From Stuck To Signing Clients 90-Day Sprint
90 days to clarify your message, get it in front of the right people,
and book dream clients--WITHOUT losing your mind!

Have you ever wondered how other high-achievers in your niche get that first round of clients? Like, what really goes on behind the scenes to get that momentum?

Or, maybe you hate to it admit it, but, you’ve felt jealous when you see them share their results? Me too.

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When I started my business, I knew my message and my story were powerful, but I was at a loss for how to get it out there other than by throwing tons of money at Facebook ads, which, turns out, wasn’t--and still isn’t--the magic pill cure-all that so many influencers promise it is.

But after much experimentation, I found a better way (that didn't involve paying money to FB every month and that gave me clients on repeat) by:

#1 Clarifying my messaging

#2 Getting visible in a way that felt good for my personality, preferences and passions (not someone else’s “sure-fire fix”)

#3 Learning how to connect with and book clients without feeling sleazy, slimy, salesy or pressurey

It’s one I’ve developed a formula around and helped my clients to nail on repeat, so that they, too, have a replicable, consistent plan that works for growing their business!

My superpower is making business-building simple, and helping you apply that simplicity to get what you most want--those first few clients--is what this mentorship is all about.


Now, I’m going to walk you through this process for your business inside:

From Stuck To Signing Clients 90-Day Sprint

90 days to FINALLY clarify your message, get it in front of the right people, and book dream clients--WITHOUT losing your mind!


The From Stuck To Signing Clients 90-Day Sprint is an immersive private mentoring program to help you quickly get focused and visible so that you can get known, liked and trusted faster, build your audience, and book those first few dream clients--and know exactly what to do going forward to hit your goals and keep booking clients on repeat.

In this 90-day, high-level private mentorship you get:

  • Three 30-minute private coaching sessions with me per month, each specifically designed to move you toward getting strategically visible & booked (1 week per month to implement and integrate everything you’re learning)

  • 3 months of unlimited email support to guide you every step of the way

  • Access to exclusive modules and content to shorten your timeline and speed up your results (booking those first clients + making real money!)

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Since starting Life With Passion, I’ve:

  • Helped over 75% of clients who’ve come to me in jobs to QUIT!

  • Appeared on over 50 podcasts, including top-ranked iTunes shows

  • Grown an engaged, profitable Facebook community that consistently brings in clients

  • Been featured on camera and in print with other major media outlets like online magazines and blogs, providing value and expertise on their platforms

All this has resulted in multiple 6-figures of income while working part time--without wasting another dolla-dolla-bill-ya'll on ads.

Here’s the power of the right visibility strategy for you: by showing up on your dream client’s favorite space online, you get to use their credibility to skyrocket your know, like and trust factor with your audience.


  • Clarify your message and learn how to express it and provide that elusive “value” everyone talks about

  • Determine the visibility strategy that’s right for YOUR personality, preferences and passions so that you can consistently put yourself “out there” with ease (instead of terror/avoidance/procrastination/perfectionism--know what I’m sayin’?)

  • Learn to navigate the ins and outs of your chosen visibility strategy so that you can get consistent with simplicity and ease

  • Review and finalize your offer, package and pricing so that you’re ready for the clients who’ll soon be coming your way!

  • Develop your confidence to overcome your fear & self-doubt, share your clear message & learn to think like an entrepreneur instead of an employee, so that you start acting like one, too!

  • Get consistently visible--without overwhelm or burnout--so that you start becoming memorable to your audience

  • Depending on your preferred strategy, we'll either get you interview-ready by going through media training with me, so that you get more comfortable, or I'll edit your messaging with you + teach you how to choose photos for maximum impact

  • Learn how to best capitalize on the appearances as you make them, so that you can convert your new audience to cash-paying clients!

  • Make a plan to easily promote & keep repurposing your content so that you can maximize its impact & credibility and allow it to attract clients to you long-term

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  • Learn how to do sales in a way that feels good to YOU, not someone else, so that you show up excited to make your offers (instead of avoiding it because you feel weird)

  • Implement crucial follow-up so that you’re deepening the relationship (and moving closer to the sale) instead of turning people off

  • Seamlessly create a system that works for you to consistently book clients, so that you’re set up to be booked out!

In short: You’ll get clear, confident, visible & booked!

And as a bonus? The beauty of working together 1:1 is that we can customize this 90-day sprint to cover what YOU need most right now to book those clients and bring in that cash!



I know it can feel scary to put yourself out there in this way, but you don't have to do it alone.

I'm here to hold you accountable, simplify the process, AND teach you exactly how to connect with the precise people you want to work with, and convert them to cash-paying clients!

Sound good?


3 payments of $1333 or 1 payment of $3697

Remember, this is a 1-time offer only available until March 1, so if you’re interested, let’s chat!

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Just imagine...

If you finally got over your procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm, got unstuck and started consistently signing clients, what would that be worth to you? Just think how fast one simple visibility strategy that leads to clients could pay for itself again and again.

Remember, when you reach your audience where they already are, in the online spaces they already love, you instantly connect with them and position yourself as an expert in your niche. And, this isn't a one-time shot like a Facebook ad can be; it's a strategy that will continue to pay dividends if you use it strategically, giving you the ability to build your audience full of warm potential clients on autopilot--for FREE!

Let's use the power of proven support, accountability and customized strategic visibility to get you unstuck, seen and as successful as you want to be over the next 90 days!

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