The Clarity, Confidence + Clients
Half-Day Intensive

Get 3 months’ work done—in 3 hours.

Only 1 spot left for May before waitlist goes up until September!!!*


Are you feeling unclear about your next right step?

Do you know you could be making more money, booking more clients, and building your business if you just had a super-clear plan and the confidence to carry it out?

When you're building an online business, it's easy to get stuck.

To look around at what others are doing, feel behind, and wonder what you're doing wrong.

To sit down to work on your business with the best of intentions, then wind up mindlessly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram because you're feeling overwhelmed.


I get feeling totally overwhelmed with where to go next in your business. I get wishing I had the confidence to just take the risk or know that what I was doing was going to work. I doubted myself and my abilities for YEARS (6 in a job I hated, another 5 trying to unsuccessfully grow my first business bigger than my previous full-time income).

I get feeling discouraged because it feels like everyone you admire or follow or hear about already has crystal-clear clarity and is making sales and you are wondering what's wrong with you that you don't.

You feel behind, doubtful this is going to work for you, and sad. You wish someone would just tell you what to do, because you're a hard worker, you're smart, determined and capable, and if you just knew what to do, you KNOW you would go all in!

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Are you wishing you could really monetize your business instead of giving your knowledge away for free, selling one-offs here and there, or wondering why no matter how hard you try, nothing's working?

Do you wish you had the confidence to raise your prices so that your business was no longer struggling, but thriving?

Do you already have a business, but are confused about what ONE thing to FOCUS on next to really make it take off like you've dreamed so that you finally know it's a success?

Would you love to have an expert's eyes on your business and get a customized solution for your struggles so that you can confidently sell a package you're excited about?


Then this is for you.

The Clarity, Confidence + Clients Intensive


This powerful half-day with me, face-to-face via Zoom, is designed to alleviate the stress, anxiety and overwhelm you're feeling about your business, so that you walk away with clarity, confidence and a clear plan—everything you need to make sales—immediately!

I see a lot of struggling entrepreneurs overcomplicate things, and I'm here to help. (Heck, I literally wrote the book on how to replace your income ;).

I see the truth that my clients so often can't see themselves, what's already naturally inside of them.

Together, we design a plan based around what you’re naturally good at, so that you’re excited, clear and confident you can help those you’re called to serve.

In The Clarity, Confidence + Clients Half-Day Intensive, we'll map out the high-end package or service that you're already qualified to offer (yes, you're already qualified!!!), and we'll also set a price for that offering, so that you can walk away and sell it right away!

Stop spinning your wheels or all the plates (or both!). You already have what you need to be selling, and I'm going to help you figure it out--fast.



You'll be saying I hear EVERY SINGLE DAY from my clients:

"Wow! This is so much easier than I thought!!!"

You'll learn:

--My instant solution for determining what to cover in your program so that you can confidently show up and sell with more ease

--Messaging that will draw your perfect people in--the ones who need your help NOW so that you can stop spinning your wheels and actually make the sale!

--How to create or refine your existing package so that you and your ideal client are excited about it!

--How to confidently charge a value-based price that excites you so that you can make the kind of money you know you're capable of

The Clarity, Confidence & Clients Intensive will set you up so that you can turn around and sell your packages right away. 

When you're confidently connected to your package, you'll turn around and be ready to make sales immediately--no fancy sales page required (in fact, I have clients make sales without a website at all!).

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Book a call with me now to discuss whether this is a good fit for you!

Only 1 spot left for May before waitlist goes up until September!!!*

You choose:

Option 1
Design your aligned messaging & content, then package, price & create a 90-day plan to market it!


Option 2
Determine your next right step to focus on, and take it with confidence

Which one is right for me? 


Option 1

Design your aligned messaging & content, then package, price & create a 90-day plan to market it!

In just 3 hours, you’ll alleviate all the stress of worrying what you’re offering, for how much, and how to sell it for the next 90 days!

This if for you if you:

-Are ready to learn what you have to offer that people will buy for a premium price, so that you can replace your income (& then some) ASAP

-Want to create a clear plan to market it, so that you wake up knowing exactly what you’re doing to do to grow your business every day

-Are ready to get UNSTUCK and make real impact & income with your business


 Option 2

Determine your next right steps to sell, and take them with confidence

This if for you if you:

-Already have a package and price you're excited about, but t's not selling and you're not sure why

-Are wondering what you're doing wrong

-Have lost your confidence and want to get it back

-Feel like you've tried a lot of different things and are ready for some clarity on what's actually going to work for YOU and your unique personality, preferences and passions


Your private, VIP intensive with me includes:

-A pre-intensive questionnaire to help you get clarity and results even before our time together, and to help me design the intensive specifically around your goals

-A dedicated half-day one-on-one session with me via Zoom

-The recording of our session recorded & uploaded to a private link so you can reference it as you implement

-One week of unlimited follow-up email support with me

-Limited time BONUS: a customized Confidence Creation audio—your very own pep talk, recorded by Christine, after your intensive, reminding you of your specific, unique strengths and all of the reasons you’re qualified to make all the money you want! Listen anytime you need a boost to go take action on your plan!



The Clarity, Confidence + Clients Half-Day Intensive

Get 3 months’ work done—in 3 hours.



Limited spots available.

Wondering if The Clarity, Confidence + Clients Half-Day Intensive is right for you and your business?

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Only 1 spot left for May before waitlist goes up until September!!!*


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You already have what you need to be able to make your goals a reality, and I'm ready to help you take your next right step with ease, by bringing simplicity and focus to your business and brain. :)

This intensive is the answer you've been looking for to help you gain back your confidence and move forward with clarity, focus and your next right step for making more sales-fast.

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