paying clients


Week 7: Your Freedom-Based Business Blueprint

Creating Spectacular Services, Packages & Pricing

  • Create the unique package that your ideal client needs & wants

  • Choose a price that feels deep-down good to charge


Week 8: Your Marketing

Designing the perfect plan for you--without losing it

  • Learn the easy way to cut through all the noise and figure out exactly how & where to show up online to get clients

  • Discover how to be as successful as you want with just one simple strategy


Week 9: Your Messaging

Creating content that converts

  • Use your story to create magnetic messaging that attracts YOUR niche

  • Create consistency without feeling overwhelmed by what to say every day

Week 10: Your Visibility

Getting in front of your niche yourself without feeling overwhelmed or like “that person”

  • Learn how to provide that elusive “value” on a consistent basis, so that you get known, liked and trusted by your people

  • Create a plan for visibility that feels comfortable and actually converts to paying clients


Week 11: Your Successful Sales

Selling in a non-salesy, non-pushy, non-icky way

  • Learn how to make offers in a way that feels GOOD, even if you’re an introvert who hates selling & networking

  • Sell in a genuine, authentic way, without pressuring people and with confidence and ease


Week 12: Your Mounting Momentum

Your 90-day consistency plan to blast into 2019 with a 9-5 escape hatch

  • Get super-clear on how to choose the most important task YOU can do each day (it’s different for everyone!)

  • Learn the simple action plan for consistent progress that even the busiest person has time for!

  • Creating momentum through a clear, strategic action plan and strategy

As a member of The Income Replacement Formula LIVE Mastermind, you'll receive:

  • 12 LIVE, weekly small group coaching calls with Christine to get your personal questions answered, learn from your mastermind sisters, answered and stay motivated, inspired, and accountable (Value: $7500)

  • Weekly workbooks, tutorials and trainings to give you step-by-step actions on each topic (Value: $600)

  • A private Facebook group for members so that you can connect with other like-minded women and get support from those who GET IT (so key to your success!--value: $priceless)

  • Bonus proven income-doubling mantra (Value: double your income!)

  • Bonus step-by-step video trainings to help you with the "techy" stuff that might be freaking you out (Value: $600)

  • Bonus exclusive LIVE trainings from entrepreneurial experts to ensure you have all of your business’ bases covered (Value: $1797), including:

Dana Sales Page.png

Dana Wilde, Bestselling Author of Train Your Brain & Founder of The Mind Aware: Developing The Mindset of a Successful Entrepreneur

Lacey Sales Page.png

Lacey Sites, Founder of A Lit Up Life: Value-Centered Sales

Headshots for Sales Page Square.png

Dominique Waits, CPA: Taking the Terror out of Taxes & Benefits for Entrepreneurs

Sarah Sales Page.png

Sarah Kornblet, Founder of Destination Legal + Lawyer for Entrepreneurs: How to easily protect your passion

Kate Sales Page.png

Kate Boyd, Founder of Cobblestone Creative: Building an engaged email list + Creating Content That Converts




The total value of this program is over $12,000...but it’s yours for just:

3 monthly payments of $747 or 1 payment of $1997!

Just're getting the keys to quitting that job, making money in your business, and creating the successful, freedom-based business you've been dreaming of, so that you can do work from anywhere, anytime you want.

PLUS...We'll Pay It Forward, Too.

I believe every woman who dreams of starting her own business deserves to have the chance to, no matter where she was born.

When you join The Income Replacement Formula LIVE Mastermind, I'll fund a microloan for an aspiring female entrepreneur in a developing country, so that she, too, can grow her business and live a life with passion. Together, we're changing our lives and the lives of those who share our big dreams.

The doors close for good at 8 pm Eastern on Friday, February 1st (or after the 10 available spots are filled).

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If you’re so ready to...

  • Have a clear plan to replace your salary and leave your job so that you can build your income & impact on your own terms

  • Get paying clients you love so that you’re spending your days energized and excited by your work

  • Make the money you know you’re capable of making so that you’re finally working for more than just paying the bills

  • Be supported with a clear, individualized plan that’s specific to YOUR situation

...It's your time!


Just think, in just 90 days you could have results like my clients. Results like…

  • Quitting or staying out of your 9-5 for good!

  • Getting your first (or next) 4 clients in a week!

  • Signing a $4,000 client in the first 2 weeks of the program!

  • Creating, pricing and selling your signature, premium-priced offer-- without feeling sleazy or salesy

  • Make more, income-replacing money for the amount of effort you’re already putting in!

  • Having your first $7K month

  • Signing ideal, paying clients, without a website or email list

  • Gaining the confidence to own--and charge WELL for--your unique expertise

  • Getting over a lifelong fear of visibility to launch your dream business

  • Accomplishing more in 2 weeks of working together than you have in the previous 6 months on your business


It all starts with you saying yes.

Yes to yourself, yes to your dreams for your life, yes to your dream business.

The Income Replacement Formula LIVE Mastermind is open now, only until 8pm on Friday, February 1--unless the 10 spots are filled first.

If it were not for Christine McAlister, I would not be running a multiple 6-figure coaching business right now.

Last year I was struggling and she asked one seemingly simple question that created an absolute transformation in me.

Christine is extremely smart, super-intuitive and has had incredible success in her own entrepreneurial career. Her advice and guidance for me has always been 100% on point, and her encouragement and kindness are so genuine. She wants you to succeed! That combination is hard to find in a coach.

With Christine’s 75% success rate helping women leave their 9-5 jobs, there is absolutely no reason for a woman to hesitate working with Christine.
— Emily Benson, Bestselling Author and Retail Expert

Have questions or want to talk to me personally about whether the Mastermind is the right fit for you? Schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me here:

Christine and her work have been recognized around the world, including on:



Christine McAlister is a business coach, the founder of Life With Passion, and the author of the #1 bestseller The Income Replacement Formula: 7 Simple Steps To Doing What You Love & Making Six Figures From Anywhere

She helps high-achievers all over the world to quit and stay out of their 9-5s by building businesses out of their passions.



Is this for me if I’ve already quit my job?

If you’re looking to replace your 9-5 income (and then some), then YES, this program is for you! Because what you’ll learn and implement is designed to KEEP you out of the 9-5 world for good!


How much time will this take?

I know you’re super-busy. That’s why what we cover are the absolute essentials to grow your income-replacing business, week in and week out. And why I’ve made it really easy for you to get support and accountability along the way. If you can devote just 5 minutes a day to this program, you’ll see progress in your business!


Do you have payment plans?

Yes! You can choose 3 monthly installments of $747.


Is there a refund policy?

No--and honestly, that’s for you, because I know you’re going to get the best results when you’re fully invested and accountable to showing up every week for yourself and your business.


I’ve never invested in myself or my business at this level. It feels really scary! Is that normal?

TOTALLY! Everyone feels that way, including me the first time I did. But here’s the thing I realized, and that I want you to know, too--you’ve likely spent tens of thousands of dollars on higher education, and your degree(s) have gotten you exactly where you are today. Most people stop investing in themselves after school, but those who choose to invest in themselves and their businesses are the ones who succeed, the fastest.

I’m here for you 100%. Your only job is to meet me with your own 100% and show up for yourself and those dreams you have, today.

Have questions or want to talk to me personally about whether the Mastermind is the right fit for you? Schedule a complimentary Clarity Call with me here: